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GTKYFJanuary 27, 2013

Howdy! I'm a brand new gardener wanting to begin growing food for my family and need hands-on experience. If anyone in the Colorado Springs area needs volunteer help with any part of the gardening process (especially for growing edible plants), please let me know.

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Have you checked out Pikes Peak Urban Gardens?
They have a website.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

While this wouldn't help with the "hands on " part, there are lots of folks here on RMG with great high, dry gardening experience and information to share to get you started and keep you going on whatever project you're working on at the moment. I'd be inclined to recommend you just Go For It! You'd need a place with as much sun as possible--full sun if you have that, and preferably soil with a decent amount of organic matter in it (compost, peat, rotted manure, etc), but when I started my veggie garden at this house I planted in what I had which was mostly heavy clay--some things worked and some didn't! (The soil is SLOWLY getting better, but it still wouldn't fall into the "great" category!) Seeds are inexpensive so even if nothing grows--which isn't gonna happen!--you've lost little except for the time and labor, and you will learn a LOT, and by next year you'll very likely consider yourself to be at least somewhat of a pro--and can hang out around here to help other newbies get started! :-) Things like how deep to plant and when to plant can all be answered by the folks around here!

Some things you try you'll probably be blown away by how well they do! Some things you may not get a whole lot to harvest--but what you do get you'll go WOW when you eat it because it will be SO much better than store bought! And no matter how many year's experience some of us have, we ALL have successes and failures every year--things we've successfully grown for many years can suddenly, and seemingly without reason, FLOP! So if some of the things you try the first time don't work it probably has little to do with you! It's just something that happens! (But some things definitely do grow better out here than others, so that would just be an "ask" situation when you're trying to decide what to try!)

I checked out the site PlantLady recommended and it has some great info, especially on the Garden Tips pages. Since I have the site up I'll link it below! And for everybody around here who might be reading this, I checked out their Favorite Veggies page and found a couple things I definitely want to try! You might want to check it out to see if there's something there that interests YOU!

Whether you plan to order this year or not, I recommend you get on as many seed catalog mailing lists as you can! If you're not sure what companies those are, go to the "need sources for seeds suitable for western CO" thread, and there's a link on that thread to our "Catalogs - 2012" thread which has a lot of info about specific companies, and there's more info on Digit's current "Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!" thread. Warning!!! Once you start getting catalogs and looking thru them you're gonna wind up Wanting One Of Each!!! Catalogs are dangerous--but fun! If you decide to, there's still time to order from a catalog this year, but it would need to be fairly soon after you get it/them--or just pick up a few seeds locally this year and give it a go!

Try it, you'll like it!

Welcome to RMG,

Here is a link that might be useful: PPUG - Garden Tips

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