24 Hour Blooms?

hawkeye38(7bAL)September 29, 2012

My very first ever bloom opened yesterday about noon with the second following around 4 PM. This morning I found the first bloom on the floor and this afternoon around 4PM I found the second bloom on the floor.Other buds are coming.

I was hoping the blooms would last much longer and I have never read they only lasted 1 day. Is this normal or should I be worried?


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Keep posting those pics.

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Hawkeye, I don't think that's unusual for a young plumeria or one that's experiencing fluctuations in nighttime temps like we have this time of year. I wouldn't worry about it as your plant looks very healthy otherwise. Is your plumeria Guillot's Sunset?

In the heat of summer (100's every day) my mature Thornton's Lemon Drop was dropping its flowers after about two days. Now that the temps are more bearable the blooms are staying on for several days.

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When we got these 3 plants from Roberta's they didn't tell us what the variety was. They probably didn't know. I think they probably are Guillot's Sunset. The other 2 plants are a bit smaller than this plant so maybe next summer I will have blooms on all 3 plants. The 2 blooms that fell off are in a small water bowl and look as pretty as when they fell off! Amazing.

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My problems worsten. Here are blooms 3,4,& 5 (1 & 2 dropped) as of yesterday morning. It rained slowly all day and with no sun & it only got to 72F. No bloom progress all day! Notice rain droplets. This morning it looks exactly the same except no droplets. There will be no sun today, some rain & maybe 78F. I fear no bloom progress today. Tonight it goes to below 60F and I bring it inside.
Should I put put a light on it to try to simulate the sun or let it be?

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