Is your Garden Method Containers, Garden, Raised Bed or other?

pepperjoe_2008August 12, 2012

I'm a big fan of container gardening.

I'm thrilled to see the popularity of it increasing.

5 gallon containers are perfect for Peppers adn Tomatoes.

I've found you can often get them free from flower shops, nurseries, discounters (like WalMart adn Lowes), etc.

Obvious advantages are you can totally control the soil environment, no fertilizer leaching, watering directly to the root zone, etc. My favorite part is that you can move your containers. Thunderstorm or hail storm coning? Just move it? A extra hot summer with drought conditions? Just move it. Of course, a layer of mulch helps in this heat. I love that versatility. Here's a friend and customer Marc Turners container gardening operation in the pic.

What is YOUR favorite method of gardening?

Fiery Regards,

Pepper Joe

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I use both 5-gallon containers and in-ground gardening.
For the superhots and other slow-growers, the warmer volume of mix in the containers
really helps hurry the production along. I like to control the watering, fertilization,
location of the pots (including turning the plants for balance), and the drainage and aeration
of the mix that I make. For the fast-growers, in-ground gardening couldn't be easier.....I water
half as often, fertilize organically, and let them do their own thing.


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Thanks for the input. Those are great points you raise about drainage, aeration and turning the pots to balance the plants exposure to the sun, wind, etc.
Fiery Regards,
Pepper Joe

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I use in ground and pots..mostly because I don't have enough room in ground. But, I've come to enjoy the pots and overwinter several each year. So, one day when I have all the garden space I could want, I'll probably still keep some pots. Maybe by then, I'll have it (growing in pots) figured out. :-)

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I like Containers.

There are so many reasons why both in ground, and containers have different advantages.

I really like growing in containers though.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks, Joe :-)

I often use the analogy of the fish tank versus the pond.
Growing in containers takes more weekly work, like an aquarium....whereas the in-ground
garden, like a pond, pretty much manages itself once established.

Just for fun, here's a pic of a few containers and in-ground plants. They all hang out
together, although they'll have to be spaced once the canopies spread to full size.

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At least there is no weeding, or digging with containers.

Grown with native soil. :)

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

I use containers, mostly. The good sun moves with the seasons and the plants must be able to move with it.

Makes it easier to bring them in for the winter, too.

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I use containers because the soil I have is pretty bad, although peppers are one of the few plant types that will survive in it. I don't like to have to bend down too far, however, and so that is another reason I like containers. I use fairly large pots and sometimes keep one plant going for up to three years and get a good supply throughout January from Guajillos and jalapenos. I pretty much never move the pots because I do not have any other places to put them, and they all get southern exposure. I did replant most of my pots this year to get fresh, strong plants. I've not had any luck growing from seed so far.

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I also do both. I do find I get earlier harvest in containers and less pests to deal with, but I also like growing in ground organically. Overall, though maintenance in containers is a bit higher due to more frequent watering and fertlizing, but the early harvest is worth it.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Thank you pepperjoe for the information. Now I knew 5 gallons pot is good for chilli and tomato. I had this question of pot size in my mind long time before and looking for the information here. Today I found it. Here all the pots are measure in centimeter wide/height/diameter. When I asked about gallon the sellers do not understand very well. I did some kind of conversion from gallon to inches. Today I got a smart pot from USA it is 7 gallon container (26 litters). I feel good some of my pots are 5/6 gallon containers and some are 2/3 gallon all of them planted chillis.

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I use pots and raised beds (got tired of trying to weed a big garden). I usually use 5 gal for most, but use 1 gal for ornamentals, and some of the bird peppers. I have 22 5'x 12' raised beds. Love them, but enjoy the flexibility that pots give.

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Raised beds with conditioned soil under the beds. I loosened then lightly compost-amended the "heavy" red/orange clay soil under the beds.

My beds have 8" of topsoil/compost and root easily into the 8-12" of soil under the beds.

I top dress and lightly rake in an inch or so of compost every season.

It all works it's way down over time...healthy stuff.

A good 3" of straw much keeps everything neat and mostly weed-free (except my enemy nutsedge...which can grow through the most hardcore of mulches (even plastic)). At least it's easy to pull and kept to a minimum.

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I use mini-hugel beds and containers. I am starting to prefer container gardening though. You have so much more control with containers.

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