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After posting May�s rose list, several persons inquired about the rose "Me & Mrs. Jones" AEN. It�s listed in "Recent Registrations" classed as a Minflora 9-22-2008.

Modern Roses 12 shows "Me & Mrs. Jones" as a change in classification to a Floribunda (the correct classification) on 1-28-2012, without a notice of change in "Recent Registrations". My point is when judging, check that both databases match.


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June 3, 2012
Today "Recent Registration" classification of "Me & Mrs. Jones" is changed from a Miniflora to a Floribunda. Roses with registration changes in the previous four (4) months must be in bold type, "Me & Mrs. Jones" is yet to be made bold. This method is wrong as per ARS Guidelines, but was told ARS does not have time to make a correction.

[Point of post:] Modern Roses 12 web site lists "Me & Mrs. Jones" as a floribunda last update 1-28-2012, but there is no way an exhibitor can tell what was changed or when; unless each rose classification is validated daily. Yesterday you could judge/exhibit "Me & Mrs. Jones" as a Miniflora, today it must to be exhibited as a floribunda.

This is one of ARS growing problems, which needs to be addressed. Yet when something is said, you receive a response like; why is everyone picking on ARS?

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