Kern County Rose Show

richard(inland CA, 9a)April 12, 2005

In Bakersfield on Saturday, April 30, entries accepted from 7:00-9:30AM. The show will continue through May 1st. For info and a PDF show schedule check the district website:

All are invited to a great show,


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Looks like with all the problems San Diego is having, a lot of exhibitors will be heading north - so you guys better have lots of vases ready.

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beberose(SoCal 9)

Hi Chris, This is the Chairman of the SD Rose Show. You silly man, San Diego isn't having any problems. You have been talking to the wrong people again! We are ready and everything is under control. Chris, Don't listen to those terrible people that gossip. We in San Diego know exactly who they are. By the way Chris, that was not a very nice comment. Does everyone know what you are really like.

SD Rose Show Chairman

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Hello Bea,

Please post the memo titled "Urgent Message for Rose Show Exhibitors" from the SDRS Web Site on this forum for people to understand the events concurrent that day at Balboa Park - I think it will be helpful.

In Chris's defense, memos from SDRS have been circulating via email and convey some difficulty. I spoke to SDRS President, Ruth Tiffany at the PSWD convention this weekend concerning the email received. Her words of advise were to get there early (5:00 am) and bring water.

Some people drive over one hundred miles to shows and if exits/streets are blocked, it could be very frustrating if large areas of access are blocked and they do not know their way around San Diego.

Thanks a million!

Joe and Bren

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To the Chairman of the SD Rose Show. We would like you to reiterate the logistics for exhibiting at your show. Specifically:

1. Are you still suggesting that exhibitors arrive at 5AM for a 9:30AM deadline for entries? That is 4.5 hrs which is way too much time. Since you may not be able to get the judges there earlier for an earlier deadline how about doing something exhibitor friendly like promising to give out the awards at 12Pm on saturday rather than forcing the exhibitors to return (if they win after spending a grueling long Saturday in traffic going to and leaving the show) on Sunday for a 3 pm award ceremony.

2. Have the water & parking problems been resolved? If so please advise resolutions.

Mr. Chairman, your show sounds like a very tough one for exhibitors and simply not worth the effort. We have many nice friends in the San Diego area and we were looking forward to going to your show. However, unless the logistics situation changes we (and many of our fellow exhibitors )are either going to bakersfield or going to stay home.
Mr. Chairman, if you changed the awards ceremony to saturday afternoon so that exhibitors would not have to return on sunday perhaps it might sway some exhibitors to go your show. I for one would definitely consider it.

At this stage of the game it is clear that you cannot change the date of your show which is in conflict with not just another rose show but now in conflict with the March of Dimes, Earth day, and who knows what else. However, one item in your control is the awards presentation. We have heard that many have requested that SDRS change this awards policy. Now is the time to show some appreciation for the exhibitor who will be getting up at 1AM to be there by 5AM(speaking for myself).

Finally wrt your comments about Chris Greenwood. In my opinion and I am sure shared by many rose people in Southern California & in the PSWD Chis is an outstanding and dedicated Rosarian who is not deserving of your abuse.

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I echo the statements/concerns of Chris, Joe & Bren, and Cleanleaf.

To BeBeRose, I would simply say, with all due respect MS. Chairperson, that even though you feel the "complications" noted in your ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! memo on your SDRS website have been addressed, they STILL pose a problem for the exhibitor. Again, with no disrespect intended, I don't believe I've ever seen YOU exhibit at a show to which you've traveled 100 miles OR MORE to get there. In fact, do you exhibit at all? Are you even aware of the work and stress involved in exhibiting at an out-of-town show? Here are some other exhibitor issues: At 5:00 a.m., it is still dark outside. What are exhibitors to do until they are able to see? Then, after entries close, most exhibitors really look forward to getting together, carpooling to a nearby restaurant (because by that time the majority of them are STARVING since they had to leave home so early), and enjoy each other's company until such time as they are allowed back into the show venue. Under the scenario laid out for this show, the exhibitor, who arrived at 5:00 a.m. in order to get a parking spot, won't even be able to leave after entries close because the roads will be blocked off for another hour and a half. Assuming the roads WILL be reopened at 11:00, that's still a very long time to be held hostage in a parking lot. When you throw in the fact that there is a 20% change of rain predicted for that day, going north to Bakersfield, or simply staying home, seems like the most prudent thing for the exhibitors to do. I would also concur with Cleanleaf, in that having to come BACK to the show on Sunday to pick up any trophies won, is simply the straw that breaks the camel's back, or, in this case, the final reason NOT to exhibit in San Diego.

To quote a friend, "if I have to bring my own water, a camp stove so I can have a hot breakfast, and lanterns so I can see, I might as well go camping!"

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beberose(SoCal 9)

First, let me say, I found out on Monday, 4/25/05, that YES there will be water. Second, this is my first year as a Chairman, I have exhibited before and have won. No I do not usually travel over 100 miles.

Third, due to circumstances beyond our control, The City of San Diego made some grave errors concerning the scheduling of our show, (they changed the already scheduled dated for earth day from the 24th), and the March of Dimes walk was only told to us a couple of weeks ago. If we hadn't gone to the administration personally and checked on the dates we had orginally submitted and found out about the issues concerning our dates there would have been NO show. For some reason they didn't feel it was necessary to contact anyone on our Board of Director's when they made huge changes even though we had our permit request in two years ahead. We know that this inconvenience is going to upset our exhibitors, we do not wish for that to happen and I have been trying to work with the city as much as I can to keep things on schedule. There will be streets blocked, the Cabrillo Bridge from 6th Avenue will be blocked for the walkers from 7:00a.m. until 11:00p.m. There is parking below the Starlight Opera Bowl. Park Boulevard is OPEN. My suggestion for people to come early was to make sure you have a place to park.

For those who can not return for their trophies we will mail them to you. If you are local I will pick then up and take them to the next meeting. I will make a point to get your trophies to you. Please don't be gun shy. We would love to have each and everyone of you. I have talked to Chris Greenwood, and things are fine.

Reconsider and come to San Diego, if it is the closest to you. Thank you.

Bea Ericksen
Chairman San Diego Rose Show

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First, thanks to Bea for clarifying some of those issues. Second, will the venue itself be open at 5:00 a.m. to provide access to the restrooms? For those who may still be planning on driving from O.C. and L.A., this might be something they would appreciate knowing ahead of time.

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beberose(SoCal 9)

The Balboa Park Club will be open for Coffee, Donuts and Restrooms. My husband is in charge of the properties, he will help you with whatever you need.

Balboa Park Club Access for Saturday, April 30, 2005.

President's way is closed at the Organ Pavillion Parking Lot. From North bound Park Blvd, Turn Left on President's Way (South bound - Turn Right) Take immediate Left into parking lot behind Sports Museum Turn Right up little road that goes between Sports Museum and Gym, Go across main parking lot to access road to the right of the Auto Museum, Turn Right on access road.

Hope to see you all there.

Bea Ericksen

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Ms. Chairperson,I have one question for you.AS a former exhibitor you are now doubt aware of all the stuff an exhibitor brings to prep the roses.

How far is the entry area to where we have to park? Do we set up in the parking lot?

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Mrs. Chaiperson, have not heard from you regarding my questions about set up area!
Seems to me if "you are ready" you would address my concerns about setting up.
Can I assume it is a long hike from the parking area to where we can set up & then another hike to the entry area? If that be the case I will be drivng 5N vs 5S.
why dont you just come back with an answer so all of us exhibitors know the real scoop.

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Having judged Kern County Rose Show, I can assure you that the setup area they have is quite convenient. There is plenty of areas close to the church, plus the parking area for setup. There would be very little walking unless its a huge turnout and space is a premium.

Properties are on tables adjacent to the setup areas with water plentiful.

Hope this helps.

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Chris , I was referring to the situation in San Diego.

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suzanne_ladyred(z10 So Cal)

If I recall correctly, the set-up area was convenient to the entry area. I can't remember if we had to move our cars afterwards, but the set-up area is convenient.


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Went out to Kern County today for the show. The folks out there were very friendly & gracious. Very exhibitor oriented. Excellent venue, no parking problems whatsoever. A good time was had by all.

I would like to note the society had one of its members on hand in the prep area helping new exhibitors prepare their entries. Had not seen this before

THey had quite an execellent turn out with more roses than they have had in the past..

IMHO, we felt we were among friends we had known for a long time. it was definitley worth the trip

Richard, thanks to you and the folks for putting on an outstanding show with wonderful trophies.

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cleanleaf -

Glad to hear Kern went well....

You may have not been aware but every year at California Coastal Rose Society, East County RS and San Diego RS Col. Phil Ash, Sue O'Brien and others have sacrificed grooming their own roses to offer a help table for novice exhibitors.

At the CCRS show next weekend they will follow the same longstanding tradition.

Phil, Jeff Stage, Linda Clark and others held talks today and tomorrow for exhibitors, rose gardeners, novices interested in exhibiting/growing better roses.

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richard(inland CA, 9a)

Post Script:
There was a rose show in Kern County. We had a great turnout. The big winners were Gerry Youngewirth (swept HT royalty), Suzanne Horn (12 trophies including Mini Queen), Bob & Kitty Belendez (Dowager Queen among many others), and Tommy Cairnes and Luis Desamero (Victorian among many others). We had over 40 exhibitors, a club record.
Sorry if you missed it.

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