Its A Wrap For The PSWD Convention

Chris_GreenwoodApril 24, 2005

Now that the PSWD convention is a memory, I would like to espress the sincerest thank you for all of you that took this time of share your love of the rose with us at the Pacific Rose Society.

Leah and I were particularly please at such a large contingency of members from Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. It was great to see old friends and make new ones.

As with every convention, there are a lot of unsung heros that work so hard and their devotion to the rose needs to be acknowleged.

First -- Fran and Dick Kaelke - many of you may not have heard that on the morning of the setup for the show, Dick was rushed to the hospital and is still lanquishing there with a still undiagnosed condition. Dick (our show chairman) and Fran (vendor chaiman) worked countless hours getting everything ready and then were unable to enjoy the fruits of their labors. We missed them both so much and our prayers go out to Dick for a speedy recovery.

Second -- The PRS Show Gang. As dependable as clockwork, they are 'johnny-on-the-spot' to help set up and tear down.

Norman Nelson -- eager and ready to help and is an important part of placement.

Janet and Jim Gerstenberg - two of our newest members and helped everywhere. Attended the convention, did everything and had a ball.

Janet Raymond and Joe Kikkert - neighbors in Arcadia and have belonged to PRS for several years. They always quietly and eagerly helped.

Frank and Edith Moritz -- while both have had major health problems this past year, the were at the Arboretum bright and early Sunday morning to help with teardown.

Pam Bunning - a big help during setup.

And finally Paul Jackson and Evelyn Reed -- what would we do without them. Not only was Paul and Evelyn there help with the opening of the show on Friday, but Paul:

----handled exhibitor registration.

----was chairman of clerks.

----and spent most of Saturday, guarding the show and arrangements while answering numerous questions form the public. And Evelyn, as always, is an important part of seeing that the show runs smoothly.

Plus --- my daughter Liz, drug in her close friend, not a member, to help setup and take down the show.

Also -- a big thank you to Sam Trivitt for going above and beyond the call of duty to haul from Bakersfield to Arcadia, the low tables that are recommended for the challenge classes.

Third: A very special thank you to Aprille Curtis for sharing with us her very special talent of Calligraphy. The hours she spends doing this is countless.

Fourth: Bartje Miller. Handled the registrations even though she couldn't attend.

Fifth: Red and Carole Collard. Stepped in where Bartje couldn't. Plus Carole handled the finances -- Red the exhibitor's refreshments, plus worked like mad to help setup and take down the show.

Sixth - and finally my wife Leah who not only puts up with all this foolishness, but co-chaired the convention as well.

If I have forgotten to mentioned someone - please forgive.

Thanks again for all the assistance from our members and all of you that came to Monrovia/Aradia to share in the love of the rose.

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Thank you Brenda -- what a great picture.

This was Al Troyer of New Mexico and myself with Julie Newmar after Al and I received the Outstanding Judge Award for 2005.

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More photos of the banquet, beautiful Peace ceremony, roses, people....

Here is a link that might be useful: PSWD 2005 Photos BLSmith

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Glenn once again creates a terrific pictorial of the weekend.....! Great work Glenn!

Here is a link that might be useful: PSWD Results and Photos

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It was very sad to hear about Phyllis Diller. Chris - is there a place we could send her well wishes? We all missed her at the Convention.

Phyllis Diller Injured in Fall
Apr 22, 8:09 AM EST

Associated Press

Comedian Phyllis Diller injured her head and neck after falling out of bed at her Brentwood mansion, her manager said Thursday.

"She has a big bruise on her forehead," Milt Suchin said. "I think she blacked out. ... She just awoke and a housekeeper came in and found her on the floor."

Diller, 87, was hospitalized after the accident early Monday, Suchin said. She was undergoing diagnostic tests, including tests on her pacemaker that was inserted in 1999.

Diller recently released a book about her life called "Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse."

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I tried calling yesterday and the message machine was full, so I don't think Phyllis is home yet. When I get word I will let you know privately.

I am sure she would love to hear from you. She was really looking forward to being with us and had turned down several other invitations. Her assistant indicated that she definately would like to participate in a rose society event -- so hopefully her injury is not too severe to keep her down long.

I do know that she loves roses and when we paid her a visit to take her picture with her rose, the house was full of roses freshly cut from her garden. She was particulary proud of the rose garden that was presented to her by Jim Backus.

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