dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)November 8, 2008

It was a pleasure trading with John. Received a nice, generous amount of squash seeds and can't wait 'til spring to plant.

Thanks so much for a wonderful trade.


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i CANNOT believe i forgot to leave a rate for John!! he is a real hoot!! he is not only generous, but most kind and very fast with his shipping of seeds!! you will absolutely LOVE to trade with him!! i do really like even talking with John! you'll totally love trading with John!! I'd trade with him anytime!! i absolutely do recommend trading with John!! LOL ~Medo

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John is a very generous trader. He sent a huge quantity of beautiful, well packed squash and melon seeds.

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A real pleasure to trade with medo (medontdo) She is a great person. One of the best to trade with.

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Dirtdiggin is a very reliable trader, I will recommend a trade with dirtdiggin anytime and to anyone.

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dadeoo(usda zone 7-8)

John was my first trade - Yup I'm a newbie to all this.
Not only was John helpful but he was pleasant to trade with.
His seeds arrived promptly and he is generous.
I Highly recommend trading with John if you have the opportunity and I hope to trade with him again some day.

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Thanks John for the PawPaw seeds :)
Very happy with my trade with John (SASBE for pawpaw seeds)...excited and can't wait to see them grow...thanks again so much for this offer, Dianne

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I responded to countryboy's kind offer of Paw Paw seeds for postage--not only did he send me a slew of fresh seeds in a moist pack to ensure the best germination rate, but he kept me informed every step of the way. Much appreciated, John. Regards, seedmoney

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