'Rose Exhibitors' Forum'

Rgschwerdt(z5aillinois)April 8, 2010

ARS "Rose Exhibitors Forum" Publication.

Prior to posting this, had several talks with Beth Smiley at ARS headquarters, regarding ARS "Rose Exhibitors Forum" (REF) 2009 bulletins. Beth indicated ARS president Jeff Wyckoff is working on finding a new editor. Ever get a feeling that something strange is going on members are not aware of, this is one of those occasions. ARS "Share Your Secret"

Indicated by: a lack of official notification in the "Rose" magazine by ARS that Bob Martin is no longer editor of (REF). Or ARS has given a reason, why any (REF) publications are not available since 2008, even though reporters had sent in 2009 show results. Raising an important question, is ARS president Jeff Wyckoff actually looking for an editor for (REF) as Beth Smiley indicated to me? Or does ARS plan that Bob Martin publish his "Rose Exhibitors Quarterly" (REQ) publication, relieving ARS of any responsibility yet collect money from (REQ) publication if any is made?

You must realize of ARS four quarterly publications, ARS "Rose Exhibitors Forum" (REF) publication was the only publication generating money for ARS. Not making any money for ARS is reason enough the three other publications are now free on line. Now it cost you money to receive them, spending your time and money to print and ARS nothing. You still must be an ARS member, as well as own a computer.

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