September blooms tic toc almost the end.

freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)September 23, 2012

The past week till current its been averaging 80 to about 84 in my patch and 70 to 68 at night. When I took the pic it was 5:15pm and had been overcast grey so the lighting was weird. There are still new inflos forming and popping up but usually for me they usually drop off come June. I took pics of inflos that still looked good. For some reason my blooms are smaller this year, usually they are much larger...might be the new soil Ive been using...

Also some of the trees are so tall now I have to use a ladder to climb up and take the pic, the patch is so full that I had to actually go to the sidewalk outside the property and use the digital zoom from afar so those are the pics that look a bit foggy or distorted..sorry.

Austrail just opened this week:

Bali Whirl...

Bill Morange...been blowing up with huge inflos this season:

California Sally:

Celebration...Blooing in the shade..if its hot looks super red

JJ's Christina:

Shade inflo

Full Sun


Musk Rainbow...One of my fav 5's:

JJ's Firestorm...Huge brilliant flowers one of my new favs

Heart of Gold from Oz

Jeannie Morange still going

Kaneohe of the first to start blooming and the last

JL Metallica

LOLO's Big Red...HUGE true Blue Red flowers 4" to 5" velvet textured:

Mela Pa Bowman...again another one that is one of the first to bloom and def the last:

Opera Rouge from Lyndi Whye in Singapore:

Penang Peach

JL Pink Ruffels:

Puu Kahea blooming in shades under the branches

Reddish Morange aka of my fav's HUGE flower 4" plus

Tried to take a pic of the inflo and it snapped

Ruby Gold from Oz:

San Miguel:

JJ's Sangria

Sherbert Town from Thailand:

JJ's Tbred Tracy a must have profuse bloomer:

Thai Mermaid Gem:

JJ's Thai Peach looks different depending on sun and heat with purple, yellow, red, pink a must have...John said the mother tree is either lost or was destroyed in Thailand, only literally 7 people have this variety:

Thortons Lemon Drop


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi James,

What can i even say?

I just love every single pic and i love all of the vivid colors.

Your trees are so healthy and are simply gorgeous...

I love Musk Rainbow and Firestorm they both are lovely as well!!

San Miguel is just a stunner.. I can't wait for mine to bloom, hopefully next year.

I just checked on some of those that you sent. Bonnie Fox has rooted.. Thank Goodness. you had said it was a harder one to root, it was the last of the cuttings to root. Im so happy about that!!

Your patch must look fantastic and i wish i could see it someday..

Question? When you say from "Oz" I have seen that posted on another forum.. Is that a seller? or a private collection? I always wondered when i would see that person say.."From Oz"

Wonderful pics..thank you for climbing on the ladder.. Hope your feeling better too!

I think i need to sit down after seeing all of that beauty!! : )


So beautiful...

Thanks for posting!!


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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Hey Laura,

Thanks for the compliment. Your collection is amazing and growing so soon you will have to climb your own ladder to snap
As for OZ its a term which means we got it from I imported a lot back in 2001 directly from Australia before Brad and others started carrying and selling Australian varieties. Back in 2001 and 2002 the American Dollar was worth like 30 percent more then the Aussie can u imagine it was like a discount to buy from them directly, those were the

Thanks again

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James - as Laura said, they are all beautiful! You have several that I've never heard of. Isn't it odd that those are the ones that I'm most attracted to? LOL

Austrail - can that be purchased stateside? It is just lovely!

You are so lucky to be 1 of 7. Don't let anything happen to that Thai Peach! :)

Hi Laura! How are you doing? Everything good with the grandbaby? Hopefully you'll post more pics soon! :)

I think when others mention that it came from Oz, they are meaning it is an Australian variety?

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Australia goes supposedly by other AKA's like Cabalaba Pink...Florida Colors sells her now and Brad also does on occasion. Australia has LARGE flowers definite must for any collector, its one of Sonia's Fav plumies. As for Thai Peach I was with Lynn and Gabby having a Plumie get together at Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt and I happen to mention that I gave 3 cuttings of Thai Peach to Irene Jones and she mentioned that Sonia had lost hers to frost this past winter and that Gabby and I were the only 2 to have it left. I actually notified Gabby that I knew that Sonia had either sold or traded Lopaka and Jack Morgan Thai Peach and I gave Irene Jones 3 cuttings and Doug Brunner from MPG a cutting or 2.... Oh Laura your Mystery Cutting also maybe a JJ Thai Peach or the other thing I stated in the email.
The thing with Thai Peach is that the flowers are HUGE adn round like 4' to 4 1/2" plus and if your in a hot area it pops the purple, heavy profuse bloomer.

Thanks again Monnie

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Thanks, James. I went to FC website and saw the Capalaba Pink and it looks just like yours. Yet doesn't. LOL
That's why I love seeing photos from you guys because sometimes the sellers pics aren't so great.

Matt had another Waimea up for bid tonight and I decided to give it another shot, keeping my bid within what is reason for me. Needless to say......... LOL.... I'll try again another time.

So, I thought I would just hop over to FC site and buy the Capalaba Pink. But, I didn't.

My spring list is growing waaaay too large! I just warned someone that this forum is terrible about enabling and you're one of the worst... in the Top 5. :)

Very interesting concerning Thai Peach. As the years go by and you have enough to share, please keep me on the list, ok?

I really like the muted shades of Celebration in the shade. Pretty!

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Sure thing... Also wanted to show you the many faces of JJ's Thai Peach.. Here is a pic from Gabby that was taken with hot Inland Empire heat in June

Here is another pic of Thai Peach with less color again from the IE Brets pic

Since my patch does not get that hot I do not get the same color. Sometimes my Tahi Peach looks totally all yellow also. Amazing plumie

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James - your plumerias are beautiful!! I love um!! Thanks for posting the variation in color. And keep them coming.


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Thanks for the eye candy!
I love the grainy blooms of the Thai Peach too!

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Absolutely stunning photos--thank you for posting these. I'm actually reeling now from the addict's overwhelming compulsion to immediately purchase more sticks. God help me--I am powerless to resist!


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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Thanks.. Hope your collection is having a great Sept.

I agree about the grainy look, but even if it looks sold yellow it is such a profuse bloomer with such HUGE blooms that it is still a stunner...Thanks again

Like I tell other addicts its one step at a time or season at a time, pace You have next season and season after that and so on to grow your collection.

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Andrew Scott

Hi James,
Thanks for the great pics you posted. You pictures never cease to amaze me. Loving Moragne 93, Musk Rainbow, E.T. Lemondrop, Lolos Red, is amazing, and so is T-Bred Tracey. I am hoping to get a Musk Rainbow next year. I would LOVE to buy a larger E.T. Lemondrop and especially Jeannie Moragne. Seems like I will be waiting forever for these to bloom.

My J.J. Christina is getting ready to bloom but these darn cold temps are going to make the inflo abort, and I am not ready to bring all of them in yet.

The darn weather is not cooperating with me here either. I have to start cutting off leaves and it has been raining like crazy, which also is concerning. Last night we hit 46 degrees! OUCH! With the pots being saturated I was really starting to worry, but there only calling for 1 more night that cold this week, and the rest of the nights will be in the 50's. I may bring in my 1 gal Cherokee Geisha. The leaves actually looked wilted.

I am just not prepared to deal with this yet! Our temps on average have been more than 5 degrees below normal. It looks like my plumerias will be coming in for good a good month oe so early this year. I am just not willing to wait so long like I did last year to bring them in. I waited too long, I couldn't get all my pots to dry out and I lost 6 or 7 trees. Some were major losses for me because they were gifted to me.

Looking forward to more pics James. Thanks again!


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Dear heavens, that Australia and Firestorm are to die for! And the inflo on Bill M.! Whew, I dream of inflos like that one day.

Which are your best performing low growers? Some of us are afraid of heights. ;)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I had to come back for another addiction feeding.. : )

Those pics are just amazing..

I agree about firestrom. STUNNING!!

Metallica is to die for.... YUM!!!

The Mystery tree would be wonderful if it is a JJ Thai Peach! I will have to go back and see about the other name that it might be. The only onther that i can recall is the BF.

Austrailia is just such a beauty!!! It is so hard to look at all of your blooms. I have to go and spend a few minutes on each pic to enjoy each one and see all of the different traits they have.

Ohh MYY! Just beautiful!!

Thanks for the info on "OZ" LOL.. I dont have any from the land of "oz" so i idin't know.. : ) Still learning!!! Always will... : )

Thank you for taking the time to post..

Jen.. watch out for those ladders. I gave up climbing them for the palm in my yard. I still will climb on the hot tub to tke pics of the Plumies, but i did give u that job to my son on the huge ladder to trimm the frounds off of those palms.. Here is a pic. of how tall they are and then you can understand!! LOL

Had to put in Leela too.. she has a seed pod growing.. YEA!!

This is a pic of my mother in my backyard to show the size of my palms!!! Now you can see why i wont climb the ladders anymore.. I used to wrap them in christmas lights.. that was always fun!!! NOT!! It looked nice, but then when they had to come down...UGGG!

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Loving the pics and the palms... Is that your yard?
I agree with you about the ladders, I get acupuncture in both knees so its hard for me to shimmy up and down to take pics of the tall or leggy plumies. You have Metallica so you will find she grows straight up and tall. Thanks again for the compliments and for the show your pics are great and always love Leela even though she is a leggy grower.

Wow your fall comes quickly. My plumies stay exactly where they are and get watered every 2 weeks during winter. Well I am sure this up coming season will be spectacular for you in NY.


Actually my slowest compact grower is my Aurora Borealis since 1979 its only gotten a bit over 6ft to 7ft tall and is super bushy, penang Peach is a good compact grower, along with Bonnie Fox, Musk rainbow, Red Dusk, JL Pink Ruffles, Sundance, Puu Kahea, Guillots is manageable, Rim Fire, Donald Angus, Emmersons Pink Nova, a lot of JJ's are compact although Firestorm seems a bit leggy, Australia, Bali Whirl, Thai Mermaid Gem, Opera Rouge, Black Velvet from Lyndie Whye from Singapore, Hong Kong are all on the shorter compact side and there are many more.
Thanks again!

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Wanted to show how large Thai Peach really gets, here is a bloom in my hand. I am 6'2' and have larger hands.

So when the inflo is in full bloom it can huge....

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Emerson gave me a little lemon drop, now I can`t wait for it to be a big blooming lemon drop!

Pictures are just awesome as always. That Thai peach is gorgeous. I am always amazed how different they bloom in different environments. You don`t really see that kind of variation in any other plant.

Tally HO!

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James, there you go again teasing me with Aurora Borealis!

I'm happy to say I have several you mentioned and will keep your list handy for future reference, though with having to drag these guys indoors every November I'm not sure how many more I can acquire. For some reason I was under the impression that Australia was a tall grower.

And that huge Thai Peach bloom is incredible! Thanks for taking the time to post those and to answer my question.


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

James I am speechless! Wow! I love them all!! Every single one is simply gorgeous! I am having a hard time picking my favorites. :)

Now you owe me a new keyboard... mine is about to die from all the drooling! LOL

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

freak: freakin' awesome photos and clusters of blooms! What is your #1 favorite that you could not be without? :-)

Laura: How I love those palms. I may have another pindo to add to your collection in a few years. How's Great Grandma doing?? Are those Yucca aloifolia underneath the palms? Pretty spikey?

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James, I was at work and almost passed out from a beauty overload. Mere humans can't handle so many stunning pics in a row! Let me know if you ever do tours - your collection is amazing! How big is your Bill M.? I recently got a rooted cutting that's doing well (I'm sure it will be a while before it blooms), but I've seen photos of large BM trees and they're amazing.
Congratulations on your plumeria and your photography. Just amazing.

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

OMG Emmerson is such a nice guy and his wife Nan. Love Nan's look, it suits her and she looks picture perfect and pretty. I met Emmerson once with Bud Guillot and his wife when they were at Cstars Nursery, had a group of people there on a plumie field trip with me, this was probably 2005.
Thanks again.

Remind me in spring and Ill send you a cutting of Aurora, shes so big that she leaning in her 40gal pot as she gets busy and wider but not taller. Most people who try to grow Aurora think they can get her to grow quicker with different custom mixes, sprays, fertilizers/nutrients and it never works....SLOW grower Thanks again.


OMG where have you Your too funny...bill
How are your cuttings, you rooting them already?

Hmmmmm Ive had soooooo many plumies over the years that its hard to chose just one. I cleared out 75percent of collection over the past 5 yrs, so what I have now is what I truly luv....BUT there are 3 I could not live with out 1A)Musk Rainbow for its beauty, color and growth habit (I am not a scent person at all, more into unusual coloration or shapes.)

1B) Budha Raksa for its unusually beautiful shape and color pattern and growth habit (As of this year I have not seen anyone selling this variety anymore here or in Thailand).

1C) HMMMM I guess I its tossed up between Butterfly gold for its shape and coloration and size and Taj Mahal from JJ based on Shape, and color placement.

Hey Simidude,
How are things in Simivalley. I use to live in Woodland hills back in the day. As for BM, he is a SLOWWWWWW grower and bloomer. Takes a while for it to bloom, Ive had mine since 2006 and got it in a 5gal pot, I just re-potted him into a 10gal. In the 6yrs Ive had him he's grown about 3ft at the most. When Bill does flower its totally worth the wait, the color, the size of inflos (profuse bloomer) and the scent like grape juice. So you will love him when he blooms. Thanks again :)

Thanks everyone

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi James!!!

That is my backyard!

I have my palms that i love in one area that makes it way down to the water.. The pool area is where i keep all of the Plumies. (Deck is where most of them are) I planted those palms about 18 years ago. They were about half the size when they were me!! LOL.. I was alot younger and could handle them then. Now i won't climb the tall ladder anymore. So, that is what my 22 year old son is for!! He actually loves them too. When i first put them in, i was one of the few in VB that tried to push the limits of cold hardy palms. Now they are everywhere and im happy that they have taken off here. Bud took me to John's house to see his collection of palms. I was amazed at what he had and how tall his were too! He has some that he grew from seed and are amazing. I had fun that day. Bud is such a gentleman!!

Still love all of your pics..

Just pure beauty if you ask me!!! : ) Can't get any better than that!!

Hi Dave.. Great Grandma is doing well, thank you for asking!!! She just turned 80 a few weeks ago. She is one happy lady with a new great grandson!! I am happy too! SO gald she is still around to see this beautiful little one.

LOL.. Have a Pindo getting to big? LOL.. You were tempting me with the citrus.. i kept thinking about that one and i knew my "eye roller" would wonder where this one came from..LMAO!!

Im sure i could find a home for your Pindo if you need some help. That is Spanish Bann. under the palms.. Yes, they will poke you and make new piercings wherever you touch them.. Ouch!! They are worse than the Agave AMericanna. Believe that? : )

Take care everyone..

OK, James.. i have to go and look one more time.. LOVE the pics.. I add new fav's to my list as i look again. I can't get over the size of the Thai Peach. She is HUGE!!!

Thanks again for the wonderful pics.. Makes me wish for spring!! Im ready for the winter to be over LOL .. It hasn't even started to chill down here yet!! : )

We have our challenges here on the East coast.. All four seasons.. Cold winters.. Uggg. Im ready to move south or west to the Pacific!!! : )

Take care,


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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Your yard is the scale, the plams/landscaping, and especially your mother..too cute. Do you have any date palms in your mix of palms? Dates are delish fresh off the tree. Well I think So Cal would love it you moved here :)
Thanks again!!

    Bookmark   September 26, 2012 at 12:24AM
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I go by Woodland Hills almost every day. Things are great in Simi Valley. I've only lived here two years (as of this week), but have really enjoyed it. I moved into a house with a nearly barren yard, and several hundred trees, exotic palms, plumeria, vines and bushes later, I'm having a great time!

I remember hearing that Bill Moragne smelled like grape Kool-aid. Then one day I was at a nursery and I smelled a plumeria and popped my head up and said - this has to be Bill Moragne! Beautiful flower and really unique scent - sent me back to chldhood memory. I have heard it's a challenge to grow though, and I guess I'll have to be really patient!

Laura, we have to talk palms one day! Mine are all still young (all 5-13 feet right now), but I like to see what palms look like when they've grown up! I love seeing pics of your yard, it's incredibly beautiful. You would love it palm-growing weather-wise in Southern CA, and Southern CA would love to have you! Although I have killed a couple of Cuban Royal Palms here. This third time the two I've planted are going to live - I made some big mistakes but I've learned and planned and prepared and planted at just the right time. And I play Celia Cruz music for them at night so they feel at home. These are doing really well. I really enjoyed seeing the palms in John Tarvin's yard.

Your plumeria collection is incredible, James, thanks again for sharing some stunning pics.

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Have you been to Sperling Nursery in Calabasas, its AMAZING and they did have a few plumies back in the day. Simi has great weather not as hot as the Valley but windy as I recalled, especially if you were on the 118 freeway late in the afternoon.
I agree with the Palms, I use to try to grow coconut palms and had Date palms at my house in Palos Verdes back in the day.

Again thanks

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Laura, that Leela is gorgeous! And I can totally see where you get your personality from--MOM! Little Prince lucked out in the family department.

James, thank you for that very kind offer! I'll email you.


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James, They are gorgeous. Between yours and Joan's on the other post, I feel like Laura - OVERLOAD
Metallica my fav but then again who doesn't love it. It's hard to believe fall is right around the corner.
Keep posting, We love it. Peg

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Hey Jan,
Just saw your Email....


Plmerias are amazing as they stimulate 2 of or 6 sense, sight and smell. If you can't smell the plumies you can at least see their beauty via pics all year long, the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for the compliments and yes time flys..

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Someone is looking for you on the MPG forum.

I love the Thai Peach BTW.


    Bookmark   September 28, 2012 at 10:52AM
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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Thanks.... I checked my MPG message box and nothing was there.
I wonder is it a friend or a Plumie stalker...??? LOL LOL

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It's posted on the main forum, Off Topic folder.

    Bookmark   September 28, 2012 at 1:02PM
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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Oh I never look at that section as you get such random posts..

    Bookmark   September 28, 2012 at 1:18PM
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