Lets talk superhot's/nuclear's

homefry319(5b NE)August 28, 2012

So trying to always stay ahead of next year Ive been working on my lists for next year Im pretty sure I have my main crops down but still debating/changing more intense heat ones

Ive grown tons of different habs but for nuclear's its only been Bhuts(both yellow and red) and Butch T's.

Now my goal for next year is have a variety of different heats/flavors/colors so far heres where Im at...


Red Bhut Jolokia

7 pod Primo


7pod Brian Strain Yellow

Black Naga

Yellow Bhut Jolokia

7pod Congo (Gigantic

TS Morouga Blend


Congo Trinidad

Congo Black Habanero

Mustard Habanero**May replace with something else

Big Sun Habanero

Roatan Pumpkin Hab

now the ones in the pots they'll be 2-6 plants(I think) and the ones in the ground will be 25-50(although Im rethinking that completely)

Im also trying to avoid things that are two similar in shape and color, though I know they'll be some where I can't

so whats the best tasting nuclear youve had? how do you compare the taste between them?

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esox07 (4b)

regarding taste of nuclears: I don't know, never tasted one. I have eaten them, just never tasted one. Once the heat hits, i could have a lump of dog crap in my mouth and I wouldn't know it.

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Hi Homefry,

Not to side track you from your planning, but what thinking goes into what you put in pots vs the ground? Is it the quantity you want to grow or temperature requirements? For instance, my 3 red Bhut Jolokia plants are 4 feet tall and have only produced one pod in 3 months because of 95 plus temperatures. I wish I had them in pots the whole time or employed shade clothing. What is your temperature range where you live for most of the summer?


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homefry319(5b NE)

@Bruce haha, you can taste them once you get past the heat, they are actually filled with flavor

@Daryll basically its numbers, I'd love to put all of my hots into pots but with the amount of plants(1800-2200 peppers next year) we have vs the time/labor + cost its not worth it, does it hurt production? Id say Im iffy about it for some things, but I know in the past my superhot/nuclear's have always produced better in pots temperature here varies a bit summers its 75 - 100 mostly on the high end(this summer its been way hotter) but every one of my peppers sweet to hot all are doing extremely well

The nuclears also will be overwintered/moved around which is part of why they are in pots as well I only plan on doing 2-6(maybe 8) plants of each Im just not sure theres enough of a market for them locally and until I can access a commercial kitchen it'll be hard to make products with...

I mean even for the superhots I think I'll have wayyyy to many plants(25-50 per type) 50 plants per row. I've actually been racking my brain with it

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homefry319(5b NE)

I decided to add bahamian goat pepper and TS chocolate

still debating on doing a TS butch t or 7pod Jonah

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Home fry. I think you have a good list of nuclears. I do agree eating them fresh they are all so hot there is very little time to savor the flavor. But made into powders and sauces you can get a good variety of flavor.
The ts mouroga and the 7 pod primo are very similiar in flavor. So you could elemenate one or the other. The yellow bhut was never very hot( at least the ones I have had ) so you could eliminate that one as well. Best powdered pepper is the Douglah. My favorite pepper is the yellow 7( same as yellow brain IMO have both growing) . If I had to grow just one pepper that would be it. Great in any form you eat it. As for the habs it looks like you have a nice medly of flavors. I would pick Jonah over Butch T for taste. Both are lethal in heat.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

One thing I'm not clear on. Are you planning for eating, or for market?

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homefry319(5b NE)

@romy6 thank you, the yellow bhuts I have this year are pretty hot a few of the customers said they were hotter than my reds, Ive tried both(raw) and think they were about the same intensity, I did get a bit more of citrus flavor from the yellows. Good to know about the primo/morouga, I was thinking Jonah as I have a few scorps already

@DMForcier both everything we grow I have a use for if not I dont grow it, Ill also process it into stuff powders, sauces, etc for personal use

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Well, for market I'd say go for name and for appearance.

"Trinidad Scorpion" or "Congo Black" should sell themselves on name alone.

Likewise bumpy, warty pods that look (and are) evil. Chocolate colors. Christmas bells.

You get the idea. I don't know enough about weaponized fruits to make particular suggestions, though.

Good luck !

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homefry319(5b NE)

@DMForcier yup names and color, thats part of why I was being picky on having to many of one color as I want people to be attracted to the variety of the display

Made a few modifications to my list(getting closer to being final) now its not including other sweet/semi hot pepper, I sitll need to find 1 more trial(10 plants) thinking something on the lower hab scale

Red Bhut Jolokia
7 Pod Jonah
Doughahs (Chocolate 7pod)
7pod Brian Strain Yellow
Black Naga
Yellow Bhut Jolokia
7pod Congo
TS Morouga Blend
Bahamian Goat Pepper
TS Chocolate
7pod jonah x butch T

Mustard Habanero
Big Sun Habanero
Roatan Pumpkin Hab
Dorset Naga
Trinadad Morovas(anyone have any more info on this one)
Congo Trinidad
Congo Black Habenaero

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