Had a good show today!

seil zone 6b MIJune 11, 2011

The Detroit Rose Society show was today. Weather's been awful all week, of course. 3 days of record temps in the high 90's early in the week and then, in 24 hours, Thursday our high was 56, a record low! Which caused storms with high winds and hail, etc, and played havoc on my roses. Never the less at 5:00 am I went out and gleaned the few things that were even half way presentable to take to the show.

I've been emailing the show chair since May for a copy of the show schedule so I could find out what the themes were for the arrangement classes...she finally emailed it to me last night! Ha, I guess she figured better late than never. Well I'd managed to horn swaggle a copy on Wed. night from another member of my society who was going to be judging the show so I was already working on ideas for my arrangement. I've done Oriental and Traditional arrangements before so I wanted to try a Modern one this time. The theme was "Pink...is my new obsession!" and this is what I came up with.

I got a Blue ribbon! 91 out of 100 pts. and only missed the Artist Award by 2 pts.! I need to work on my scale. The niches are 36 inches tall and I can never seem to make something big enough to fill all that space.

I also won my first Dowager Queen!

With Honorine de Brabant.

I had 14 horticultural entries and the arrangement and I had 6 blue, 4 red, and 4 yellow ribbons! I'm very pleased with those results considering how dismal I felt this morning looking at the hodge podge of wet roses I'd cut.

Next week, Friday (yes Friday, an odd day to start a show) is our Grosse Pointe/Metro show. Metro's show is usually that Saturday after ours and makes for a very long tiring weekend. But they lost their venue this year so we decided to do a joint show. Should be a really good turn out...weather permitting...

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Congradulations on your arragement. For 'Honorine de Brabant' as Dowager Queen, it has no date or listed in ARS publications with (**) as eligiable for DQ. Checked my 'R. gallica versicolor' in my garden, and it is very similar looking to 'Honorine de Brabant'.

Please don't think I want to bust your balloon, but as indicated there are shows comning up next week and you would not like to be DQ. Give a CR's in your district a call for a positive ID.Be safe, not sorry.
Good Luck,

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seil zone 6b MI

Thanks, Ron! I'll check it out. I don't know where I got it from but I have a date of 1840 listed in my rose inventory. I will have to change that, thanks!

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view1ny NY 6-7

Congrats, seil. Your roses look gorgeous!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Congratulations. Your roses and arrangements are lovely. I've never been to a rose show, so I found this information very interesting.


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seil zone 6b MI

Thanks View and Kate!

Kate, I know there are rose societies in KS. Definitely look one up and go to a show! Win or lose it's so much fun! And you get to meet a lot of other people who LOVE to talk about ROSES. And they don't roll their eyes at you when the subject comes up like my friends and relatives do now, lol. You also see so many new and different roses and can learn a ton.

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Congratulations seil!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your entries are wonderful.
i have not entered a rose show specifically, but have been to one in wichita ks and it was so much fun to see such beautiful roses and arrangements, not to mention the fragrance!
i have entered flowers in our state fair for many years and enjoy meeting fellow gardeners again each year and seeing other people getting interested in growing flowers.

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