Branch broke off, need advice!

garden_mama_66September 8, 2009

Hi, I am BRAND new to Plumerias, just got a big gorgeous one this weekend. Well today, we had a storm which blew it over and one of the branches broke off. Obviously, I want to salvage this branch. I have been reading, looks like I should let it sit a week and then use root hormone and pot it, or should I just let it sit unpotted until Spring? We should several weeks of mild to warm weather here, and may not have a frost until December or even January. Please help! Thanks!

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dpolson37(7a VA)

Hi Garden Mama 66 and welcome to what will become an addiction. Sorry to hear about the storm, but lucky you on the other hand because now you have potentially another plumeria. If it were me, I'd hold off rooting till spring. I'd clean up the area where the branch broke off if needed. You might have to cut off a little just to make it a nice break if it tore. Hopefully it's an older branch and not all green new growth which could be harder if not next to impossible to root. Then just keep the branch dry and cool and even in a dark area till spring. Until then, you can read all the great posts here on how to start rooting a cutting. Everyone has their own twist on what recipe to use. Good luck, Dave

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Hey Dave, thanks for the info. I'm so sad, more rain and wind and another one broke off. The first one was an older branch, but this one was not, waaaa :( I now have it sitting it a crate in a more sheltered place until I can get a good, heavy pot.

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in zone 9, as long as your night time temps stay above 70'F for atleast 6 weeks, you can go ahead and plant that branch.

just trim off all the large leaves, leave the small ones at the very tip. place into a mix of perlite and potting soil. dont water for a couple weaks. a few of the existing leaves will brown and fall off, but the tip will continue to push out new leaves. keep it away from the hot afternoon sun, place it on an east facing porch.

you can start watering lightly once the tip has put out 6-7 brand new leaves.

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