San Diego plumeria sale tomorrow

isobea(10, San Diego)September 2, 2011

Hello everybody,

life has been very busy and it's already Friday, but I guess 'bettter late than never'. Is anybody else going to the sale in Balboa Park tomorrow? I can't be there before 9am (sale starts at 10am), but it might still be fun to meet up. Any ideas about when and where? We'll probably be in line for a long time... Good chance to chat? Let me know.


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Andrew Scott

Hi Iso,
I can only imagine the fun you will be having there. Shop till ya drop and enjoy yourself.


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Hi Iso! My hubby and I will be there! We "plan" on being there early, but knowing us, we may get there just before the place closes down LOL! Like we did at the JJ open house :-)

Anyway we will make a conscious effort this time to be there before opening. So look for a very petite woman with a white and blue hawaiian print sleeveless top and a brown kukui nuts necklace :-) Looking forward to meet you in person, and have some serious plumie chat :-)
Anybody else going?

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isobea(10, San Diego)

Hi sunseeker, it's about time we'll get to meet in person. Let's see if we can stay 'out of trouble'. My mission is to find a great solid color red (rather orangy-red than dark blackish red) plumeria that will do well along the coast. Meaning it will actually develop color, not fade too much, bloom for a long time and smell good. Asking too much? Does anybody have any suggestions as to which one to look for? They will have 265 varieties for sale and I am overwhelmed and too inexperienced to choose from the list alone. Thanks for your input!
PS:I'll be wearing a beige top with a flower print on it;
dark brown almost shoulder length hair.

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animalcraker(So Cal, zone 9)

I'll be going there with my boyfriend. I'm hoping to be there early super early and take photos around balboa park before going into line.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Iso....i want to be there with you!!!!

We had to much fun at the SCPS !!!

I wiukd love toi meet sunseeker and animal cracrker,,,

You all have a great time...

Ill be thinking of you all while im working all weekend... :(

someone has to work... right? UGGGGGG

My spirit will be there...buying good stuff!!! LOL

Have a great time...

Laura in VB

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I'm driving to LA tomorrow morning so won't be in the LA area until 4 pm =( Should I even try to show up to Balboa park on Sunday? Kinda far from LA. There might not be anything left to buy. Does anyone know some of the vendors for this sale? Are C-stars and Upland vendors for this event? Just want to see if I should just go to these nurseries or try to come to the event in San Diego. Thanks.

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isobea(10, San Diego)

Hi sprinpaintings, I went to the sale today and there were TONS of plants! I'm sure there will be a lot tomorrow, too. You can go onto their website ( and check out the list of available cultivars (265). Hope this helps.

Hi sunseeker,
Did you make it to the sale? I was there early, and it was almost like a feeding frenzy from 10 to noon. I wish I had had time to take some pictures, but it was really crowded. Some of the plants I was taking a closer look at were being whisked away right in front of my camera plus I felt like I was constantly in somebody's way. I found a Polynesian Red and waited in line (to pay) for about 50 minutes. Talk about back pain! But it was fun and we got to talk to a lot of nice people. I kept looking for you, but no luck. I guess we'll have to meet at some other sale. If you went, let me know what you bought.

Have a great holiday weekend everybody,

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animalcraker(So Cal, zone 9)

I had a great time at the plant sale. For anyone who's on the fence about going tomorrow, I know alot of the vendors said they were holding a small number of popular in demand varieties back until sunday; so everyone would have a fair chance a getting something they were looking for.

Here's the list of what I got today:
Guillot's Sunset
Kauka Wilder
Purple Jack(JJ)
Pu'u Kahea
Peebles Seedling

There's still a ton of varieties on my wish list. And after seeing some of the flowers in person I've added some more and prioitized some that were already on the wish list. I also took tons of pictures of the flower show, lots of amazing blooms and inflos were entered.


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Hi Iso! We got there at 10am, so you were probably inside the room already! We stood in line and I looked up and down the line but couldn't identify anyone fitting your description. Even when inside the room, I didn't find you. Too bad we missed each other!
Congrats on purchasing Polynesian Red. I saw the plant, the flower is such a nice red! Did your plant have blooms on it?
It was a feeding frenzy, like you said, and the place is so small and packed that it was very hard to carry your plants around while shopping, especially if you picked large plants. So my hubby and I had to stop after picking 4 plants. I don't think we had a chance to see everything that was there.
I got a large Jackie with lots of blooms on it, a Pink Pansy with blooms, a University of Hawaii Orange, and a Teresa Wilder.
Anybody planning to go tomorrow, if you can find a small folding personal shopping cart to bring along, that would help greatly!I saw some people bring them, and wish I had thought about that!

Jen, congrats on your purchases!Those are all nice varieties! Any of them have blooms?

While my hubby was standing in line, I had a chance to go into the room nearby where the flower show was and took a few pictures.

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

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Uploaded with

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isobea(10, San Diego)

Hi Laura, sorry I forgot to include you yesterday. Guess my mind was somewhere else (or still spinning from the madness inside that building). With hope we can all get together again soon.
Hi Jen, congratulations on your new plants! Like sunseeker said, you picked great plants. How did you get them all home?
Hi sunseeker, Wow, four more plants! Congratulations! Did you bring a truck? How many plants do you have now altogether? I know you are way ahead of me, but I have a pretty established landscape (25 years in this house), and two of my older plants are close to 3'x3' giving me a glimpse of what I will 'have to deal with' with my young plants in a few years. So I can't add too many more. It's really difficult trying to choose under this aspect.
You are so lucky you had your husband stand in line while you got to go take pictures at the show. When I was in line, they were still setting up for the show, and then my husband decided to go to the Automotive Museum. He loves the plumies, but he hates the crowds. So the deal was: "Call me when you are at the cash register!" By that time my back was killing me and I had completely forgotten about going back into the show. Next year....

Enjoy this georgeous day!

PS: My Pol. Red does not have any flowers. The plant that Mike had outside (with flowers) was too big a tree for us to get home.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Hi Iso, please do post pictures of the Polynesian Red flower when it blooms! I thought I had taken a picture of it but can't find it now in my camera.
We had the SUV so no problems getting the plants home. We actually put the plants in the car, then walked back to eat at the Del Prado restaurant (very good food!) then caught the trolley to go check out the Air and Space museum before going home (very cool, saw the actual Apollo9 command module, with the burns and all). Luckily the plants did OK sitting in the car which was parked in the sun all this time!
I hear you, about what we'll have to deal in the future when the plants get bigger! I'm worried about that myself, and I am actually out of space now, even though my largest plants are only about 4 ft tall (and in pots). But, as any true addict, I can't seem to be able to resist getting more varieties, as I find such joy everyday when I get out in the yard and see all these flowers!!! It is therapy to me (not therapy for my addiction LOL, but therapy to get me away from the stress of my job!)

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animalcraker(So Cal, zone 9)

My Pu'u Kahea has blooms, I can't wait to get my cammera out and take pictures of it. I was at a dog show all day today, so by the time I got home it was too dark.

Most of the ones we got were 1-3 gallon pots and monalisa convently had her's in rooting tubes which made them easy to carry. I had my boyfriend with me to carry my plants, and had him find a nice study box while we were standing in line waiting for the doors to open. I was a bit insane once the doors opened, esspecialy since they had moved some of the vendors at the last minute so everyone was scrambling for their "must haves". Does anyone know if the cutting sale is that crazy on the first day?

We took my parents saturn vue, so other than the Pu'u kahea needing to be laid on it's side everything fit nicely. We also did the will call so we could walk around the park and enjoy the flower show without having to worry about cooking any plants.


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isobea(10, San Diego)

Hi Jen, I saw Mona Lisa's plants in those rooting tubes. In fact, I bought a Guillot's Sunset in a tube just like that from her at last year's sale. Are you going to leave your plants in those tubes until next spring or pot them up into 1 gallon pots soon? I think my G.S. lost a few roots when I took it out of the tube. It didn't grow all that much this year. When I took a JJ Divine out of a similar tube, I cut the bottom off first, then ran a knife with a long blade along the inside of the tube, and used my thunb to push the plant out from the bottom. Way better! Do you have your own technique that works well? Let me know, I'm always searching for better/easier ways to do things.

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animalcraker(So Cal, zone 9)

I'm going to wait till just before spring, while they're still dormant, to take them out of the tubes. The tubes can be a pain in the rear sometimes. I do the same as you, cut the bottom off, loosen the sides, and gently push it out from the bottom.


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I have a beautiful yellow plumeria tree for sale. It is overshadowing my back patio too much, and I need the space for my son's toys! It is 7 feet tall and the flowers are white and yellow.
Please let me know if you are interested. I can send pictures. My email address is
Thank you!

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Ament(5a SD)

Aww! Sooo jealous! South Dakota is cold and Dreary! LOL Well, You all enjoy those lovely Plumies! =) Please take pictures, even of those little beauties in the tubes! I want to see them. lol


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