Plumeria ID (same family) pictures.

ltran54(9)September 12, 2010

I never see this plant before until today when visit a nursery. It is the same family with plumeria.

Please reply if you know the name of this plant. I asked the lady at the nursery, but she didn't know.

I wanted to take care of it properly.

I appreciated your reply. Big one (4 feet) only $12 and small one only $5

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That's a plumeria "pudica" or commonly called "Bridal Bouquet". It's an evergreen and in ideal climates, does not go dormant. I notice with mine, if the temps get too cold, the leaves do drop. If you can still get one, it would be a nice addition to your collection.

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Plumeria pudica.

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Thank you for both reply. I appreciated both of you taking the time and help me out.
I got myself 2 today, one with bloom and a smaller one.
Thank you so much again.

Now I can google it and care for it properly.

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How pretty and a great price too

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I found out this plant blooms 10 months out of the year. It was won (plant of the year in 2007) at a plant show. In zone 9 and 10 (which is my zone) easy to care for, and full sun just like Plumeria.


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Cuttings of this variety are very easy to root. I've even rooted them in a glass of water. The only negative is that it doesn't have a scent.

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