Should I pot these cuttings?

moonie_57September 8, 2012

I have quite a few plastic bottles with cuttings rooting in them. None are -full- of roots so would these be okay to overwinter in the bottles and wait until spring to pot them up?

The one I'm really concerned about is Divine. It is in a smaller, 12 ounce bottle, only 4 inches deep. I was thinking about potting her in a 6 inch pot, or should I go ahead and put her in a gallon? OR wait until spring to do anything?

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I'm glad you asked that as I was about to ask the same thing. Mine are still rooting so chances are by October or November they may have roots like that. Right now, they are just starting to grow leaves or at least have shiny tips.

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Are those the cuttings from Derrick? The ones I got from him will stay in the bottles until next spring unless they do something miraculous! LOL

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The ones leafing out and shiny tips are the ones I got from Aloha. They've been in the bottles for 4 weeks now. No visible roots yet, but I don't touch them or pick them up to see. I have them in 5 gallon pots, 4 bottles to pot. However, the ones I got from Derrick have only been in the bottles for a week---and I just ordered 12 more. LOL I'm figuring doing the heat mat for them. I have a room with sliding glass doors facing south so they would get sun daily (at least when the morning overcast clear up). Of course, here is SoCal we still have maybe a couple more months of 70 and 80 degree temps so they may just get started before having to bring them in. Trying to get a jump on next spring. :)

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In my weather I would pot the one in the picture in a 2 quart black pot. Then it would go into a 1 gallon pot by the following june and probably a two gallon by this time next year.

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k - thanks. I felt like it should be potted so I'm going to do that tomorrow.

Del - the weather has me somewhat confused. I'm sure it's just me, but it seems like signs of fall is coming sooner than normal. Even if we have cool weather, at Thanksgiving we are usually still wearing summer clothes.

So yeah, mine may need to be potted by then, too. :)

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