Need a Nice Purple Rose

cleanleaf(z10/ca)April 26, 2005

I am growing a new Austin rose called Grace for Mrs. Cleanleaf; She absolutley loves this rose. I do not believe this will be an exhibition rose as it does not appear to push long stems but she is a vigorous bloomer. The blooms are a lovely apricot color, the foilage a lovely shade of green not very big. Very enjoyable looking at this rose on our deck.

Mrs. Cleanleaf has informed me that she would like to find a deep purple rose (no red, no crimson,whatsoever) to situate alongside Grace. I saw a nice floribunda the other day at a nursery called Intrigue...Very nice fragrance, nice purple color. HOw big will this rose get? Dont want to overshadow Grace.

Can I get a few recomendations on other nice deep purple roses?

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desertratrose(z9 AZ-PHX)

Intrigue is nice, fairly compact, a floribunda. Don't know how well it lasts in a vase, I'm sure someone else can answer that.

Midnight blue is one of the darkest purple without red overtones out there. Its quite new. It is a shrub and can exhibit in that class. It cluster blooms with smallish, fragrant blooms. I have a hard time taking pics of it as they tend to look redder in the pictures than they do to the naked eye. This one is hovering around 3 x 3 after one year.

The next rose season (2006) will bring the introduction of Ebb Tide from Weeks. See their website for pictures to drool over. It is a sister/brother seedling from the same batch that produced Midnight Blue and the Armstrong Garden Center's excluseive, Route 66.

Route 66 is another gorgeous dark purple.

A purple Austin would be The Prince but it might be too big for your desired spot.


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For you HT lovers - get Della Reese -- my oh my -- what a fragrance and the early spring blooms are very purple. Warmer weather lightens up the color but not the fragrance.

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desertratrose(z9 AZ-PHX)

Chris! You taunting devil! If you're not in California near an Armstrong Garden Center, how are you supposed to do that? Hmmm?

I have one, though. I was blessed by a GardenWeb angel who went and bought one, along with City of Carlsbad, and shipped them to me. She's only given me one bloom so far, but she's still pretty small.


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zionadams(SW Utah)

We bought two Intrigue a few weeks ago. They are barely a foot tall but healthy as heck and one has the most beautiful bloom. It'a a rich, true purple. I can't wait for this rose to grow!

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

Paradise is nice and it's look alike miniflora Dr John Dikeman

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