slow year

irun5kSeptember 8, 2010

Anyone else having a slow/delayed blooming season this year?

I just noticed a couple weeks ago that one of my neighbors plants had put out its first inflo of the year...

Then today, I think I spotted the very early beginning of the first inflo on one of mine.

Seems pretty late in the year, but I think the exceptionally cold winter set a lot of us back. And I guess even though it is September, we've still got a fair amount of warm weather ahead of us here in the Tampa Bay area.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

been slow in coastal California due to never ending fog. twenty five miles inland it is over 100 yet my weather is at 68. I do have about a hundred plants flowering, but I have over a hundred sitting there doing nothing. I am hoping for some late blooms into October.

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Bill and I are just about the same. The coastal cover that doesn't burn off till aroun 11:00am is robbing my plants of 5 hours of good sun and today "9/9/10" is looking like it going to rain. All my big plumeria are in full bloom but I have a bunch I'm trying to root and for that I really need the sun to heat up the walkway and in turn heat the bottom of the pots to get those roots going.
All of my big ones are white fluff and I think those do good even in bad weather. Let's hope for the best.

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A NO year for me.:-( :-(

18 plumerias and not a one with an inflo...The only ones that flowered were two cutting I was rooting that a very generous person gave me..Thank you for that..


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Sorry Mike... the rest of us will have to try and not complain too much :) Some blooms are better than none.

At any rate, glad to hear it isn't just me!

Looking forward to seeing some late summer/early fall photos!!!

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erika79(Zone 9)

It happened to me too and I'm in the Inland Empire temperatures here start to get warm in March and this year it didn't get warm until early June. But it wasn't like other years, usually at night the temperatures stay in the 70s but this year the temperatures dropped to the 50s. So no blooms other than the Celadine and the ones I bought with inflo's on them, maybe next season will be better for all of us. It's going to be a loooong winter.

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My father in law has huge plumerias in Tarpon Springs 1 tree has been flowering since spring this year. The red one did not. We've had a TON of rain in New Tampa. I've had my candy stripe bloom in May to July. And now I have a brand new cutting of Madame Poni that will open buds in about another month. I also think my Scott Pratt is working on inflos, but i"ve not seen the claw yet.... but I know its there.

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I live in North Tampa(Carrollwood) and have been getting blooms since March and 80% of my plants are still blooming heavily with plenty of developing inflos and seed pods(two large seed pods on one inflo)! The heavy rains and high humidity has been good for my plumerias this year. However I've noticed the dreaded "rust" under the leaves on a few of my plants.

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same problem here in southern calf, but with me i trans planted in ground and only one side has bloomed other side nothing, do i cut off flower stock after its done blooming ? I notice the one I didnt cut last year is growing new shaft ? also my second plumerias has done nothing yet

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Rod the "flower stock" you mentioned will fall off on it's own.


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Rod- as the "flower stock" darkens in color, you can wiggle it every few days and suddenly it will pop off. Sometimes if left to their own, they can start to rot and the rot go into the plant but this is far less often than it just falling off.

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Hey Bill, I didn't know that abouth the rot going into the plant. I will have to watch that in the future.


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

John- the rot is fairly rare (out of hundreds I might get one or two) but it does happen repeatedly over the years.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

You guys are making me want to go back to California. Use to
have a plumeria in our back yard when I was young. Or maybe
I'll go to Florida, it's closer.

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