California Coastal Rose Society Show Results

blsmithMay 16, 2005

...are now posted.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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suzanne_ladyred(z10 So Cal)

These are only partial results, as only posts results for classes that fall within the parameters of the statistics utilized for Rose Exhibitor's Forum. Great website, though, and very educational.

I am looking forward to seeing the full results posted on the Pacific Southwest District website shortly.

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HUGE Thanks to Bob Martin and Joyce Raymer for working together to obtain the complete results (sent to PSWD - to be posted soon):



Best of Show Greetings Dick & Sue Streeper

1. (1 HT or Grand) Queen Moonstone Ron & Modine Gregory
King Silverado Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth
Princess Gemini Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth
Court Cajun Moon Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth
Court Crystalline Ron & Modine Gregory
Court Colette Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth
Court Marilyn Monroe Geri & Alan McCarron
2. (3 HT or Grand) Trophy Gemini Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth
3. (6HT or G) Trophy Crystalline Ron & Modine Gregory
4. (1 HT or G spray) Trophy New Zealand Jerry Weiner
5. (1 Decorative HT or G) Trophy Della Reese Joseph & Brenda Smith
6. (Single Petal HT) Trophy Mrs. Oakley Fisher Ivy Bodin
7. (1 Floribunda bloom) Trophy Day Breaker Dick & Sue Streeper
8. (3 F blooms) Trophy ----------- no winner
9. (1 F spray) Trophy Sexy Rexy Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth

  1. (3 F or Poly. sprays) Trophy Greetings Dick & Sue Streeper
  2. (1 Poly. spray) Trophy Lullaby Suzanne Horn
  3. (1 single petal F) Trophy Betty Prior Andrea Harrison
  4. (Climber) Trophy The Impressionist Suzanne Horn
  5. (Classic Shrub Rose) Trophy Linda Campbell Dick & Sue Streeper
  6. (Modern Shrub) Trophy Distant Drums Linda Clark
  7. (Mod. Shrub 1 spray) Trophy Fair Bianca Suzanne Horn
  8. (Shrub Bouquet) Trophy Evelyn,The Pilgrim, Suzanne Horn
    Leander,Tess of
    The DUrbervilles
  9. (Genesis) Trophy ----------- no winner
  10. (Dowager) Trophy Baronne Prevost Gordon Corwin
  11. (Victorian) Trophy Rose de Rescht Gwen Cleary
  12. (Heritage Bouquet) Trophy ----------- no winner
  13. (Heritage Delight) Trophy ----------- no winner
  14. (Novice 1 HT or G) Trophy VeteranÂs Honor Deanna Flintzer
  15. (Novice F or P) Trophy Permanent Wave Deanne Flintzer
  16. (Novice Climber/Shrub) Trophy MarthaÂs Vineyard Paula White
  17. (Novice Heritage) Trophy ----------- no winner
  18. (Novice Mini) Trophy Irresistible Brett Miller
  19. (Novice Mini-Flora) Trophy ----------- no winner
  20. (Most Fragrant)
    a. HT/G Trophy Fragrant Cloud Linda Clark
    b. F. or Poly. Trophy ----------- no winner
    c. Heritage Trophy Rose de Rescht Geri & Alan McCarron
    d. Shrubs Trophy Fair Bianca Suzanne Horn
    e. Mini or M-F Trophy Ferrin Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth
  21. (Fully Open Rose)
    a. HT/G Trophy Marilyn Monroe Ron & Modine Gregory
    b. F. or Poly. Trophy Scentimental Julie Nydam
    c. Heritage Trophy ----------- no winner
    d. Shrubs Trophy ----------- no winner
    e. Mini or M-F Trophy ----------- no winner
  22. (Rose in a Bowl) Trophy Teasing Georgia Gwen Cleary
  23. (Mini or MF in a Glass) Trophy Irresistible Linda Ross
  24. (Rose in a Frame) Trophy Black Magic Joseph & Brenda Smith
  25. (Mini or MF in Frame) Trophy Doris Morgan Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth
  26. (ArtistÂs Palette) Trophy Crystalline, Ron & Modine Gregory
    Raspberry Swirls,
    Crowd Pleaser,
    Big Time, Black Magic
  27. (Mini ArtistÂs Palette) Trophy ----------- no winner
  28. (Cycle of Bloom) Trophy Marilyn Monroe Geri & Alan McCarron
  29. (Hi-Lo) Trophy VeteranÂs Honor Suzanne Horn
    Miss Flippins
  30. (English Box  ExhibitorÂs
    Choice) Trophy Terracotta Jerry Weiner
  31. (E.B. Â Variety Box) Trophy ----------- no winner
  32. (E.B. Â Mini or MF) Trophy Conundrum Suzanne Horn
  33. (Mini  1 bloom) Queen Nancy Jean Joseph & Brenda Smith
    King Merlot Joseph & Brenda Smith
    Princess Dancing Flame Gerry & Gloria Youngewirth
    Court Ruby Baby Linda Clark
    Court Arcanum Suzanne Horn
    Court BeeÂs Knees Suzanne Horn
    Court Irresistible Linda Ross
  34. (Mini-Flora-1 bloom) Queen Dr. John Dickman Joseph & Brenda Smith
    King Butter Cream Roger & Madeline English
    Princess Charismatic Suzanne Horn
    Court Luscious Lucy Joseph & Brenda Smith
    Court Charmed Joseph & Brenda Smith
    Court Ruffian John Bagnasco
    Court ----------- no winner
  35. (Minis & MF-3 blms) Trophy Dancing Flame Suzanne Horn
  36. (M & MF-6 blooms) Trophy Conundrum Suzanne Horn
  37. (M & MF spray) Trophy Arcanum Suzanne Horn
  38. (M & MF 3 sprays) Trophy Marriotta Suzanne Horn
  39. (M & MF fully open) Trophy MotherÂs Love Col. Philip Ash
  40. (M & MF single petal) Trophy Grace Seward Geri & Alan McCarron
  41. (M & MF 3 single sprays) Trophy ----------- no winner
  42. (PresidentÂs) Trophy Abracadabra John Bagnasco
  43. (Billingsley) Trophy ----------- no winner
  44. (Grider) Trophy Black Magic Geri & Alan McCarron
  45. (Willits) Trophy ----------- no winner
  46. (Del Mar Rose Soc.) Trophy Rose de Rescht, Geri & Alan McCarron
    Cajun Moon,
  47. (Grand Cyn.Suite) Gold Medal, Black Geri & Alan McCarron
    Magic, Kardinal,
    Marilyn Monroe,
    Perfect Moment

57a. (Judges-HT or G) Trophy Gemini Chris Greenwood
b. (Judges-F or Poly) Trophy Eureka Karen Mannino
c. (Judges-Climber) Trophy Fourth of July Ruth & Richard Jackson
d. (Judges-Heritage) Trophy Anna de Diesbach Chris Greenwood
e. (Judges-Mini) Trophy Small Miracle Ruth & Richard Jackson
f. (Judges-MF) Trophy ----------- no winner

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Best in Show -Dick and Sue Streeper
photo by Brenda Landers-Smith

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HT Queen of Show - Moonstone, by Ron and Modine Gregory
photo by Brenda Landers-Smith

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Mini Flora Queen, Dr. John Dickman
by Joe and Brenda Smith
photo by Brenda Landers-Smith

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Mini Queen, Nancy Jean by Joe and Brenda Smith
photo by Brenda Landers-Smith

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The PSWD Site now presents the CCRS Rose Show results. THANKS Glenn.

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