please help with brown spots!!!!!!!!!!!

mocropotSeptember 27, 2006

I got a rooted plumeria cutting from nursery as a present and was really happy until now. Brown huge spots started to appear on its leaves. I am attaching a picture so you can see. Do you have any idea what is going on with my baby? Is it dieing? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you in advance,


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That looks like sunburn to me.

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Where has this plant been since you brought it home? Has it had some time outdoors? This looks a little to me like the same condition my plant had/has, only darker and more pronounced. My discoloration stayed sort of light yellow, but covering the two leaves in the same way (see photo). Several forum members suggested to me that it might be sunburn. I think it comes from moving from a nursery to a more sunny regimen at home. If the new leaves are OK, you may be fine. Any other symptoms? My plant seems to be doing OK, and the discoloration has not spread.


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Thanks a lot for the help. I got it on Thursday (09/21/06) night from nursery. Re-potted into larger pot. Then I decided the pot is too large for this cutting and re-potted again into its original pot. All the time this baby was outside with all the rest on a sun, because I thought it needs at least 6 hours sun (from the forum).


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

mocropot- Your plant does need 6 hours of sun. However, just like your first few days of summer, you do not sunbathe for hours. You break in by doing a short sesson the first day, a bit longer the next, etc. Often, plants bought might come from a greenhouse where they are grown under grow lights. The temperature is controlled. You get the plant and stick it out into a hot summer week under a burning sun and varied heat. Burny, burny. A good method is to introduce your new plant into the sun like you would yourself. Put it under a larger plant at first so it get filtered sun. Slowly move it after a few days to a spot with longer sun exposure and after a week or two depending on the heat, move it to complete sun. A plant with a few sunburned leaves will do fine, I usually clip off the leaf and let the plant grow more. This is usually not a plant threatening problem. Bill

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Thanks a lot everybody!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can breathe !!!!!!!


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You are such a help! Thank you so much for all your expertise. Everytime I read one of your postings I learn so much. Thanks

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tropicalfreak(z10b Ft Lauderdale)

I've noticed since we aren;t getting as much rain now and the days are more sunny some have suffered from a little sunburn. Just an interesting observation.


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