Is JJ's Goldilocks The Same As JL's?

elucas101(8)September 7, 2012

Does anyone know if Goldilocks sold by JJ's is the same as the one sold by JL Farms?

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I'm not sure. My guess would be that it is not the same.

Another question is, does JL Farms sell only his own varieties or others as well?

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All the names makes me crazy!

Is it Guillot Sunset or Guillot's Sunset?
Jeena, Gina, or Gena? And was it really stolen from JJ's garden?
Cooktown Sunset or Cookstown Sunset? Is that a JL variety?
Why is there a Nebel's Rainbow, aka Lei Rainbow? Wasn't the name Nebel's good enough? And why did someone else have to come along and name another one Lei Rainbow?
Is Embers really Toba's Fire? Was it stolen and renamed?
is Candy Stripe Teresa Wilder?
Is Rimfire and Thai Rimfire the same?
Inferno and Makaha Sunn the same?

Should we even care? :)

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Moonie. You made me laugh! I with ya.

Ill add.
Barbados showgirl same as confetti? Allen at EP wants a fortune for a cutting of confetti and Brad wants about $25 for a rooted Barbados showgirl and they sure look the same to me.


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Yeah this naming system is very confusing for sure. I can't keep them straight either.

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As far as I can tell--and I'm quite pernickety about these things--these are correct:
1. Guillot's Sunset
2. Gina, from JJ's. Yes, it was stolen from their land in Thailand--and like lots of other varieties--has had very colorful spellings applied to it by Thai sellers. (My favorite is "Granny Rorong" used for Grainy Moragne, aka Kimi Moragne.)
3. Cookstown Sunset, presumably for Cookstown, Australia. I believe it is Aussie and not JL.
4. Nebel's and Lei are different registered varieties. DNA testing required to differentiate, IMO.
5. Embers is Toba's Fire, IINM. Don't think it was stolen, but poetic license seems to have been taken with it.
6. Candy Stripe is not Teresa Wilder, though there are two Candy Stripes, which is confusing enough. I'll leave the explanation to any Cali folks who know better than me.
7. Rimfire is JL. Thai Rimfire is not.
8. Inferno is Makaha Sunn. MS is the official name. Some people also call it Sunkist. But not me. I'm an official kinda girl.

We could seriously play this game all day. I'm actually supposed to be cleaning my house, though. This is more fun. ;)

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Hey guys,
I just wanted to add that Barbados Showgirl is the same as Confetti. I had that verified from Hetty Ford. I actually bought one from another grower that I consider to be an expert and she labelled the cutting 'Barbados Showgirl/Confetti'.

Also, if you see a JL and JJ variety that share the same name, it's usually because the JJ variety is the Thai version.

Hi Moonie,
As far as I know yes, that story about 'Gena' is true. If you go to JJ's website he even talks about it with Gena description.


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Mike - yes, I have seen a pricey Confetti somewhere in my many searches and also at Brad's. Matt has one up for bid on ebay right now. Maybe the same? Don't know. :)

Jen - Granny Rorong is so funny. Along with Attack Gold, but I've seen that one so many times that I begin to think it's the correct name. LOL

Hi Andrew. I did see that on JJ's website.
Been thinking about you today and hope you're feeling better.

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Oh, I forgot to add what is listed on ebay by 1 stop...


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Ha, I forgot about "Attack Gold"--that is priceless!

Just to add to the confusion, I think if JL developed it, it will be called "JL ___". Otherwise, like in the above ebay listing, it means it came from JL farms but he wasn't necessarily the originator, just the propagator. Like Veracruz Rose was discovered in Mexico but was cultivated, released, and popularized by JL. (I could be wrong there, but I think that's the case.)

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Thanks, Jen. Are you meaning that Cookstown Sunset was discovered in Oz but brought to and popularized by JL? So a VCR could, (or does it sometimes?) carry the JL, too?

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Sorry about that garbled post. Something distracted me and I tried to hurry and finish it. LOL

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I just noticed that brad changed his listing of Barbados showgirl to also be aka confetti. It wasn't like that a few days ago. $29 for a rooted one sure beats Allens $149 for a cutting.


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Yep, it looks the same to me, too, Mike. How many do you think Allen is selling? :)

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Good point Moonie. I bet a big fat goose egg. Maybe he will get the hint one day.


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Uber-Nerd is here to point out that the town in Queensland, Australia, presumably after which the rainbow plumie is named, is called "Cooktown"--no "s". Maybe it's registered incorrectly? That would be kind of lame, if so...

Jen, I'm glad that you pointed out to me something that I didn't know, namely, that there's a registered "Lei Rainbow" that is ostensibly distinct from Nebel's. However, since 'LR' is also an aka for NR, I don't know how the unfortunate amateur collector is to know with certainty which s/he is acquiring...

But that brings us back to Mona;s first question: should we really care, indeed? :)

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I'm rooting both a Lei Rainbow and a Nebel's Rainbow. So, assuming both root, perhaps in a year or 2 we'll see if they are different or not. LOL

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Mona, Uber-Nerd is right--it's Cooktown and since the plumie is Australian and Cooktown, AU is tropical we have to assume that's the right spelling. It would help if some Aussie plumeria nut came along and corrected us.

And I think Matt's listings that say "Jim Little Farms" means the cutting was grown there but not necessarily developed there.

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