2006 ARS winners- can they be exhibited now?

sharky49June 3, 2005

I noticed in this months American Rose it had the 2006 ARS winners- Tahitian Sunset, Julia Child, Rainbow Sorbet and Wild blue Yonder. I found an AEN for Julia Child and Wild blue yonder- so I guess they can be exhibited.

What about tahitian sunset and rainbow sorbet?

Has anyone seen those on a supplemental list?

Can they be exhibited this year?

I hope those in the know will inform us.


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I have a tahitain sunset and our rose show is this Saturday, June 11th. Can someone please tell me if I can show it?

An answer would be really really appreciated.

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"Julia Child"and "Wild Blue Yonder" have an official AEN.

"Tahitian Sunset" and "Rainbow Sorbet" do not an AEN, or a temporary AEN and cannot be exhibited. Even if they suddenly appeared on the ARS/IRAR web-site this week,beleive that only 30 days after the date posted would they be eligiable to be exhibited.

Good Luck,
Ron Schwerdt

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thank you Ron, that's what I needed to know.

I couldn't find the AEN and wasn't sure if I was looking in the right place.

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As you would expect, Ron is correct on which ones have an AEN and which don't. However,the rule on when a new AEN posted on the ARS website is effective continues to cause confusion.

This was discussed by the ARS Board last year and it was clarified. When a registration is posted on the ARS website that registration is not effective for 30 days. However, the AEN is effective immediately since roses don't need to be registered to be exhibited. Thus if Tahitian Sunset was posted under Recent Registrations tomorrow, it would be eligible to be exhibited. However, I can tell you it has not yet been submitted for registration, so it will not be appearing on the website anytime in the near future.

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The sentance about the 30 day period was put in for the purpose of clarification by ARS of a roses status when posted on ARS / IRAR web site. Not too long ago,a rose could not be shown until 30 days after it was posted. What Phil stated also applies to a rose appearing in the "Rose" magazine,Thanks Phil.

This leads into another area of judging.The new Judging Guidelines, state the Rose Registration column in the "Rose" magazine is one of the locations a rose must be listed to be eligiable to be exhibited. Yet lately changes have been appearing more frequently on the "For Your Information" page. Is it's ARS intent to include this page as a source as an official recognized judging publication?

Since the subject of registration on the was brought into the discussion. Does the hybridizer actually post new roses to the IRAR directly that appear on IRAR , or does ARS actually post the entry?

The reason for the question is that in the entire month of January 2005 there were only two roses listed. Yet in Febuary 16, 2005, 17 roses were posted in about 2 hrs and on the 18th of Febuary 9 roses were posted with in 29 minutes. These were from various hybridizers arround the country, it does not seem logical that all introducers/ hybridizers etc were waiting in line to post at the same time.

The prime purpose of the ARS / IRAR web site is to provide the public with the latest information on a rose ASAP. If ARS is holding back for any reason not posting of new registrations it is not serving it's intended purpose.

Will these 2006 AARS roses be in the 2006 handbook due out in September? Not only as the 2006 AARS Winners but as roses in commerce and avaiable in North America, that can be exhibited? Or will they be in the 2006 AEN published in April of 2006?

Ron Schwerdt

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The postings on the IRAR section of the ARS website are put there by the Registration Committee. The hybridizers don't have access to that page. They can file their registration requests through the IRAR pages, but that is as much as they can do.

The Registration Committee doesn't sit on approved registrations intentionally. Often the requests are filed in bunches and it takes some time to work through them. Further, the requests are not always completed properly the first time around and we have to wait for the hybridizers to send us correct information before we can proceed. Often that means we end up approving several at once. Further, we all have other things to do in our lives and we can't always get to the registration requests immediately, nor can we always post them to the website immediately. I think you would agree using the website to post them is better than the old system of only posting them in the magazine and does get the data published sooner.

Our current practice is to include the new AARS and AOE winners in the Handbook each fall. Thus the new AARS winners that were recently publicized should be in the Handbook this September. I'm not sure about the new AOE winners since they are announced at the annual All-Mini convention in July. That is after my deadline for getting the Handbook copy to the printer this year, so we will see if I can get the names in advance of the convention.

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I looked up all my plants--I found AEN's for everything except Wildfire JACdouce. Does this mean I can actually exhibit Voluptuous!, which I bought 5 weeks ago as a potted plant, but not Wildfire, which I purchased over a year ago?

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I would go ahead and exhibit it. Your being honest and not trying to put a fake name on a rose. I would hate to meet a judge that would DQ a rose for not having a 'AEN' when the rose has been advetised in the American Rose magazine. Its a rose show -- not a name show

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You can exhibit both Voluptuous and Wildfire. They both are listed in the 2005 CRL, which means they have a temporary AEN and are cleared to be exhibited. Good luck in the show!

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Let me again repeat what was stated previously. As long as ARS uses an antiquated method of reporting on roses in the Rose, ARS web site or ARS/IRAR web site is not serving its purpose of providing the latest information to judges and exhibitors. As a matter of fact at the present time no ARS publications regarding roses as have up to date, information on all roses. Even the ARS/ IRAR web site is making it very inconvenient for judges or exhibitors to correctly identify roses, and may or may not be listing roses correctly. You have to ask why ARS makes corrections/ additions/ deletions to the AEN or ARS / IRAR web site, without properly notifying the public? Let me explain why.

This weekend at the Seventh National Miniature Rose Show in Indianapolis, Robbie Tucker won Miniature Queen of the show with âÂÂTyâÂÂ. But not before a short discussion on the roses true classification. The April Rose magazine lists it as a mini-flora, but no correction was noted in the July Rose magazine. ARS still lists it as a mini-flora on its web site judgeâÂÂs page as of July 7, 2005 (that list was to include, corrections/ additions/ deletions).

According to the ARS / IRAR web site it was originally registered on 3-3-05 as a mini-flora. Based on this and all these other official ARS publications with identical information, âÂÂTyâ should have been classified as a mini-flora. Luckily the hybridizer was there and said he had reclassified it to a miniature over a month. Arriving home today, looked over a listing of approximately 623 registered roses, or 25 pages of ARS / IRAR web site listing over the years, found it is now registered as a miniature rose ALSO on 3-3-05. ARS has two options to correctly this confusing situation with roses posted on the ARS / IRAR web site. Insist on the day of a show, the show chairman download the entire 25 pages of registered roses and have this current list available for judges. (It was stated corrections/ additions/ deletions are entered when the Registration Committee has time). Or use common sense and post any change to a previously registered rose on the date the change was made, thereby bringing it to the everyoneâÂÂs attention, as newly registered roses are.

While it is true the ARS / IRAR web site can be considered a quicker means of proving the latest information on roses. This will only happen when it is properly managed with timely reports on roses. If theyâÂÂre other roses typical to âÂÂTyâ they should be brought to the publics attention quickly.

Ty can be considered one of the best yellow (dy) miniatures to date, clear color with slightly larger mini-flora foliage.
Without doubt a Queen, classed as a miniature or mini-flora rose.

Ron S

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