Johnny Becnel Rose

cleanleaf(z10/ca)April 26, 2005

Saw my first blooms on this rose today. The bush is quite small and needs to beef up quite a bit but the blooms looked pretty good for a bush this young.

Anyone else growing this rose?

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Just received my first one from K&M a few weeks ago. The bud should be open in the morning. I can't wait. I have 2 more on the way from Calvin, hopefully they will arrive tomorrow also.

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Had one for a couple of months now. Still real small but a bloom off it won rose in a picture frame for me at my show two weeks ago. Many of the judges had never seen it and were impressed with the rose.

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I went to Eddie Edwards' presentation on new roses at the National show yesterday. And I have only two things to say, based on what he said: BLAKE HEDRICK and FATAL ATTRACTION. Get all you can of each. No telling when Fatal Attraction will be available, unfortunately. Weeks is evidently supposed to introduce it, but has not yet. There were pictures of it in a recent American Rose, but I don't know which issue. It is another red and he said it is better than Blake Hedrick. Based on the Blake Hedricks he had in the show, I don't know how it could be better!!
He said the stems on JB might be too short.
He said Here's Gert and Here's Sam were good.
He showed a picture of Boardwalk but said nothing about it.
He said Stephanie Anne was good, but stingy.
He said nothing about Tabitha, but showed a picture.
Said The Wright Bros. was good.
Showed a picture of one numbered 01-04 that is yellow with a pink edge and smells good. He said Certified Roses will be carrying it. He said the number a couple of times. That implied to me that it is a really good one.
There is an apricot one he is calling Faith Hill he said is really big. The picture had a good center.
He said Mu Lan was really good. The one he won King with was huge.
He said Park Place was not all that big but had good centers.

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Calvin Boutte says the Johnny Becnel rose DOES get long stems. So, fear not if you have one already--it will be a good rose. My little baby one has bloomed and I can say that the color is beautiful and the substance is very good.

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I agree with you. I got a brand new plant a few weeks ago, and the very first bud opened the other day and it was beautiful. I will be getting more or this rose. Can not wait til Mu Lan blooms.


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John, just saw my first bloom of Mulan..NOt very impressive, will give it some time. Have been fighting spider mites on all the roses I got from Jim Mills..Early to be dealing with those mites at this time of year but so it goes.

Looking forward to growing the plant and seeing some more blooms.

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hundredpetals(z9 SoCal)

This rose looks a lot like Gemini, which I realize is one of its parents. I was wondering how this rose is different from Gemini? The photos that I've seen is beautiful and I think I might want it in my garden. Thanks.

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Mu Lan a couple of weeks ago - Court of Honor. We love it!

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hundredpetals(z9 SoCal)

That's breathtaking. I'm sold. I'll have to add MuLan to the garden. How old was your plant before it gave you such a fabulous bloom?

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We bought this bare root late fall 2004 from Calvin. :~)


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