ARS 2011 Official Rose List Supplement, April 2011

Rgschwerdt(z5aillinois)April 30, 2011


A Partial listing of registered / unregistered roses with Approved

Exhibition Names (AEN�s), missing from publications utilized in

judging roses. The ARS Official Rose List, Modern Roses 12 and

Recent Rose Registrant website etc. Lists are posted on the last

day of each month, remaining valid until ARS publically publishes

something contrary to all members.

1) ARS Approved Exhibition Name (AEN), or temporary (AEN).

2) Color Classification. 3) Introduction / MR 12, Recent Rose Registrant

website and ARS Rose magazine registrations. 4) Date of latest change.

NOTE: Roses highlighted in yellow, and/or with an (X) are additions or

require corrections. If posted roses are only in the Combined Rose List

(CRL), they are considered as having temp. AEN�s.

By Ronald Schwerdt 4-30-20



Amelia HT, 4-20-2010>>>>(Gr)

Amy�s Rose (X) HT, yb, 2011

Antique Duett (X) HT, rb, 2010

Atsuhime (X) HT, mr, 2011

Bandleader (X) HT, dr, 2911

Black Berry HT, dr, 2009

Burgund (X) Cl HT, dr, 2011

Child of My Heart (X) HT, ab, 2010

Cullinan Centenary (X) HT, ly,2011

Dorothy House (X) HT, pb, 2010

Ducat HT, my, 2009

Eclat de Tendresse (X) HT>>>>>>>(Gr)

Eunice School (X) HT, w, 2011

Eventail (X) HT, D�Or, dy, 2011

Father�s Love HT, 2009

Feeling (X) HT,>>>>>>>>>>(S)

Gerd Keichel (X) HT, yb, 2011

Goldkuste (X) HT, dy, 2011

Graceful Gisela (X) HT, ab, 2011

Gustav Mahler (X) HT, dr, 2011

Harlequin (X) HT, rb, 2010

Intense (X) HT, my, 2011

Itsukushima (X) HT,or, 2011

Jam and Jerusalem (X) HT, ob, 2011

Jenna Clifford (X) HT, pb, 2010

Ladykiller (X) HT, m, 2010

Ludwig HT, 7-28-2010>>>S, 9-2-2010

Madeline HT, yb, 2/9/2011, 2011-3

Magic Lamp (X) HT, rb, 2011

Magnifica (X) HT, dp, 2011

Mama Africa (X) HT, r, 2011

Mara Louw (X) HT, yb, 2011

Morning Sky (X) HT, dy, 2010

My Brother Jack (X) HT, pb, 2011

Mysterieuse HT>>>>>>(F), 9-8-2010

Natalie Ann HT, m, 2/9/2011

Nike (X) HT, 2010

N-Joy (X) HT, pb, 8-19-2009

Petit Coquette (X) HT, w, 2011

Pink Florence (X) HT, mp, 2010

Pitahya (X) HT, pb, 2010

Promesse Eternelle (X) HT, m, 2011

Red Desire (X) HT, mr, 2010

S Pandey HT, pb, 2004

Senorita (X) HT, pb, 2011

Sepia Note (X) HT, ob, 2010

Sister Jane HT, 9/10-2010,

Souv De Baden-Baden HT, pb,

Souv de Baden-Baden (X) HT, pb, 2011

Sunstar (X) HT, dy, 2010

Super N-Joy pb, 2009>>>>>N-Joy

Sweet Dekora (X) HT, w, 2010

Sweet Parole (X) HT, mp, 2011

Tblbeta pb, 3-5-07, 4/2007

Testarssa (X) HT, dr, 2010

Toplesse HT, w,

Valentino (X) HT, mr, 2010

Wanda (X) HT, ab,>>>>>>>>>(yb)

Wanda Ferragamo (X) HT, m, 2010

Wedding Bell (X) HT, w, 2010

Wedding Bells (X) HT, dp, 2011

Young Rita HT, yb, 2007


Amelia . (Gr), 3-22-2011

Eclat de Tendresse (X) Gr, mp, 2010

Vic�s Refrain Gr, w, >>>>>>>>>(S)


Abder (X) F, 2011

Anne Birnhak (X) F, mp, 2011

Bengail (X) F, 2012

Bordure Apricot F, ab, 2010

Bossa Nova F, mp,1992>>>Changed to

a (Pol), September 2004 "Rose", on pg. 7

Charm (X) F, mp, 2010

Coeurs De Vendee (X) F, mr, 2011

Cream Veranda (X) F, ab, 2011

Douglas (X) F, or, 2011

Eleanor Masson (X) F, ob, 2011

Equity (X) F, mp, 2010

Estart F, dy, 2010

Famosa F , 2008

Firestar (X) F, or, 2010

Friend�s Forever (X) F, >>>>>>(S)

Gartenspab (X) F, ob, 2010

Hannah Gordon (X) Cl F, pb, 2010

Hansestadt Rostock (X) F, ab, 2011

Harquest F, ab, 2009

Iroha (X) F, rb, 2011

It�s Magic (X) F, mr, 2002

Jan Cilliers (X) F, my, 2011

Jugendiebe (X) S, mr, 2011

Kana Rose (X) F, ob, 2011

Konigin Kunigunde (X) F, 2011

Lila May (X) F, lp, 2011

Mercedia (X) F, ob, 2010

Mysterieuse (F), 9-8-2010

Noir (X) F, dr, 2010

Orange Bouquet (X) F, op, 2010

Out of Rosenheim (X) F, dr, 2011

Raspberry Ice F, rb, 17/25, 1989

San Diego Sweetheart (X) F,>>>>>(M/F

Scent of Woman (X) F, m, 2010

Scented Air (X) F, m, 2010

Sepia Note (X) F,>>>>>>>>>>>>(HT)

Sharing A Happiness (X) F, pb, 2011

Slim Dusty (X) F, dy, 2010

Starry Eyed F, lp, 2/9/2011, 2011-3

Striped Frau Astrid Spath F, rb,

Sunny Samba (X) F, dy, 2011

Sweet Cailin (X) F, ab, 2010

Sweet Caitlin (X) F, ly, 2010

The Last Dance (X) F, my, 2010


All a�Twitter Min, ob, 2012

BENomen Min, 2011 AOE

Daddy�s Little Girl (X) Min>>>>>> >>>Daddy�s Little Girl TM

Danillla (X) Min>>>>>>>>(M/F)

Dark Tiffany (X) Min>>>>>>M/F)

Fading Love (X) Min, 2009

Festa Min, 2000

Harpeep Min, 2009

Holly Tred Min, 1990

La Belle Carmen Min, mp, 1999

Mermaid Palace Min, or, 17/ 25, 2003

Nova Hit (X) Min, lp, 17/25, 5-31-2010

Nova Hit (X) Min>>>>>>>>(M/F)

Peppermint Patty (X) Min, mp, 2010

Plum Sauce (X) Min, m, 7-29-2010

Toscana Balconia (X) Min>>>>>>>(S)

Triple Hit (X) Min, rb, 2006

Urawa Red Diamonds (X) Min, 2011

Yumeotome Min, pb


Amber Meillandina (X) ob, 7-16-2010

Bamoraltn (X) dr, 26/40, 2006

Caroleen Hit TM (X) M/F, dy, 5-30-2010

Daddy Frank (X)>>>> Daddy Frank TM

Danillla Hit TM (X) M/F, w, 5-30-2010

Dark Tiffany Hit TM (X) dp, 5-30-2010

Delight Hit (X) M/F, ab, 2006

Ellen Palace (X) M/F, w, 26/40, 2009

Exciting Hit TM (X) M/F, lp, 5-30-2010

Fading Love (X) M/F, >>>>>>>>>>(Min)

Flaming Hit (X) M/F, ob, 5-30-2010

For Mickey (X) M/F, dp, 9-2009, "Rose">

>Changed to (Vonna Mae), 9-2010 "Rose"

Golden 2007 Hit TM (X) dy, 5-30-2010

Golden Hit (M/F>> Golden 2007 Hit TM)

Golden Hit TM (X) M/F, dy, 5-30-2010

Graceful Palace TM (X) M/F, w, 5-28-2010

Gucci Hit TM (X) M/F, pb, 5-30-2010

Hampton Palace (X) M/F, w, 5-30-2010

Honora Hit (X) M/F>> >>Honora Hit TM)

Honora Hit TM (X) M/F , w, 5-30-2010

Isabel Hit (X) M/F>>>>.( Isabel Hit TM)

Isabel Hit TM (x) M/F, dr, 5-30-2010

Judie (X) M/F>>>>>( Judie Hit TM)

Judie Hit TM (X) M/F, ab, 8-11-2010

Kenrapp (X) M/F, rb, 8-10-2007 (?)

Laurent Hit (X) M/F, my, 5-30-2010

Lo and Behold (X) M/F>>>>>(M/F)

Lo and Behold TM (X) M/F, 3-31-2009

Loreal Hit TM (X) M/F, ab, 5-30-2010

Lynn (X) M/F>>>>>( Lynn TM)

Lynn TM (X) M/F, m, 7-28-2009

Madonna (X) M/F>>>( Madonna Hit)

Madonna Hit (X) M/F, ab, 5-30-2010

Mermaid Palace (X) Temp AEN>>>>(Min)

Minnelli (X) M/F>>>>( Minnelli Hit)

Minnelli Hit (X) M/F, ab, 5-22-2007

Misaki (X) M/F, 20110, lp, 8-19-2010

New Isabel TM (X) >>>>>(New Isobel Hit)

New Isobel Hit (X) M/F, mr, 5-30-2010

Nova 2009 Hit (X) M/F, mp, 5-30-2010

Nova Hit (X) M/F, >>>>(Nova 2009 Hit)

Palomino Hit (X) M/F, ob, 5-31-2010

Patron (X) M/F, >>>>>>>>(Patron TM)

Patron TM (X) M/F, dr, 2011, 2-9-2011

Plum Sauce (X) M/F>>>>>Min, 2011 OL

Polaris Hit (X) M/F, w, 2006, 5-31-2010

Pride Palace TM, (X) M/F, dr, 5-28-2010

Raspberry Ice rb->>>M/F, 10-5-2006>>>

>>>Changed to a (F) in July 2010 "Rose"

Rebekah Hit (X) M/F, mp, 5-31-2010

San Diego Sweetheart (X) M/F, ab, 2010

Sister Jane M/F, 3-12-2010>>>>>>HT

Spirit Dance TM (X) M/F, ob, 5-31-2010

Stella Hit TM (X) M/F, ob, 5-31-2010

Toril Hit (X), M/F, dr, 2007, 5-31,2010

Triple Hit (X) M/F, rb,>>>>>>>>(Min)

Vonna Mae (X M/F, dp, 10-2010, "Rose"


Belgian Beauty (X) LCl, m,

Louis De Funes (X) LCl, ob, 2011

Peshpompom (X) LCl>>>>>>>>>(S)

Silence Is Golden (X) LCl, ob, 2011

Smiley Faces (X) LCl, my, 2011


Bossa Nova Pol, mp, September 2004

Komurasaki (X) Pol, m,2011

Petit Pink (X) Pol, mp, 2010

Bouquet De Mariee Pol, mp, 2010



Addictive Love (X) S, w, 2011

Alissar, Princess of Persia (X) S, rb, 2010

American Legacy (X) S, dp, 2010

Arabia (X) S, ab, 2011

Black Forest Rose (X) S, mr, 2011

Cariad (X) S, mp, 2011

Cinderella�s Song (X)

Darcey (X) S, dr, 2011

Dawn Star (X) S, lp, 2010

De Tous Mois** HMsk w, Eleanore Cruse S, 2007

Equity (X) S, mp, 2010>>>>>>(F)

Feeling (X) S, mp, 2010

Folletto (X) S, pb, 2011

Friend�s Forever (X) (S), dp, 2010

Fun Jwan Lo ** S, w, Garden Of Roses S, w, 2011

Gartnerfreude (X) S, op, 2010

Gerald Van Der Kamp S, 2005

Global Waters (X) S, mp, 2011

Grandpa�s Boy (X) S, lr, 2010

Jardin De Granville (X) S, lp, 2011

Jeanne De Chedigny (X) S, lp, 2011

Kartause Lttingen (X) HMsk, w, 2011

Kew Gardens S, w, 7-7-2009,

L�Oiseau Chanteur lp, 2/9/2011, 2011-3

La Maculee (X) F, pb, 2010

La Roche Guyon (X) S, dp, 2011

Lipstick (X) S, dp, 2011

Ludwig S, 9-2-2010 J&P

Madam X (X) S, p, 2011

Mango Salsa (X) S, rb, 2010

Mary Susan (X) S, ob, 2010

Mohanna (X) S, yb, 2010

Monique Bouygues (X) S, mp, 2011

Monplasir-Guydarmet (X) S, rb, 2011

Moraya Rouge (X) S, mr, 2011

Note Dame de Rosa (X) S, 2011

Orchid Legacy S, m, 2008

Paul Brooks S, 2006

Peshpompom (X) S, ly, 2010

Pinnatifide** S, mp, Premier Essai ** S, w, 1866

Princess Anne (X) S, dp, 2011

Remi chang (X) S, mp, 2011

Rivers� Musk Cluster ** mp, Roisin Ruddle S, ob, 2004>>>Ron Ruddle

Salmon Wings (X) S, op, 2011

Saphir (X) S, w, 2010

Satin Haze (X) S, lp, 2011

Selma es Said (X) F, dp, 2011

Soft Knockout S, lp, 2008

South Moon (X) S, w, 2010

Striata ** S, rb, Susan Williams-Ellis (X) S, w, 2011

Thanksgiving Rose S, ab, 2010

The Lady�s Blush (X) S, lp, 2011

The Son & the Heart (X) S, yb, 2010

The Sun & The Heart S, yb, 2010

Topolina (X) S, pb, 2013

Town OF Kensington (X) S, pb, 2011

Under The Rose (X) S, dr, 2011

Ventilo (X) S, dp, 2011

Vic�s Refrain S, w, 1/27/08, 5/2008

Wheaton�s Royal Mile Pub (X) w, 2011

Wichtel S, w, 1994

Xavier de Fraissinette (X) S, my, 2011

Xtion S, dp, 2010

Yume Otome S, pb,

Yu-Zen (X) HT, mr, 2011

Zaros S, dp, 2010


Freycinet (X) HRg, m, 2010

Jaimie (X) HRg, m, 2011

Red Foxi (X) HRg, lr, 2011



Gerda Nissen C, mr


Patron D�Orleans Ch, dr

Yellow Mutabilis (X) Ch, my, 2010


Etienne (X) HGal, m, 2011

Poitevine HGal, mp

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