Petal Count and Exhibition Quality?

hundredpetals(z9 SoCal)May 26, 2005

Last night I reached the point in Bob Martin's "Showing Good Roses" where he said he had come to the conclusion that 32 to 34 petals is the ideal petal count for exhibition roses in the Pacific Southwest.

It reminded me of Calvin Boutte telling me that I wouldn't want Mavrik because it had too many petals to adequately open in the relatively cooler temperatures of Pasadena.

Have experienced exhibitors discovered a correlation between petal count and good roses?

Do you have experiences that lead you to say "oh, this rose has __ petals therefore it would be better in ____ kind of climate?"


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suzanne_ladyred(z10 So Cal)

I spoke with top Southern California exhibitor Cal Hayes last night about this subject, and Cal states that anywhere from 27 to 45 petals is perfect for our climate.

I am not an expert in this area, but I thought I would pass along Cal's comments, FYI.

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hundredpetals(z9 SoCal)

Thanks, Suzanne, for responding and asking Cal Hayes about it. I'm glad to hear that the petal count need not be as limiting as the 32 to 34, thought my garden was doomed :-). It's good to hear that Cal's experience indicate it could be more broad.

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suzanne_ladyred(z10 So Cal)

Actually, I think that this is a terrific question, and one that would be well addressed in Bob Martin's wonderful ARS publication, Rose Exhibitor's Forum.

I'll be seeing him this weekend and will mention it.

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hundredpetals(z9 SoCal)

Hi Suzanne,

It was great meeting you (and other forum members) this weekend at judging school (thanks Bustopher for recommending I audit -- it was great!).

How was the testing?

Thanks for following up on the petal count question. I asked Bob Martin briefly about it and he says that especially for my garden in South Pasadena which is so close to his old stomping grounds, he stands by his 32-34 petal count. He did say that substance of particular cultivars is a factor. But I wished I had the opportunity to ask about what he has observed about lower petal count or higher petal count. Did he or your dinner party reveal anything interesting tidbit? Thanks.

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