flowers changed color

jerseybobmcSeptember 17, 2010

I have had my plumeria for several years now and it always got white flowers with some yellow. I would take it in every fall and bring it out again in the spring .This year I moved from New Jersey to South Carolina and we had a very hot summer(upper 90s for weeks on end).My plant didn't bloom this spring because it was left dormant for a long time due to my relocation to the south. It has grown more and gotten more and bigger leaves than ever before but now the flowers are bright pink instead of white. Is this normal with a change of climate or is there something else going on ?

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I have heard and read that temp can cause different shading on the color scale. Didn't know it would change that much. Move back and see if it changes back to white and let us know....just kidding :-)


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

sometimes you just get a crazy flower (ie seven petals, or mixed colors) If it happens more it could be a color break caused by a virus like that in Princess Victoria. Some say it is contagious but I have had a PV in a pile of plumies for years and none others got breaks.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

sorry jerseybobmc, my answer above was for the two color flower on the other post. Your color was brought out by more heat and humidity. Many flowers do not show intense colors in cooler or dryer conditions. It just showed its real colors when given more similar conditions to the tropics where it is from.

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thanks for the help. Now lets see what happens in the spring/summer next year

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