Newbie question on rose bloom cycles

Cindy_WA_6(PNW)May 12, 2004

I asked this question on the general rose forum. I was informed this would be the place to ask. I am 22 days from an open garden day at my home. My roses are now starting to show color in the buds. Some roses, like the rugosas, climbers, and some miniatures are blooming. What should or could I do to keep my roses from being all bloomed out by June 5th. That is normally when our roses peek. But alas the weather has warmed up early here this year in South Eastern Washington. Maybe it is too late to do anything? I was curious as to the number of days it would take the various roses to cycle through there bloom period?

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ron_gregory(z10 So.Ca. Inld)

For HT's if you are seeing color and the sepals are not down you have maybe two to three weeks before the bloom is fully open, of course this depends alot on the weather and the variety. Usually the smaller petal count roses will open faster and roses with 45+ petals will take longer.

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This last week the weather has cooled down, and the roses have also slowed down. I will go check on the sepal's stage. Interesting! This is the kind of info I was looking for. I was told perhaps that the Rose Exhibitors had some detailed info on bloom cycles from another forum. I must admit I have been growing roses for over fifteen years, and have hung out with the local rose society mostly in the summer when they are doing garden tours, or if they have a special speaker in. But the exhibiting end of things has never interested me. Now with my garden going to be on public display, I am all of a sudden very interested in how well my roses will look at a certain time. :)

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