Why aren't my hot peppers hot?

urbantoadAugust 15, 2008

I've tried for 2 years now and each time I harvest my hot peppers they're always extremly mild. I planted Jalapenos from the seed 2 years ago and they might as well been green peppers because there was no heat.

This year I bought Habanero plants from Lowes and they are just as bad.

the plants are growing fine. We've had a lot of rain this year. Am I missing something here. I just have 2 plants in a big pot on my deck in full sunlight.

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I've found that a well watered plant produces very mild 'hot' peppers. I made 2cup salsa w/18 serranos last night and could barely detect any heat. The plant has received 5" of rain in the past few weeks. Same plant from early summer before the rain produced properly hot serranos.


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chillilover(Zone 6b)

Try Trinadad scorpions, 7 pods, or Nagas next year. I guarentee you won't be disappointed.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Here in Texas, we try to stress our peppers because the more they are stressed, mistreated, the hotter they will be. Don't baby them. Just plant them and ignore them and you will get hot peppers.

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thanks for the tip guys. I'll remember that for next year.

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I live in Michigan also and I'm having the same problem with jalapenos. No heat. So stop the watering and that will do it. Will it make the peppers that are currently on the plant hot if I back off on the watering this year?

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bob_in_pc(z8 FL)

I have found that Jalapenos vary significantly in heat levels - some are decently hot and some are mild. I like the flavor nonetheless...

I would say if you're looking for "hot" hot peppers, you need to mosey on to chinense varieties. I eat hot foods routinely down at the local Thai restaurant. I give them my super hot varieties because I have more than I need for powders.

Normally, I can actually use Caribbean Red Hot's for sandwiches, etc. But this year, I grew 7 pots and Trinidad Scorpions and I now know that 700,000 scoville units is about my limit.

These babies are hot beyond what I used to consider hot. My Thai restaurant will slice up one 7 pot into about 3 dishes and all of us are crying halfway through curry beef with green beans or beef bai kra pow.

They're unbelievable.

You need to upgrade to the superhots if that's what you want.

And, they're easy to grow.......

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will try them next year. We don't like extremely hot peppers but something that will spice up my salsa.

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Where do you live in Mich? I have plenty of hot pods if you need some.


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i stress my pepper plant as soon as it starts producing...i let the jalapenos go until they get a lil color and man they are good...

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Hi Dale, I live in southern lower Michigan almost on the Indiana border. That would be great to get some pods that are hot. How do I go about getting some from you?

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cmpman1974(Zone 6 MI)


How's the garden doing for you now Dale? The pepper maggots still ruining a lot of pods? They wreak havoc on my non-hot pods or mild ones. It's so frustrating.

I'd love to see updated pictures of your garden(s) now. :)


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I agree with ignoring your peppers and you'll get hotter ones. I tried Biker Billy jalapenos this year....much hotter than jalapenos I've grown in the past. Very tasty.

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I wonder if other stresses (such as pests, strong sunlight, poor fertilizer, etc.) have an effect as well on caps production.

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