best way to stuff and preserve hot cherry pepper

paulrfromnhAugust 21, 2008

My wife had a banner crop of hot cherry peppers and I would like to stuff them with meat and provolone. I have done this in the past by blanching them first and then sealing them in an oil and vinegar brine. The taste is ok but I much prefer the commercial peppers that are crisp and do not taste like vinegar. I have tried preserving them blanched and in just oil but ended up losing the seven jars that I did up because the oil turned. Any suggestion for keeping them crisp and tasting like peppers will be greatly appreciated.

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go to the harvest forum for this question.

oil does NOT preserve and is very dangerous. Best to use NO OIL.

If It was ME. I would preserve the peppers plain in 100% vinegar and then stuff them when I go to eat them. But I like the taste of vinegar. at the time you remove the peppers you could soak them in water to remove some vinegar flavor then stuff and eat.

vinegar will keep them crisp better and longer and safer than water and vinegar. I always use 100% vinegar and never add any water.

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