Color changes with spring weather?

kathy_george(z6b? Maryland)May 26, 2005

I have a purple Reines des Violettes, that looked true to form in 2003 and 2004. In 2003, it was very hard pruned to remove dead branches , so it skipped spring and bloomed in July and Sept. Last year, it was not a star performer, but just bloomed in the garden - about June and Aug, I think.

However, this year, for spring, it is blooming PINK. It is in full sun. It was fertilized with Osmocote and Mills Magic Mix. It had a hard winter and was pruned back hard. It is an HP but, because of the hard pruning is smaller than my older HP's, Baronne Prevost and Baron Girod de l'Aine. It is also smaller than Comte de Chambord and Frau Karl Druschki. I am hoping it will regain its size by Sept. In Sept 2003, it had BIG arching canes, that threw off branches with blooms (mostly singles, but a couple sprays), somewhat the way a climber has long canes that throw off branches with blooms.

The stems are smooth (no thorns). The pink color is about the medium pink of Old Blush and Rouletii and Autumn Damask. I think it is similar to Baronne Prevost, tho that bush is on the side of the house and not easy to compare (without clipping).

This R de V. bush is near Frau Kark D, and it is darker than the Frau (which is not white, but has pale pink big fat buds that will turn white). It is near Compte de Chambord which has big cupped blooms that are light pink on the outide and dark pink on the inside and the Reines des Violettes blooms are between these -- medium pink. These spring Reines des Violettes blooms are also not as large as those in the fall. The bush was hard pruned about Mar 17 and fertilized about Apr. 10, so not enough time to do much, I guess.

Has anyone seen Reines des Violettes bloom pink? I suppose a judge would mark it down? Possibly I will wait for fall rose shows and see if color changes back to purple....

Looking forward to your thoughts. Kathy

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desertratrose(z9 AZ-PHX)

During our spring shows in Metro Phoenix, AZ, the judges I clerked for seemed to recognize that certain oddities in coloration were resultant to the odd weather we'd had. I can't tell you if it would be the same for you.


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