You might be a chile head.....

PEPPERMEISTER1(6)August 24, 2011

Just for fun, i thought we'd mention some of the tell-tale signs that we may be a little too obsessed with growing and eating hot chiles!

You might be a chile head if.....

You can't remember what eggs or pizza taste like without hot sauce. (and you don't really care to find out).

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You might be a chilihead when you here a hurricane is coming and you are more worried about your plants than your house!

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esox07 (4b)

Yah, all you people in the Carolinas, get out there now and stake 'em down. Use good heavy stakes so you dont have to go out during the hurricane and hold them up.

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You might be a Chile head if you check your plants multiple times in an hour for any changes :-)

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You might be a chilihead find out that the hurricane is steering away from you and you're mostly relieved that you don't have to bring all the pepper plants inside for cover!

(ditto on Bruce's thoughts for Carolina folks and all in Irene's path --- looks like it's going to be a rough storm, likely Cat 3 when it brushes along the US coast, yikes!)

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..if you can't wear contacts September thru November because of the constant residual spicyness on your fingertips

..if your neighbors plead that you stop gassing them with spicy fumes

..if coworkers visit you when they want something spicy to add something to their lunch


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if you have more pictures on your phone of your peppers/plants than pictures of your family.

Here is a link that might be useful: Visit PEPPERMEISTER for hot pepper gardening tips, recipes and info

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I'm guilty of a lot of this and I'm new to it.

I sit outside and have a cup of coffee with my with my plants every morning.

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...if you go back outside three or four times in one evening to inspect, because you could have missed some on that ???? plant

...if you have used a flashlight to check for pepper growth

...if the last thing you do before you go to bed is check GW to see if anyone posted new photos of peppers and plants

...if you scour the internt for recipes that star your favorite chiles

,,,if your wife thinks you are nuts for talking about your plant/fruit progress every day

...if you text folks about your plants and even send pepper photos via your phone and email, to people who darn well ought to be interested!

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esox07 (4b)

Yah, y'all quit posting this stuff. My therapist told me that I should take up a hobby like gardening. I knew those guys were scam artists. Now he will be treating me for pepper OCD.

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You might be a chilehead if...
Your wife has burned your children with strawberries by using your cutting board on accident.

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romy hit the nail on the head - though I have a financial interest at stake too, my peppers are my babies (unlike the non-heirloom tomatoes and the squash which are purely "crops" to me). I told (7-yr old) DD about the hurricane and she said we can move the pots to way under the porch, if they don't fit in garage, but I was worried about my big HH in the garden I had planned on overwintering!

Hope everybody on southern Atlantic coast does OK. We're a little worried here (esp. since my dad said he heard 10" of rain expected, it's already been a wet month and even if it's a Cat 1 winds here we could lose a lot of trees, flooding, etc.). But nothing compared to what the Carolinas are expecting (my DB is in NC, thank goodness not on the coast).

Stay safe!

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I feel like im in that depression commercial, if u can say yes to one or more of these questions u might have clinical depression, well unfortunately i can answer yes to all these, i guess i must be a chilehead ;)

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Take two chiles and call me in the morning! LOL

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hahaha! These are great...!


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You might be a chile head...
if you waited outside of Cross Country Nurseries for them to open on the very first day of the season, to get the first choice of peppers, only to be told you're one of only 3 people that showed up that day. (I'll be there again next Spring, that place is chile plant heaven!!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Visit PEPPERMEISTER for hot pepper growing tips, recipes and info

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...if you brought fresh thai hot peppers picked fresh off the plant this morning to work and get the idea to poke holes through it with a fork and drop into your hot tea, it's actually very good!! Of course what is not good with chilies!!!! :-)

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

...a little off-topic, I hope no one minds.

Saturday, one of my friends was smoking a cigar. He set it down to do something inside,
at which point one of my other friends (a true chile head) plucked a habanero off the cigar smoker's
plant, broke open the pod, and liberally applied the oils to the end of the cigar. A few minutes
later, the smoker first, he thought the cigar had just gotten bitter, but after
a few more puffs, the realization hit him.


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oh man you guys crack me up! and all are so true! i sit out side for at least 2 hours when i get home, then another hour after dinner with my fishing head lamp on for lighting!

you might be a chiili head if you go for thai food and bring brain strain or douglah and your resperator and have the chef use them to insure your food is spicy enough, and he does not inhale the fumes!

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Spongey, that's hardcore.

You might be a chile head....
If you've called out of work for a much needed day of pickling!

Here is a link that might be useful: New post at PEPPERMEISTER - My Enormous Cayenne: An Organic Miracle!

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When you smile/grin while reading each post. : )

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...If your husband is afraid to eat your cooking (without taking a few tiny tastes to make sure it's not too hot).

...if your husband runs for cover anytime you ask, "what do you think of the flavor of this one?"

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If you abide by BYOC no matter what kind of restaurant you go to. (Bring Your Own Chile)

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

if you bring peppers to your Thai friends and they're too hot for them to eat!!!

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ihategazingballs(5 SE WI)

If you create a classroom of chile head's by telling your students that they will get extra credit in science by: A)Growing out the extra peppers that are brought to school. B)Taking pictures of the results or bringing in samples, or C)Tasting varieties that the teacher offers (even tiny samples of the nuclear varieties on the end of a toothpick.

Your students say things like, "Wow, what a beautiful bhut jolokia plant," as they are walking out of the school with their friends at the end of the day.

If you bring at least 3 different dried pepper powders to your softball games to use with the team at the restaurant after the game on pizza and bring a new 3 every week of the season. Last week being peach lantern, hot lemon, bonda ma jacques, and holland hots.

You have shutterfly make a book of pictures of the peppers you have grown.

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OK, you guys are way beyond me. But I have a little story to tell you might find amusing.

I picked 6 Hinkelhatz today (and lots of serranos, some that look like Hot Portugal and anaheim-type Numex Sunrise). 1 was starting to turn color, the rest were green but I had to get them off the plants b4 the storm, figured I'd try them at market (sold a dozen serrano last week and 1 woman asked for something hotter).

So, market is dead, didn't sell any peppers except Chablis bell ("Is that one hot?" "No, that's a bell pepper" - people must be used to green only). Anyway, the kid next to me is selling infused oils and vinegars, asks "How long will those hot peppers last?" I ask what he means, he says the pepper oil his boss makes isn't hot enough. I tell him not a good idea to add fresh pepper to oil, run the risk of botulism, I can't really say how long is safe to let it steep. Suggest he make a vinegar instead, since these are traditional Penn. Dutch vinegar peppers. But I figure he likes hot stuff.

End of market I give him the tiny one that's turning color, his GF asks how hot, 1-10. I say "About an 8, b/c when I tasted one at home, I wanted bread but didn't need it, the tingle lasted 15 min but after handling 6 my fingertips burned for an hour" (so I was warning customers not to touch). So he cuts the seeds out, hands her half.

I didn't see her face, but he did - too late. He starts gasping (she just drinks water), he gets the hiccups. I apologize profusely, tell him to eat bread since they've got all these bread cubes to sample their oils on. But he bought the other 4 (also had to tell every customer who came to sample that he ate one of my hot peppers and it gave him hiccups)! Of course then he rubs his eyelid - and I tell him to wipe it with bread, don't pour water on it!

They were trying to figure out how to trick a friend into eating 1. He asked if I heard of Scoville, and I said yes, that's about 125,000 from what I found on Internet. He says he eats a hot sauce that's 800,000 but I don't believe it (maybe 1 drop).

I came home, gave DH the one I bit the end off of, he put it in his mouth up to the stem , ate it in 1 bite, chewed slowly, then went back to reading his paper. I asked, "So, what do you think?" He said in his usual unenthusiatic, offhand way "It was pretty hot." (can you hear the shrug?)

I gotta grow somethin' hotter for this man!

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