Who's here in 2008!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoJanuary 14, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Since I seem to have gotten an "accidental" vacation, I guess now would be a good time to start this for this year!

Calling all RMG regulars, visitors, and lurkers. Please sign in and let us know youre hereÂand give us an idea of where youÂre located so we can have a better idea of the climate and the conditions youÂre dealing with when you post. And if we donÂt know you yet, tell us a little bit about yourself if youÂd like to. I know weÂd all like to get to know you better!

IÂm going to try to do another List again this year if I can keep up with it now that IÂm back to work. IÂm linking last yearÂs List below for those who donÂt know what IÂm talking about, and so those of you on last yearÂs List can look to see if youÂd like any changes to your location. This yearÂs List will be started from scratch, so only the people who actually post on this thread will be on it.

IÂm going to need some HELP this year! Last year I tried to say "hi" to everyone who signed in here, but IÂm sure I wonÂt have time to do that again this year, so to all you REGULARS out there, please help me welcome each person as they "enter and sign in."

Welcome everyone! WeÂre glad youÂre here!


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I'm here.

I live about halfway between Salt Lake City and Ogden.

I'm working on replacing my KBG lawn with native grasses and trying to do it without killing the existing lawn.

I'm also battling chlorosis in a large maple due to high pH and poor drainage.

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Hello from Boulder. We've just moved in, so I've not seen our new property in summer, but our little 1/4 acre lot has several healthy crabapples and a number of dying aspens. We have a fence line about 60' long that gets good sun, which I hope to line with apples, pears and plums, and maybe find some room for roses, tomatoes, melons and sunflowers around the property. The soil is allegedly well-drained clay loam and sandy clay loam. I grew up in Maine; this is my first home after 20 years of renting in various cities, so I'm looking forward to a lot of long-delayed projects!


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michelle_co(z5 CO)

I have been lurking more than posting over winter.

I'm in the SW corner of Colorado, near Durango.

Growing conditions are red clay soil, low rainfall, hot & dry summers. Everything in the garden is on drip irrigation.

In summer I like to ride my horses and garden, this time of year I am trying to get out and walk every day (thank you, YakTrax) and sew up some quilts and riding breeches for next season.


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Hi. *waves* Here I am in Denver. Fairly new gardener. Flowers etc. only, no vegetable gardening yet. Started composting last summer and love it. Gradually converting my lawn and front yard to low water, low maintenance beds and ground covers. Hope to reduce the lawn, then convert what's left to more appropriate, non KBG. Special interest in frugal gardening. My first two "lasagna" beds are cooking over the winter, and I have high hopes that it works and I'll have nice soft ready to plant beds next Spring, and never have to dig another bed!

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david52 Zone 6

Here in the SW Colorado Cortez/Dolores/Mancos Metroplex, on 3 acres of lavishly (20 acre feet a season) irrigated garden, growing way too much KBG, lots of purty trees, lots of fruit trees, lots of flowers, shrubs, lots of vegetables, and Olympic Class deer, who are now in 'winter training' leaping my 7 ft deer fence.

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aliceg8(CO 5)

Hiya from Fort Collins!

Moved into a 30 year old house Oct 2006. Dealing with some existing landscaping and clay soil. Working on creating new beds. Put in 2 raised beds for veggies last year (very successful), did a lasagne bed this fall for spring planting, and have my eye on converting more grass to beds!

Big challenge (at least $ wise I think) is figuring out how to convert current inground sprinkler system to correctly water reconfigured yard with lots of beds added.

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foxes_garden(Z5, CO Front Range)

I'm also in Fort Collins, just moved here April 2007. This is the first house I've owned, and I'd only done container gardening for the previous decade or so.

We've got a 1/4 acre lot with landscaping that was mostly put in about 15 years ago. Comparing with the original landscaping plans it looks like most of the perennials and even a lot of the annuals are still here. (I guess they've been reseeding.) I'll be getting a lot of practice pruning shrubs and roses this spring. I'm hoping to plant some veggies in some raised beds that I weeded and lasagna composted last fall.

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windwhipped(Z4 WY)

Still hanging in here in Casper - where my screen name is more apt than ever this winter. Haven't been around as much as usual as I am doing some part time work for the Homeless clinic getting patients enrolled in drug companies patient assistance programs. But usually I am around home as caregiver for my Mom.

Built a new home in 2003, my first in WY, and now working on correcting all the landscape errors I made when I first put stuff in. You know, stuff like aspen trees out, new trees in. And, what the heck am I going to do now that all that construction dirt has blown down on everything. Still plenty to do before it is beautiful!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Welcome RMGer's!!!

I'm in Silt, which is west of Glenwood Springs. Yes, Silt, as in dirt! They actually had a campaign going when I moved here almost two years ago, to change the name, but it didn't receive any support. Used to live in Castle Rock, so I am adjusting to the western side of the state. It's drier over here, and colder in the winter, hotter in the summer.

My gardening goal is to cram as many annuals, perennials, vegetables, fruits & herbs as I can onto my standard, tiny subdivision lot. Since I am doing a lot of wintersowing again, there will probably be way more plants, than places to put them. I'll bring the extras to the spring swap if I can make it.


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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

Yes, Welcome to the new RMGer's and a Welcome back to the regulars! I actually lurk a lot more than I post and also peek in on the Cooking and Harvest forums.

I'm in Southeast Aurora (Quincy & Buckley). I've only been gardening for the last couple of years in real dirt - before that it was containers. Foxes isn't amazing what you can cram into small spaces when you really need to? I had about a 4x6 space and managed a ton of herbs, tomatoes & peppers.

I'm slowly adding plants to the front yard, tearing out grass when I can get away with it to expand the beds :-). I'm also experimenting with a variety of veggies in various areas in the backyard since I have a fairly shady area and am determined to find the best spots for tomatoes, beans, peas, okra and hot peppers.

Thanks to Bonnie I'm attempting winter sowing this year and I'll make sure to report how it turns out once I actually get started sowing. I'm going to try to make the Spring Swap if my car behaves and hope to bring any WSing excess.

I hope those of you who are new join everyone down in Castle Rock to meet and chat even if you have nothing to bring but yourselves.


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Here I am at literally 3 AM PST and, all of us, are nearly at the 3 AM of the gardening year.

With 3 sites at various location on either side of a border, and by geospatial triangulation - gardening location can be set at Hauser Lake, Idaho.

Welcoming everyone and encouraging participation, please. With a special challenge to those near the 49th parallel and those in the Pacific time zone.

Hi Everyone!!


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stevation(z5a Utah)

Yup, I'm still here! Just humming a little Morrissey song right now, while I'm working! See the Christmas thread for more on that. :-)

I'm in Cedar Hills, Utah, which is part of Utah Valley -- just 35 miles south of Salt Lake. I'm in a zone 6 at about 4500'.

My biggest garden interests are perennials, flowerbed design, and growing fruits and berries. This year, I vow to make that darned rose hedge bloom like it never has before! And to create a new, very long annual bed around the back lawn (with a few perennials mixed in). Think I'll grow more veggies, too.

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Hello! I'm very new to this forum. I just moved to Heber City, UT. This spring and summer will be my first attempt at growing anything in my new yard. I'm very excited to try some things!

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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

Welcome Ivy, foxes and ianb.

Ian - Make sure you also check out the tomato forums if you haven't already and we've had a few discussions on varieties for the Rocky Mountain area that I've linked below.

Foxes - Are you new to Colorado, new to FC or just a new house? Have you started picking out veggies to try yet?

Ivy - I'm curious whether you have a particular favorite type of ivy and what you're looking forward to trying?

Dafy (Jen)

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catladysgarden(z5 CO)

I guess I had better check in this year. I didn't get on Skybird's list last year.

I live in Aurora,Colorado (Saudi Aurora). I'm an occasional poster and long time gardener. My main interest is perennials with the focus on daylilies. Our garden is an American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden.

We have an Open Garden every summer during our peak bloom. It looks like it will be July 19th this year. I hope everyone who lives in the vicinity will drop by.


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conace55(z5 CO)

Hi to all. I'm a long time lurker and occassional poster. I live in southeast Aurora (although it's actually Centennial) near Smoky Hill and Himalaya. Quite close to you, Dafy.

We've lived in our current house for 5 years. When we moved in, we removed about 1/3 of the sod in the back yard and are still working on filling that space with perennials, shrubs and a few trees.

I have a lot to learn and love reading this forum. Thanks to all of you for the information I've gathered over the years. Connie

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foxes_garden(Z5, CO Front Range)

Thanks for the welcome, Dafy!

I'm new to Colorado as well as to home ownership. I've lived previously in Maryland, Massachusetts, Upstate New York, Portland, OR, and the east side of San Francisco bay.

I love beet greens, so I'm definitely planting beets. I have been buying lots of salad green seeds because I like salad but I can never seem to eat the storebought lettuce before it goes bad. After reading some of the posts on this board I'm thinking I should try winter sowing some of those greens.

I'm also interested in strawberries, melons, and sunflowers. There are some fabulous raspberries already growing in my back yard, so I should still have those this year. Every time I open a seed catalog I see a few more interesting things, but I think I'll have to build some more beds to try them all.

I've got some herbs growing in the flower boxes on my deck outside the kitchen, which I might add to. I could use some basil. I'm hoping the oregano I planted last year will come back, and maybe some of the chives. I've got some good established patches of thyme in other parts of the yard.

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Hi all,

I am a long time gardener and I live in Westminster, Co. I have been gardening in Colorado for 10 years now and have just bought this current house last April. The front yard has a severe incline that had 50 year old scraggly junipers on that we had ripped out, huge job. I have been hauling in tons of mulch and am planting the hillside with xeriscape perrenials. My side lot will be a potager, cant wait till spring as I have been assembling raised lasagna beds since fall. I am a huge fan of winter sowing;which I already have alot of perrenials sowed, but still very fond of growing under lights in my grow room. (expensive, but a passion)I have already done my first transplants from my first batch of seedling. I know its very early. I am very much looking forward to the spring plant swap.

Gloria M.

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I am a new mountain gardener. I gardened in West Texas for seven years, but moved in the summer of 2007 to Mayhill, NM, near Cloudcroft. Here it is at 7200 feet and is either hot and dry in summer, or cool and wet if we have a good monsoon season. Moisture is often low in the winter with varying snowfalls from year to year. All I know so far is that the soil is rocky and dries out quickly. Our low is -10 degrees. My property is on a slope and has part shade due to the many Ponderosa Pines. We also have many deer that seem to eat anything. I planted a few oaks and maples this fall, but have no idea if they'll live. The junipers I planted have been eaten. I'd love to plant some fruit trees and perennials, but have to learn everything over for this area, and I look forward to learning more about mountain gardening in this forum. Thanks, Daniella W.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Welcome to the RMG forum, Daniella! You do face some gardening challenges, between your altitude and the deer, but you'll get lots of great advice from the folks on this forum. My altitude is a bit lower, around 5500 and the deer, even though they are around, haven't been as destructive as yours. They mostly just pass through, with an occasional nibble.

Welcome to the other new names - Ian, Ivy, Foxes, and Gloria!!! This forum is one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable I've found on GW. I hope you guys will not hesitate to ask questions or contribute your opinions. All are welcome here!


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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

hello and welcome to all the new people who have joined us. Glad to have you poking your noses in to say hello.

I live out in the boonies in Limon. I am an oddity since I am a native Coloradon, but don't let that scare ya, I don't bite like so many do. :)

My passion would have to be tomatoes, but I love peppers and other veggies. My flowers tend toward xeric perennials and my lawn is water conserving wheatgrass.

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Well, like Jaliranchr, I'm one of the few Colorado natives left.

I live in Firestone, about 10 miles east of Longmont, and had a decent sized pepper garden. Since putting in the greenhouse, I have much less room for a dirt garden, but the hydroponics works nicely.


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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

Catlady - I would love to come by and take a look at your garden. I have never planted bulbs and honestly it's something I'm nervous about trying. There are quite a few people here who are into daylilies and iris. Please remind us when it gets closer to the open house.

conace - we had no grass at all in the backyard when we moved in, but decided to remove a bunch from the front to make room for flowers. We ended up putting it in the backyard - now I want to take it out and make room for more veggies.

gjmancini - ripping out the junipers was the first thing we did when we moved in. Definitely a huge undertaking, but oh so satisfying

Skybird - It looks like we have quite a few regulars who haven't popped in yet. I hope I didn't miss anybody - so far I have:

Denver Metro
conace55-----------Centennial (Smoky Hill & Himalaya)
dafygardennut------Aurora (Hampden & Buckley)

Denver - North & Boulder
aliceg8------------Fort Collins
foxes_garden-------Fort Collins

Eastern CO

Western Slope
david52--------------SW Colorado Cortez/Dolores/Mancos Metroplex
highalttransplant----Silt - between Glenwood & Rifle
michelle_co----------SW Colorado near Durango

digit----------------Lake Hauser 3 AM:-)

New Mexico
lella_gardener-------Mayhill near Cloudcroft

bpgreen--------------Farmington - halfway between Ogden and SLC
ivy_saver------------Heber City
stevation------------Cedar Hills - 35 miles S. of SLC, just east of American Fork


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I am so excited to see RMG so close to me, Im always interesed in finding new garden bud's, Denver Metro area gardeners, lets get together for gardening activities. Denver Botanical Gardens, Echters seminars, Wintersowing, lots of fun and social opportunities. Rob, maybe you can teach us about hydroponics. Keep the passion alive.

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singcharlene(Zone 5)

Hi all,

I'm in North Castle Rock (Happy Canyon) on 2 1/2 acres.

My passion so far is my vegetable garden which is a fenced 60' x 40' area planted in raised beds and some of them using the lasagna method. I'd like to extend it for a separate corn/pumpkin patch but that may have to wait until next year.

I'm also slowly replacing junipers and old landscaping with low/no water plants.

We've only lived here for 2 1/2 years. I'm a California native (I've mostly stopped telling people that because as Jalirancher said, some natives do bite when they hear that!). My weak defense is that I have lots of family in the Denver area that are CO natives from way back and my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins all graduated from East High School in Denver:)

Glad to see some new faces here. Welcome! This is a great bunch and I've learned soooo much from this forum.

I hosted the spring swap last year and I plan on doing so again this coming May. Hope to meet more of you;)


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And, I'm very encouraged to see some new and some familiar names here!!

Sometimes, it feels like I'm just commenting to a few and often wondering where some folks are. A "that's interesting" or "I think you're pretty far out there in left field" works! And, if'n ya think that your pearls of wisdom won't reach an audience - I can tell ya 'bout a group who came from out of nowhere when I drifted too far out in the weeds.

It brightens the moment even at the 3 AM of our gardening year, to see an expected and an unexpected reply . . .

Warmly yours,

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Hello all,
Add another one for Wyoming, specifically Cheyenne. I've lived her just over a year having spent most of my time in Denver and Durango. Last summer was the first time in a long time where I had free access to ground to play in! and boy did I have fun! We built a hoop house out of cattle panels that has mostly weathered the winter.
I worked at Echters for a couple of years and when my youngest was 2 or 3 I decided to try my hand at growing bedding plants for sale at farmers markets. If you measure success by how much you learn(not earn), then I was very successful. We did the farmers market here in Cheyenne last year and had a lot of fun. Again, very successful, what a difference 100 miles makes!
I got some new 288's yesterday and am looking forward to doing some seeding this weekend-any suggestions?
I've enjoyed lurking in this forum for the past few months, and look forward to learning more.

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Hi'ya gardening friends,

I'm anxiously waiting for spring. I can hardly wait to see how all my perennials and shrubs did. Planning on redoing some areas. I live west of the metro area, close to Red Rocks Park.

Happy New Year to all!

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Hello to all,
I've lived all my life in Colorado and about 99.5% of that in Pueblo or Pueblo West. I'm an avid gardener with mostly tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans and a occasional patch of okra to offer up as a sacrifice to the great hail god that lurks during our summer. As my user name indicates, I'm also interested in ponds and they are an integral part of the garden area as well as a use for irrigation and fertilizing. I don't post much but lurk around quite a bit getting new ideas from some very informed people. Keep the interesting discussions flowing and maybe I'll add a bit every now and then. Glad to meet you all.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi everyone,

Its great to see so many new names around here in addition to all the regulars! And thank you so much to all you regulars who have been helping say "hi" to everyone both individually and collectively.

The newbies I see that arent on last years list so far are autodidact, ianb co, foxes garden, ivy saver, gjmancini, lella-gardener, pyrorob, wyomingbluesky, pondgardener. Whether youve been posting recentlyIve seen some of you around hereor you just found us, were really, really glad to have you all here! If youre new, dont be afraid to post to ask questions, or help us answer questions. Everybodys nice around here, and if we ever find somebody whos not, well "beam" them out of here! (Into DEEP space!) (Alright! Yeah! Im a Trekkie!)

Ianb, well expect some of that fruit to show up at one of our swaps sometimein the future, of course!

Autodidact, if you decide to get into veggies, youll find lots of help around here, and several people are experimenting with lasagna gardening too, so Im sure well have some lively lasagna discussions this spring.

Foxes, congratulations on your first house. Bet youll be glad to get your hands into some REAL (unfortunately Colorado clay!) soil this year.

Ivy, were glad you found us, and there are a couple Utah EXPERTS on RMG who will be glad to help you with your local conditions as youre getting started.

Gcmancini, glad to have another long-time gardener around here to help answer questionsandyou wouldnt happen to be able to sing Moon River for me, would ya? (That was a favorite song of mine in my youth! "....where ever youre going, Im going your way.") Oh, and if we can get something together, Id love to go to DBG with you and some of the others sometime this summer

Lella, welcome to RMG. Im glad you decided to register. I think you may have some of the toughest growing conditions of all of us with your hot climateand then add deer to the mix! If youre ever interested, I and some others around here have some deer resistant lists that might helpa little bit!

Pyro, Im glad to have seen you posting around here recently, and now Im glad to know where you are. Sure wish I had a greenhouseor even room to put one in!

WyoBlue, Im glad you decided to check inand Im sure Windwhipped will be glad to have another Wyoming gardener up there not TOO far away. Now we have blue sky and wind! What better way to describe Wyoming!

And Pondgardener, Im glad you decided to register and post too. Wow! A real live Native! There arent too many of those around. (And I didnt know you were a Native either, Jali. *Chirp*chirp! Is it spring yet?) And since youre so far south, maybe youll be able to help out Lella with some hot-and-dry-country advice. I have a tiny little pond (if you could call it that), but, oh how I wish I had room for a REAL one! By the way, are you in Pueblo or Pueblo West right now?

Im glad to see this is going so well already, considering there hasnt been much action around here for a few months, and Im really glad everybody is giving me location information right off the bat this year. It sure makes it easier to do The List.

If youve been lurking or just found us, please let us know youre hereeven if you might not plan to post a whole lot.

The days are getting LONGER,

P.S. I see I'm not the only one around here keeping a list, Daffy! :-)

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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

Nah, I just know you are busier this year than last year, Oh Great and Powerful Mistress of the List :-) I was just trying to help get your list started and you're much better at the welcoming than I am too...now I have to get back to work *sigh* I'd much rather play


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Also here in Fort Collins. My kids and I are getting sick of cabin fever. Is it my imagination, or has it been unusually cold for the last 6 weeks? There's only been one or two days even warm enough to take the little ones down to the park to go sledding. The squirel's apparently decided the fabric ruffle on the canopy of my garden swing would make nice insulation, because they've chewed most of the thing clear off. I guess I'll have to sew a new one in the spring. Should've brought it in.


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Hi all-
Joined the board around this time last year, contributed to a few posts and then got immersed in the annual gardening chaos that I love so much.
We are in Larkpur (midway between Castle Rock and Colorado Springs) at about 7000ft.
Experiment with it all- perennials, veggies, ponds and can guarantee one thing...no plant is safe from deer.
I have two 3'plus Russian Sage sitting in the house leafing out after being "sampled" by passing deer. I guess they didn't like it after the first nibble so they took it upon themselve and uprooted the plants in hopes something tastier would fill its void.
Happy Gardening!

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I'm originally from Pueblo, moved to a rural area east of town which really started my interest in growing things. Stayed there 11 years, moved to Pueblo West for 11 years and then moved to a more urban setting within earshot of the Colorado State Fairgrounds. Seems like I developed an 11 year itch when it comes to settling down. Hope to stay longer here.

As for the weather, the days are getting longer but the temp's are definitely getting colder. Where are the January "chinooks" when they are so urgently needed? My daughter lives in Rifle now and my wife and I are limited to warmer weather visits until Spring arrives...and not a moment too soon.

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Hi! I am brand new to this site but it looks fantastic. I have lived all over--Boulder and Nederland, CO, Flagstaff and Grand Canyon, AZ, Missoula, MT, and now I live in Ogden, UT. I recently purchased a house with a very neglected yard and I am looking forward to turning it into a beautiful, water wise landscape. At the moment my yard is buried under two feet of snow though so in the mean time I have signed up for the Master Gardeners class.

I am new to Utah but I hope to get more involved with any sort of xeriscape community that is here (or to help build one if necessary). Anybody have any tips?


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Belatedly, I'm here, more of a lurker than a contributer. Not yet sure what part of town I'll be in by spring, still staying with daughter #1 and caring for her and her family. Probably we'll be in the south or western suburbs. But I garden all over town, so where I sleep doesn't really matter! Heading to Wash Park tomorrow to make sure one of my nicest clients beds are well mulched for the upcoming cold. BRRRRR. Wish I'd done it back in November when it was warmer.

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Hi to all,

Checking in from Kersey CO (North of Denver 50 miles and south of Cheyenne 50 miles).

Love this forum and all the great ideas and help. I have posted a few times but mostly lurk and learn.

We raise cattle, quarter horses and I garden when I can. Mostly vegetables but some flowers and herbs. Have been updating ranch website "McClure Ranch Website" and selling some ads on a horse related site "www.allaboutcutting.com" plus I do equine and human massage with essential oils.

Am considering trying the winter sowing, at least for greens, so have been watching the thread on that topic on this forum.


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Welcome, from one Bonnie to another!!! Nice website!

If there is anything your not sure about, regarding the winter sowing, please don't hesitate to post your question on that other thread. If I can't answer it, I'm sure there will be someone that can.

Again, welcome! Anyone with that name can't be too bad, LOL!

The other Bonnie

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I'll be happy to share my harvests - I'm planting six plum whips and three pears this spring, and will probably topwork a crabapple to try to get some apples. So I figure we'll be up and running, ummm, carry the six.... well, about 2012. The greengage plums, a little longer, depending on whether the chain saw threat technique works in my case. And for the pears, well, my six-month-old Angus will be able to drive a bushel to the swap.

As I said to Kelly yesterday, I'm glad you like the house, because we may be in for the long haul! In the meantime, I hope that bringing some tomatoes and (fingers crossed) melons will get me admitted to the party!


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dafygardennut ~ thanks for the welcome!

I actually don't know anything about ivy. A friend came up with the name "Ivy_saver" for me after I told her a story about a sad looking ivy plant I saw at Walmart. It had obviously been neglected and was dying. I bought it, repotted it and it perked right up! Kind of a silly story because who buys a dying plant? I do I guess. ;)

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I'm here! but w/o heat! ugh! heater on the fritz!

Cyndi in Highlands Ranch

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berrytea4me(Z5 CO)

I'm here again too. I try to visit this forum once a week or so. Usually I'm hangin over on the daylily forum.

I'm in a small town just east of Fort Collins 230 residents about to become 1500+ residents.

I was a gw member when I first moved to CO ('96) but stopped trying to garden until I could get a water system in. Got the old well running with the sprinklers last fall so came back to the forums. I'm now into the planting stage of a 4y landscaping project (check out my member page).

My house is 93 yo this year, about the same as one of my grandmothers. Mostly it's been remodeled and updated (though it almost needs it again). A couple rooms are original. Other than some large trees no landscaping had been done. Used to be a corn field.

I've continued to veggie and herb garden inspite of having to hand water all these years. I really love perennial beds. At one point back in WA State I had >50 varieties of roses and about the same in rhododendrons. I brought just a couple starts from my old rambler roses with me. Now I've ordered about a dozen OGR for spring planting.

Since coming back on the forums I have discovered daylily and have gone nuts--total addict (catlady we need to talk! I've visited your website and planned to visit your garden this year). I have just under 300 dl seeds starting inside and ~30 plants ordered for spring delivery. Now I'm getting very interested in hybridizing.

I'm planning to start wintersowing other perennials and annuals this year too. Was planning to do that this past weekend but had 2 sick kids so not able to get to the store for supplies. I'm single mom to twin spec needs 4yos so sometimes my ability to get out is hampered.

Oh, and I've decided that I am ready to leave corporate life to create better opportunity for my family. So I'm seriously investigating going into garden related business. Really looking at growing/mailorder type of business similar to much of the daylily industry but I'd need to buy an existing business that will put food on the table and where my corp experience might help grow the biz to the next level. I'm looking nationwide with preference for N. CO, then WA State, then elsewhere. Still in the early stages and expect it will take 6m to 2yrs to find the right opportunity.

    Bookmark   January 22, 2008 at 9:52AM
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What a great forum! I've been a lurker for several years, and love the friendliness of this particular forum. I'm a rare native Coloradan from SE CO, and my husband and I live in Centennial somewhat near Arapahoe and University.

I had done no gardening until '04 when my son and wife held their wedding reception in our backyard, and I knew I had to do something with the 12' x 100' dirt at the back end of the yard.

Xeriscape was the answer for us, and now it's taken over the front yard as wellRound-upped the front lawn and have perennials and ornamental grasses only. Good grief! No one told me gardening could take over like that. So far, the neighbors have been supportive.

Skybird, thanks for your guiding hand, and to the rest of you, I'm looking forward to learning a lot!

    Bookmark   January 23, 2008 at 12:03AM
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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

Just popping in real quick to welcome pinepixy, pondgardener and xericjean. Glad to see ion_source_guy, pacu, shadyplaces, berrytea4me back. Hopefully I'll be able to post more soon.

Ivy, I'm the same way - the poor things just need a little love.

ianb - I'm marking my calendar for 2012 :-)

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Welcome to all the newcomers and welcome back to the old timers (there was a thread last year that proved that term has more than one meaning here).

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tunnymowg(z6b Salt Lake)

Hello!! Winter has slowed down my thoughts and questions about gardening but I'm still here in Salt Lake City (Millcreek/south end of Highland Park).

The big thing happening at our house is new siding going up and new windows going in over the next few weeks (gulp!). Once the painting is done in April or May, I'm going to need some foundation plants to spruce up my beautiful new-looking house! So I will certainly be more active when the weather warms up. I had put off foundation planting because I knew we would either be painting or re-siding in the near future and I couldn't bear to think of new plants getting trampled. :( Now my only obstacle will be finding any money left! LOL

I am new at gardening but looking forward to learning a lot! Can't wait until spring to see my bulbs come up and find out whether or not the perennials I planted in October managed to survive. =P

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Hi from Nathrop, CO, near Salida. Gardening and raising Dexter cattle, Nigerian and Nubian dairy goats, and chickens at 8000'.

    Bookmark   January 24, 2008 at 8:35PM
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Hi, Here I am with a new computer and retired from Extension Service. For those newbies I am a market gardener specializing in tomatoes and peppers who also grows squash, carrots, parsnips, beans, peas and cukes. I also have a small orchard and flower beds that never get enough weeding done. We live south of Hamilton Montana.

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sherril_2008(Zone 3/4)

Hi to all!

I am new to GardenWeb, and actually found the 'Garden Junk' site first! I love the unusual in my gardens, and those folks over there are pretty inventive. I am already planning some new projects that I found there for my gardens - Come on Spring!!

I just popped in here today and have tagged this link to my favorites - I plan to visit often.

My husband and I are both Colorado Natives - born & raised in Colorado Springs. We lived for about 15 years in Canon City, then moved to Westcliffe in 2001.

We have been working for the past two years at replacing all the grass we used to mow, with flower gardens - mostly perennials. We have made a lot of progress on it, and now mostly what we do all summer is ATV!!

I get up early in the morning during warm months and take my 'cuppa' out to the garden where I wander and pull a weed here and there, and plan my next planting or project. It is much more fun than firing up those noisy lawnmowers!

We are both retired and when we are not working on a project around here, we spend a lot of time with our grandkids, following sports or just playing!

My favorite saying is:

I have no yesterdays,
Time took them away.
Tomorrow may not be,
But I have today!

Live every day to the fullest and garden your brains out!!


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I posted some pictures of our xeric yard on the xeriscape pic thread, and bpgreen said it's possible to go directly to the site rather than the way I did it, so I'm continuing to experiment and learn my way around here. There are other pics that you're welcome to look at, but the main ones, North Forty and South Forty, show the change from never having planted even one xeric plant to around 96 different kinds of xeric perennials and ornamental grasses.

If it works, and if you want to read the captions underneath the pics for names and characteristics, I don't think you can use slideshow. I think you go through them individually.

I went out today and took some pictures to show the winter look, and will post those soon. What fun!


This link doesn't look any different from the other one. To get to my pics, put xericjean in the upper right-hand corner in the search box of the home page.

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Hi all - I'm not here yet, but I will be. We're headed to Laramie this spring, and I'm looking to get a head-start on my garden and landscape learning. I'm a New Englander by upbringing, and been in Georgia for a few years, so the dry cold West is a whole new thing for me. Wish me luck!

    Bookmark   February 2, 2008 at 2:14AM
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Good Luck, Adam, and Welcome.

Lots of garden varieties benefit from transplanting.


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glok(z 4/5 CO)

Hi all,
I'm still here and lurking. Still live in MD but will be in Woodland Park in 8 months and counting!!! I'm learning so much here, things I'd never thought of when we bought the house!!! Thanks so much for all the "prep" I'm getting!!!

glo (gloria)

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irisgirl(Z5 - CO)

Hi all,
OK, done lurking. Have been living at the Wintersowing forum on line and SW Weld county IRL. Am also a Colorado native, love gardening, specially tomatoes and the harvesting thereof!

OT: Like berrytea, I am looking for a change in careers; from corporate IT to something garden related. Any leads, anyone?

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New to the boards. Transplant to CO from SC in June 2006. Moved from Denver to Dillon in Dec 2007.
Have a good bit of southeast coastal gardening experience, trying to figure out if I can handle the alpine gardening experience.

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Amy (Amester) checking in, hi everyone! It's great to see so many new people as well as familiar names.

I live in Highlands Ranch in a foreclosure that we're making into our home. Tore out the whole front lawn and xeriscaped instead (lots of self sowers to share at the swap). After four years of dirt in the back we put in a lawn last summer and this will be my year to work on the back beds.

Love the forum as always, special hellos to Skybird, Charlene, Karen and Cyndi.

Can't wait to get to know the rest of you!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Great and Powerful Mistress of the List here, Dafy! LOL I feel like Im in a Harry Potter movie! Not busier than last year right now, but definitely dizzier than last year! Anyway, since Im still off work, Im gonna try to get caught up here again.

Welcome everyone! I see a lot of names I recognize from last year, and Im really glad to be seeing a bunch more new names around here.

Ion Source, I bet your squirrel has one heck of a pretty nest!

Sorry to hear about your poor, abused Russian Sage plants, Pacu. Hope youll try to join us for the Spring Swap this year. Maybe you can find a few new things to try that the deer wont like!

You sure have lived all over the place, PinePixy! I hope youll stay put in SLC long enough to turn your neglected yard into a xeric painting! Youll be able to get LOTS of good xeric advice around here. Though when all the snow you guys are getting this winter melts, you just might be looking for water plants instead!

Shady, if you make any decision about where youre going to live, let me know. For now I just have you down on the List as "Metro Denverexact location uncertain!"

IanB, youll definitely be "admitted to the party"any of the partieseven without a "donation!" Be sure you keep up with the Spring Swap thread.

Ivy, Im a FicusSaver! Many years ago my husband (at the time!) found a completely defoliated Ficus benjamina/weeping fig sitting in the back end of a trash truck and took me out to show it to me. Well, of course I couldnt let the poor thing go to the dump, so I grabbed it and took it home (It was close to 5' tall.) When I looked at it closely, it was apparent it had lost all its leaves because it was infested with spider mites, so I cut it WAY back, cleaned it up, and "treated" it, and it eventually became the nicest looking fig Ive ever had. No plant is EVER dead until the fat lady sings! (I shouldnt say that! I like opera!)

Amaryllis, youre frozen stiff and not reading this if your furnace isnt fixed yet, so I hope it IS fixed by now! We dont want the fat lady singing for you!!! ;-)

BerryTea, if youre into daylilies, do you know that Karen/Catladysgarden brought almost 200 daylilies to give away at the Fall Swap last year? I dont know if shell be at the Spring Swap or not, but keep an eye on the Swap thread, and later in the year on the Fall Swap thread. It would be a good chance to talk to her, and maybe you can score a couple new varieties. Do you want to give me the name of the "small town" to put on the List, or should I just put you down as "east of Ft. Collins?"

XericJean, glad you decided to enter and sign in! More natives! Perhaps there are more of you guys around here than I realized. Im a Naturalized Native, myself! (Here since 64, but Denver was home long before I ever moved here!) Sorry nobody told you about GAD (Gardening Addiction Disorder) until it was too latebut youll find lots of good support for your affliction around here!

Glad to see you around, Tunny, and Im glad I know what a TunnyMowg is this year! Have you REALLY been able to get your windows and siding done with all the snow you guys have been getting this winter?

Hi again, ChalkCreek. Glad you decided to sign in over here and get put on The List.

MargaretMT, I think we need more of you around here, Ms. Retired Extension Service, to help answer questions! Small orchard! Hmmpf! Im jealous of all you guys who have room for fruit trees!

Were glad you found us, Sherril, and even gladder that you decided to register and post. More natives! And I always thought most Colorado folks were from somewhere else. Go West young man, go west! Thats what I did. (From Illinoisway back when!)

WyoAdam, were glad yourealmosthere! Just a heads upor, more like a warning! Be prepared, in addition to the cold and dry, for WIND up there in Wyomingas WindWhipped will testify!

Gloc, well keep the home fires burning till you make it out here. Dont be afraid to come and post when you think of some questions. Well try to get you off to a running start as much as we can! (Will you be coming about September some time?)

Iris, thanks for deciding to let us know youre here! Another native! I think Im outnumbered! Do you want to give me the name of the town nearest to you, or should I just put down SW Weld County?

Welcome on this thread too, Wahine! Do the waves ever get big enough to surf on Dillon Dam??? (Actually the water behind the dam!)

Amy, glad to see you checking in. You gonna make it to the Spring Swap this year? How are you doing? I just have you down as Highlands Ranch. Do you want me to add a cross street for C470 to localize it a little bit more?

Thanks again for your help with the welcomes, Regulars! Hopefully it wont be too long till I can go back to work, and then it really will be hard for me to keep up.

BTW, where are all you Colorado Springs folks this year? I dont have even one of you listed yet! Since some people drop off from time to time, Im not starting with last years list, Im starting a completely new one this year, so if you want to be on it, you need to sign in here to let us know youre still around.

I wont be posting The List probably until at least Aprilor May, so everyone keep checking in! Last year there were 86 people on the final List, and so far Im up to 41 this year! I predict were gonna beat last year by a bunch!

And if youre new or a lurker who hasnt wanted to post before, remembermean people arent allowed around here, so dont be afraid to let us know youre hereand, hopefully, post your questions and helpful advice too. The more the merrierand were already pretty merry around here!

Welcome all to the friendliest little gardening forum in the west!


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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Skybird, I can't find an old post that 'splains it, why are you on accidental vacation????


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gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)

Guess I can sign in,
I rarely post here anymore but ,,,hey.I used to be known as JWJ,one of the original members from way back when.Okay perhaps since the very first post made here.LOL
I live in Northwest Montana,south of Kalispell.Zone 4-5. However being closer to the Flathead Lake these days my zone runs closer to a 5-6.I used to run an organic garden,orchard,greenhouse and do landscaping.Now days, well its landscaping and green construction.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi GB/Mary. Were glad you decided to check in to let us know youre here. Since youre in the green industry, maybe you can help us answer questions from time to time. We can ALWAYS use help when it comes to the questions!

Michelle, I posted it on another thread just before I started this thread, but we got into turbulence coming into DIA the evening of the 8th (January), and I (my head!) was thrown into a wall and I have a concussion. Never DREAMED it would take this long to heal, but for four weeks now Ive had a bad headache and been so dizzy at times that I have trouble even walking around the houseand sometimes when its bad the nausea gets pretty bad too. Whats really bad is the erratic nature of this! One day Ill be feeling better and think Im getting over it, and the next day its really bad again. For three days in a row (up until today!) I felt considerably better, and my doctor says thats a good indication that it finally really is starting to get betterso hopefully it wont be too much longer. When I realized I was gonna get some time off work I thought Id have some time to be posting around here more, but when Im so dizzy and nauseated feeling, I just havent been up to it. Its really discouraging to get some time off workand then feel too bad to be able to do anything. I went out in the yard a couple times last week when it was so warm down here to clean up perennials, and I wasnt even having fun! Something is definitely wrong with that picture! Anyway, it gave me a chance to get this thread started and to get The List started, so something good came out of it! But dont ever run into anything with your head leading! Its not fun!

Maybe the Anasazi beans will fix me up,
Dizzy Skybird

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JMBinSteamboat(Zone 4/5 CO)

Hi, jmbinsteamboat who isn't in Steamboat anymore, checking in. I'm really looking forward to spring and have lots of projects planned for the garden.

Are we gonna do a spring swap?



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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi JMB-no-longer-in-Steamboat,

Are you still in "Applewood (East Lakewood)?" That's how I had you down on last year's List.

It looks like the Spring Swap is gonna be the first Saturday in May, and it's gonna be at Charlene's in Castle Rock again this year. Check out the posts near the bottom of the swap thread.

Glad to see you around here,

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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

We need to get you a helmet before you go back to work :-)

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

ROFL! I was just checking in here one more time before signing off for the nite, and thanks for the great bedtime laugh! My doctor told me to keep my endorphin levels up to help heal my brain, and you just gave me my endorphin fix for tonite!

Im not quite that furry, but I could definitely use the helmet! Is that your kitty? He looks like a Roman warrior! Besides the helmet, I could also use something soft and furry around here to pet right nowbut thats not gonna happen, so give your kitty a big squeeze for me!

Thanks again for the laugh, Daffy,

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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

Nope, not my kitty - just wanted to find a cute helmet pic to send you a laugh.

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

Well, just checked in again. Welcome to all the new faces and names. Glad to see you all here.

Skybird, you think you are a hockey player of sumptin? Getting a concussion at work? Sheesh! Slow and steady, dear. :)

Getting ready to chirp in a few weeks,

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Ill be watching for your chirps, Jali. Youre better than a groundhog!

DEFINITELY not a hockey player here! And I WAS being nice and slow and steady! Its the plane that got all whacked out! I was going straight ahead toward a seatand all of a sudden there was a wall between me and the seatand I was still moving forward! Hello, wall!

Maybe a couple tiny little chirps?

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gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)

Thanks for the welcome back,
Its nice to see that someone has stepped in and is keeping this forum alive and kicking.I remember giving that a try when it first started.Course back then the only way we could save any of the important planting info was to try and keep it bumped to the top.Which was always a challenge for some of the posts.Speaking of the green our own home is coming up in the next issue of Natural home due out mid Febuary if anyone cares to take a peek.The photo shoot was at one of those times just after the spring bulbs drop off and a week before everything bursts open in June,wish they had of waited one more week, but oh well.
I don't mind answering questions spent many years on this site when it only had a few forums, answering hundreds of questions.These days I do not have that kind of time.But I do roll through now and then to see what some of my old friends are up to or the occasion for the occasional research.
Its interesting to read about the wintersowing, I remember talking winter sowing back with Trudi in the perennials forum, when it was the only place available.lol, gads makes me feel old realizing how this place has changed in the last 10 years.

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

Maybe a couple tiny little chirps?

ohhhhhhhhh, alright! :)

*chirp* *chirp*

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Thank you, Jali! That'll keep me going for a couple more months!


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aliceg8(CO 5)

Can I claim "almost native" status too, since we lived her from '64 to '68?

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I'm new to Colorado and new to cold dry weather. We moved here a year ago and have a regular city-sized yard full of junipers (must be at least 20), 50' assorted evergreens and roses. If I can get them out of the ground, I'll bring some of the roses to the spring swap. Oh yeah, I'm in Golden.

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still here....colorado springs

    Bookmark   February 10, 2008 at 12:34PM
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it's been about 7 months since i've last posted, But I'm still here at 9600ft near Fairplay CO

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BradleyQT(z5 Westminster/Broomfield)

I was an avid lurker while getting my teaching license a couple years ago. Now I am a teacher so my lurking time is cut way, way, way back.

However, at the end of last summer, I picked up a HUD home. The house is coming together...slowly. I am finally able to stop putting out fires and plan a bit for the future. So I plan on following the forums again.

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jamie_mt(z4/5 MT)

Greetings, all. :-) I'm a former lurker/occasional poster who has found her way back after a few years getting settled in a new home with my husband. We live in Billings, MT - south central Montana (we both grew up here), but this is the closest forum I know of for our zones. We're zone 4, 5, and sometimes we can stretch a zone 6 plant out here and there if we're lucky. I used to grow quite a few roses...now I just have four that were left here by the previous owners.

As I said, we've spent the past three years getting settled, planning, and landscaping our large city lot. Last year we planted a small flower bed and a small raised veggie bed, and then we dug up a third of our back yard to convert to a large garden with a "River of Thyme" running through it (literally a "riverbed" to be filled with thyme, edged with river rocks - the brainchild of my husband). We have a bit more digging/mulching to do this year, and a *lot* of planting, so there's much to be done.

We bought a small greenhouse last fall, and while the wind kinda tore it apart over the winter, I have figured out how to modify it (from the helpful posts in the greenhouse forum) to take our heavy winds, and I'm planning to put it back together, insulate it, and start heating it around the 1st of March. My hope is to start tomato and peppers in the house, then move the seedlings to the greenhouse and get a jump on the growing season this year. I have a bunch of Mother-of-Thyme to start from seed as well (for the river), and I'm thinking about trying half of it in WS trays, and the other half in the house/greenhouse. I also have herbs and a few perennials I'd like to start early (either WS or in the greenhouse), and some annuals to start in the greenhouse later on. Two beds are just sitting there empty, patiently waiting to be filled under a lovely layer of mulch, and we'll be relocating the veggie bed this year for more sun.

So there's a good chance I'll be hanging around a lot...especially since I've never actually started veggies or annuals (or anything for outdoors, now that I think about it) from seed before. I also love houseplants (my house is a jungle), so I've done a lot of propagating, but not for awhile, so hopefully I can do well with these outdoor plants!

Oh yeah...and I'm long-winded too. ;-)

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Amidst all this chirping like Spring Songbirds (and not just from our Jaliranchr ;o), I'd just like to say,

If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.

Steve's digits

    Bookmark   February 14, 2008 at 1:16PM
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D'Oh! I'm here, sorry for the tardiness.

Yago - Lakewood

    Bookmark   February 19, 2008 at 8:33AM
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Just popping in to say Hi. I'm still alive but drowning in classwork. I haven't moved so my info is still good. Hope to see all at the Spring Swap.

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I'm here! I'm busy as a bee working but I am here.
For those who don't know or remember:
I live at elev. 8240 in Nederland, Co.
I love growing flowers, have taken and interest in roses and am feeling brave enough to try produce!! I have three Canadian hardy roses that I bought last year--I hope they are still alive!
I'm still stuck under four feet of snow (most of it comes from the neighbor's yard, thanks to the wind). Okay, I'm not stuck but my yard is!
I probably need a cold frame but am too busy now to build the one that I had wanted last year :(
I grew tomatoes last year and was ecstatic with the results.
I need advice still!! :)
Looking forward to this year on the board and at the swaps!
Jennifer Camille

    Bookmark   February 25, 2008 at 8:19PM
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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi all,

Well its time to get caught up here again. Not too many new people checking in right now. Welcome all regulars, lurkers, and visitors!

Hi LoveSeeds. Welcome to Colorado and to RMG. Our cold dry weather will soon become warm dry weather and the growingand the wateringwill begin, so let us know when you have questions so we can help get you started out here. Where did you move from?

Bradleyqt, congratulations on your "new" home. Let us help you, too, as you get started on your neglected yard. Glad you decided to check in and let us know youre here.

And, Jamie, Im glad to have somebody else whos long-winded around hereto help drown me out! Most of the time I only have competition from a couple other people around here! I LOVE your River of Thyme idea. Wish I had a big enough yard to try something like that.

Thanks again to the regulars that are helping with welcomes. And to the regulars that have checked in recently, and to those who havent checked in here yet, theres no such thing as checking in lateunless its AFTER I post The List, which wont be for a couple months yet, so theres still plenty of time. BUT, once again, ONLY the people who post ON THIS THREAD will be on The List this year, so if youre reading this but havent posted yet, please let us know youre here. There are still a lot of people who were on last years list who havent shown up here yet.

Last year I had 13 people down in/near Colorado Springs, and this year I only have THREE so far. RMG to COS! Where are you?

And last year there were 27 on The Denver list, and only 13 so far this year! We have a ways to go yet!

Overall were up to 51 compared to 86 on the second list last year. So keep those cards and letters coming folks. If youre a regular, please let us know youre still here and confirm your location, and if youre a NEWBIE or a LURKER, please let us know youre around and where youre located so we can welcome you. Checking in on this thread doesnt mean you need to keep posting on other threads if youre not comfortable doing itthough I know wed all hope youd decide to actively join us here.

Welcome, everyone, to RMG. Were all really glad to know youre here.


    Bookmark   February 28, 2008 at 9:39PM
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Still here, just lurking seeing who else is here. Hi everyone.
All info is the same.

    Bookmark   February 29, 2008 at 9:38PM
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Hi y'all.

I'm in Salt Lake City and am looking forward to my 4th summer of trying my hand at gardening in this zone. I spent most of my life in the south and am still trying to learn what works here. I can say with a fairly high level of certainty that it is NOT okra!

Four years ago I bought a 50's bungalow with an unusual back yard layout - 1/2 lawn (near the house) and 1/2 "backbreaking work waiting to happen" on a raised terrace. After removing about 300 2-inch thick solid concrete payers the first year, and planting a dozen lilacs along the back fence, I've made some progress in putting in a vegetable garden and a couple of perennial borders. I've also tackled putting in a path, bordered by perennials, to my back door, and defining a foundation "bed" in the front yard. I'd probably feel less overwhelmed if I finished one project completely before moving on to the next, but all those bare spots are calling out to me!

If studying gardening books/websites would make you smart, I'd be a genius....but, I am "design challenged" and am learning by trial and error! To say that I've bitten off more than I can chew would be generous! I look forward to learning from all of you!


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Hello Skybird,

Still here, still in Lakewood. Been mostly over in the Tomato fourm the past few weeks trying to decide what tomatos to start this year.

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I'M HERE! Better late than never! I have been busy keeping my TWH gelding in shape and getting ready for the Denver Expo!

Starting to do some green things in the house (i.e. house plants). Went to So Cal to visit my folks for Thanksgiving, and came home with a bunch of clippings (succulents, curly willow branches, and Japanese Crawling Ranunculus).

Huge Spring fever going on here in Kiowa - I'm dying to start doing more outside!

Lisa :)

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I'm coming out of teacher-mode to say hello! Still here, but very bogged down with grading, lesson plans, and the like. I am desperately looking forward to spring break (2 more weeks!). I only just got my seeds started and I am hoping it is not too late. MY blueberry is starting to form leaf buds so that is also promising.

I'm still in southern Colorado Springs and will be container gardening again this year.

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hoppithaven(z5 CO)

Hi all!
I'm new to the forum. Hope I'm not too late to chime in! Like lindy loo, i'm also overwhelmed with teaching right now. I'm in the north part of Colorado Springs, and continually working on my yard and garden. Since I'm in a newer development, I started with dirt (i think some people call it builders' dirt- the terrible compacted mess with no worms or any sign of life, but full of rusted nails and the like). So it's been a slow process, but a fun challenge. This year I'm starting tomatoes from seed, and planning to add a veggie garden. Thanks to advice from the tomato forum, it should go better than last year's attempts. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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sanj(Rocky Mtn Z5)

Hello Everyone,

Greetings from Highlands Ranch, CO. I am peppers and tomoates enthusiast. However, my garden space is very limited.


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I've been a lurker for years...I live in Colorado Springs-downtown-so it's actually a little warmer than some parts. I'm just starting my seeds now-several peppers/tomatoes from Eastern Europe from SSE. I have a typical city yard, but have gradually got it down to just a few patches of lawn and many raised beds, tomatoes,peppers,corn,eggplant,greens,etc...The only veggies I have to buy in the summer are potatoes and onions so far!I also love English roses, lavender and native flowers-weird combo, but it's been working for me!. I've lived in CS for 14 years, minus a 3 year time overseas, but this is my 3rd year at this house. I'm hoping to expand my fruit trees this year.

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I've been back since last July. Moved away to ARkansas 9 years ago and finally came to our senses and returned. We have a 50's style house on the west side of CS, lots of yard with not much going on in it. I'm looking forward to gardening this spring, but my passion for roses may be thwarted...I'm in the deer zone. Just saw a herd of ten bucks trot down my sidewalk this morning.
It's great to be here and I'm looking forward to lots of input from veterans.

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Welcome Everyone!

The number of folks who say, "I'm a lurker" makes me wonder how many others look but don't say . . . anything!

Ive been here long enuf on GW that it feels like community but it took not only time but participation to get here. In our searchin' 'n' lurkin' to gain information - asking questions helps. And, if we wonder about our own knowledge, by participating in the forums we may come to realize that we are conversant. (That's my special word for the day - conversant. ;o)

I might be a very practical gardener. Practical in the sense of striving for production success, doing the best I can at successfully growing what I choose to grow and am capable of growing. I really, really appreciate help in my effort.


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I just joined the list.

I live in Denver, in City Park North to be more precise. I've been mostly dealing with bad clay soil and a surfeit of weeds, so the back yard is the only thing that is somewhat whipped into shape. I prefer perennials (mostly xeric--I work for Denver Water, so I can't in good conscience go any other way), and want to get into herbs this year. Holly

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Hello Skybird and Everyone! I have a new definition of optimism- people who start thinking about planting in January when here in RMG we have lots more winter!! I am back again and looking forward to another season of tending to my flowers and grass from Arvada just south of the Westminster Mall. We lost all the grass in our backyard a few yrs ago and are determined (with the help of our 2 dogs!!) to get that reseeded and healthy. I have already been out removing piles of leaves from precious little bulbs poking their heads up- I am not a patient person waiting for all bits of winter to be gone........I am aware that relatives back in Indiana can plant long before we can BUT they are blessed with that awful humidity too!! Good toiling to us all! P.S. My name stems from fact I hang out on the Reptile/Amphibian forum alot.

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laura_42(4b-5a Colorado)

Hello all --

I am an absolute newcomer to gardening, but have lived in Colorado for most of my life. Am currently in Fort Collins with a postage-stamp sized yard on a wicked slope, but have all sorts of creative (and perhaps overly idealistic?) plans to coax some flowers and veggies out of it this summer.

Look forward to sharing with everyone,


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Greetings from another Billings, Mt resident!

I've lived a nomadic life (so to speak) so I have gardened in a lot of different places. This is our second year of operating a small CSA and I am really enjoying it. Well, everything except the greenhouse threatening to blow away with the wild winds we are having at the moment >.Darby

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Hey, Mags/sweetmagnoliame! I don't know if you ever wander over to the Utah Gardening forum but we just had a really fun seed swap at the SLC library on the 22nd. We are hoping to have a plant exchange in May too....great stuff that DOES grow in Utah! And I think got as many good tips as good seeds. :)


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I just discovered this forum. It's excellent! I hope someone is still checking in on this thread. I've enjoyed reading about all the folks out there.

I live in Boulder, CO (you probably guessed that, huh?). Zone finder says Zone 5 but I'm closer to 6, at least I'm betting on that since I'm tearing out my dangerous Illini thorned blackberries for thornless ones and they are only hardy to 6. :-)

I have lived in North Boulder nearly 18 years. Previously from the humid, mildew-covered shore of NJ and downstate NY. It was quite a shock when I first moved here. Gardening is very different when the humidity routinely gets stuck in the teens, the wind blows 60 mph, and no rain falls. I can't say I have it figured out, but I'm getting better.

My small suburdan yard is largely xeric except for the vegetable garden. After living here a few years, I ripped out every blade of Kentucky bluegrass. I hate tending a lawn. Not that I spend less time without the lawn. But I know I enjoy it a lot more, as do all the birds and critters that pass through (though I could do without the raccoons stealing my grapes). I am constantly moving plants. This spring I have to move a couple of rose bushes and I'm sure I'll find a few other things to move before next winter. :-)

I have usually planted a lot of veggies but the last two years I was training for a week-long bike tour and my garden was terribly neglected. This year, I'm back at it and things are already looking much better. I'm short on good sun for my garden, so I don't actually have a big vegetable garden. I try to pack a lot in and leave the space hogs like sweet corn and squash to the Farmer's Market.

To give you an idea of what a nut I am, I adopted three bunnies from the Humane Society years ago so that I would have a constant supply of rabbit manure for my garden. My husband thought I was loony but they are awfully cute!

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My turn! Skybird, put me down for Broadway and C-470. If I remember correctly the swap is May 17? We have guests coming into town but they'll either have to tag along or do without me for a spell...is that wrong?? ;)

I'm doing well, still cancer free (yay!), getting some energy back and PSYCHED to get out in the dirt this year! I did my spring cleanup last weekend, my son kept busy with a trowel and dump truck when he wasn't trying to rake up my little baby callirhoe plants (call me Momma Intervention).

Went nuts at Bluestone and bought some shrubs, grasses and perennials to start in my back border - at last!

I could supply a small country with Sunset Hyssop - anyone need to take over a field? I'm your girl...

Welcome and welcome back, everyone, happy little greenies poking their heads up to you all!

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meteor04(5-Northglenn CO.)

I post quite a bit, so I should add myself.

I'm in Northglenn, roughly 104th and Washington.

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ksplanter(z5 ks)

Hi All....we're still out here in windy western KS..thanks Skybird for starting this thread, have enjoyed reading. I'm so sad, we have to go to ND to graduation the day of the spring swap, so Charlene I'm going to miss it!
Spring fever has taken over here also! Daffodils and hyacinth are blooming, yahoo!
Hi to you all!

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Hi, Kelly, I've been thinking about you all year! I'm so sad you won't be back for this swap but I owe you daylilies so we can have our own little mail-swap. :) Do you still have my list? Can you email me offline (maybe this year it'll actually work!!)?

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Boise, Idaho

The clay soil here on the first bench is looking good. The irrigation ditch should have water in it this month. We're still getting frost on some mornings, but we should be good to go in a week.

The official frost date is 8 May, but I'm hoping to cheat that by at least two weeks.

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Hi! I'm a new gardener living in Evergreen, CO. Our elevation is about 7,000 feet here and my yard is sloped, rocky, and partly sunny. There are quite a few
ponderosa(?)pines in the yard so we have a lot of pine needles all over! I want to start a small perennial garden in a little spot that does get full sun. We get a lot of deer and elk through our yard, which adds another little challenge.
I am so new to gardening that I'm not sure where to begin. Eventually, I'd like to tackle the rest of the yard but I thought a small flower bed would be less overwhelming. I think xeriscaping would probably be best for my area, but I don't know very much about it.
I will take any and all advice...and I need it! Thank you!

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Azura(z5 CO)

Hmm... this is only slightly off topic but has anyone heard from Cnetter lately??

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Welcome, Alex! We have deer here, but the closest I've seen elk to my property is the river, which is a couple of miles away, so I don't have any first hand experience with what they eat. Maybe someone else will chime in on that one. For me, the things that are fairly xeric, that the deer haven't bothered include Gaillardia, Achillea, Agastache, and Echinacea. Just don't plant tulips and daylilies!

Azura, I was thinking the same thing the other day! She hasn't checked in here, or on the Spring Swap thread.


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Alex, hello - I ripped out all of the sod in my front yard a couple of years ago and xeriscaped - best thing ever! I have piles of volunteers and would be happy to share if you could use some free plants (hyssop, catmint, sundrops, valerian, etc). Everything loves sun, does great in my nasty clay, and most are deer resistant too! Drop me a line or let me know if you'll be at the swap. Same goes for Holly or anyone else who's interested. I'll even mail stuff out if someone outside of metro Denver wants to reap the rewards of my being too lazy to deadhead anything. :)
Nice to see new names, yay!

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Hey All!

Robb here from Thornton,checking in with a new raised garden project this year. Just planted carrots this weekend as well as some musclun. Have plans for corn, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, squash/zucchini, hot and bell peppers. (can hardly wait for Mother's Day!

Take care

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Hi - I'm Sarah in Castle Pines North. I've dabbled in gardening for a while, but this year I would really like to create some new beds and expand my raised bed area. My goal is to create a potager, but we'll see how that goes!

I'm hoping to attend the swap. I don't have anything to swap, but would love to get to know you all!

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Hi! Katzpur here! I'm from Salt Lake City and am pretty new to gardening. After living in our house for 24 years, we finally were able to have our yard professionally landscaped two years ago. We were delighted with the layout of the flower beds, etc., but were very disappointed with the inadequate information the landscapers left us with, in terms of how to maintain our yard in the future. Specifically, I don't know when to transplant things, how to prune or cut things back (I think I destroyed my beautiful lavender by cutting it back when I shouldn't), or a whole lot of anything else. I am so enthusiastic about my yard for the first time in my life, but am desperately in need of advice. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and taking advantage of your expertise.

May I start with one quick question, after which I'm going to start exploring the site further. I'm not even sure which zone Salt Lake City falls in. When I look at a zone map, it's kind of hard to tell. I guess that's because we're right where the Rocky Mountains meet the desert. If it makes any difference, I'm in the foothills, just about a mile west of where the mountains actually start. I know that I'm just high enough to get snow when other parts of Salt Lake City don't.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome everyone! Its been over a month since Ive gotten back here, so its way past due. Its great to see so many of you checking in, and I love seeing all you newbies that have registered and let us know youre here.

To all of you who just decided to register in the last couple months, were so glad to have you here. BalkanDina, H Geist, Mtgrower, BoulderSharon, Meteor04, MalusGarden, KatzPur, and HoppitHaven, welcome! Im sure everyone here at RMG hopes youll decide to hang out here and to post both to ask questions and to help us answer them and to add your opinions to everyone elses.

Hoppity, Holly, and anyone else who has poor soiland thats a lot of folks in the Rocky Mountain regionbe sure to check out the compost thread for some ideas on improving your soil. Homemade compost is some of the best stuff you can use to help your soil, and, while it might take a while to get much useable compost, even a small pile can eventually help a lotANDa compost pile is also a great place to "raise" earthworms, which can also help greatly with soil improvement.

Welcome to RMG, Sanj! Sanj, Hoppity, BalkanDina, BoulderSharon, RobbJo, and all you other veggie gardeners, youll find at least a couple tomato threads and various other veggie threads around here each year, so keep an eye out for regional specific veggie info. And if youre getting into something new, be sure to come ask for recommendations from others who have already grownor tried to growwhatever youre thinking of.

BalkanDina, were glad youve decided to let us know youve been around, and I hope youll decide to post comments and questions now that youre registered. Im usually the nosey one around here, soare you from the Balkans, or is that one of the places you were during your three year "hiatus?"

GoatGal, Im glad to hear you finally made it out here to high, dry Colorado. Heres one of the better deer resistant plant lists Ive found. Roses are listed as "occasionally severely damaged," but it seems to me it might help if you picked some of the REALLY thorny varieties and then protected them until they grew big enough to be WAY thorny and unappetizing.

Laura, were glad you found RMG, and just let us know how we can help you in the transition from "absolute newcomer" to gardening, to "old hand at it!" Watering on a steep slope can be pretty difficult, so you might want to consider some long term plans for terracing of some sort. If thats not possible, you could possibly consider adding a bunch of big accent rocks with ground cover plants in places to help hold the soil and allow water to soak in more easily. When you do water, do it slowly with a sprinkler that has a pretty fine spray so theres not a whole lot of water going down at once so itll be more likely to soak in rather than run off.

MTgrower/Darby, it sounds like youll be able to help us answer questions around here! We can always use more help! A good friend of mine lives up in Billings, and if I ever get up that way, Ill be sure to look you up!

Iand more Im sureare definitely still checking in around here, BoulderSharon. Were glad you found us! Keep an eye out in a few more weeks for The List when I post it of everyone whos checked in here, and where everybody is. Its fun to know whos where and whos closest to you.

Meteor and RobbJo, Im glad to finally have a couple people up my direction! Im in Thornton near 128th and Colorado Blvd. Ive noticed youve been posting around here lately, Meteor, and I hope youll come check in fairly often too, RobbJo.

Sorry you wont be able to come to the Spring Swap, Kelly. Hope youll be able to join us for the Fall Swap. Drive carefully on your way to North Dakota.

IdahoGardener, glad to have you joining us here. Now Digit has some Idaho company up there! Alright, you guys arent actually that close together, but youre still Idaho neighbors! Hope they have that ditch water running for you by now.

MalusGarden/Alex, welcome, and be sure to come here with your questions as they come up to help you get started. I think the deer resistant list I linked up above might be helpful for you to check out too. No plant is deer proof, but itll probably help make it a little bit less frustrating if youre at least starting with things that they like less than others. Just post here to ask if youre wondering how drought tolerant specific things are.

Sarah, if youre in Castle Pines, it sounds like you can probably use that deer resistant list too! If youre planning to come to the swap, be sure you post on that thread so Charlene gets you down and has a contact address for you to send the directions to her house when the time comes. I hope youre able to make it. The only thing you need to bring to swap is gardening friendship!

KatzPur (I can feel the purring all the way over here!), were glad you decided to register, and just come ask when youre wondering what to do with something. Itll probably help most of the time if you can post pictures so we can see what youre talking about. Did you just cut your lavender back recently? If so, give it plenty of time to get started again. Dont ever assume something is dead at this time of the year. Theres always a chance it just needs more time. Regarding your zone, maybe some of the other SLC people will see this and be able to help you outoryou might want to start a separate thread asking for help with figuring out your zone, and that way its more likely other people near you will see it. From what youve described, Id take a wild guess at zone 5, but, from the map, you might be zone 6 too.

Magnolia, I dont believe youre "design challenged!" Stop with the books and just remember that its your yard and your garden, and as long as you like it, its perfect! And if you decide later youd like it even more some other waythats what shovels are for!

To all the others who have been around here for a while and who have checked in over the last month+, Twhgardener, Meershaum, Debbielaw2, Lindylou, Matoad, thanks for checking in. Youre on The List!

Amester, I havent seen Cnetter around here since December. Im surprised too, tho I have noticed that she disappears for months at a time sometimes. Shell probably be back before too long. Have you signed in on the Swap thread? I didnt see you listed over there. Be sure you get on Charlenes list! I sure hope Im able to make it. Its getting so close now, I just might still be off work again this year! Its funny how things work out sometimes!


Ive been seeing a LOT of new names around here on RMG, so if youve registered and are around here, post on this thread so youll get on The List of people that are around here this year, and so well all have some idea of where youre located and what unique conditions you may have.

And REGULARS, if you havent checked in here yet, remember, only those people who actually post on this thread will be put on The List this year. I hope to post it in a couple more weeks, so be sure you check in in time to be listed.

I have 72 people on The List so far! Utah is up to 7, and Montana is up to 4 this year. Im only showing 3 in Wyoming so far this year, and Metro Denver is getting close to as many as last year, but COS is still down from last year. There were 86 people on the final list last year, so we still have a few to go to match last year! Keep the cards and letters coming, folks!

Glad to see so many new names posting around here lately,

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I haven't been on since last fall, but I sure enjoyed taking part in the discussions last year. I'm gearing up for the new growing season. Seems like there is so much to do already!

I live in Arvada, CO. I'm a water gardener and trying to get some beautiful accent plants (that flower long and often) growing around my pond. Last year, I laid a sprinkler line to the area and this year I'm planning on ramping up my planting with the assistance of my sprinkler system. I tried to be a good manual waterer but I couldn't do an adequate job. Hopefully this year I'll turn the corner with my garden.

My battles from last year: Clay soil, earwigs and intense heat. I expect all the same plus more!

Good to see you all again,

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arachne12(z5 CO)

Greetings everyone. I am here in Littleton (Centennial). I have sucessfully xeriscaped about 1/3 of my yard and continue to do more every year. I love talking about drought-tolerant plants and herbs.

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wishccr(Z4-5 CO)

Hi Skybird! I have been so busy, and now here it is gardening time again! Yay!

My goals for the year are to start a compost pile and lay my flagstones for a walkway through my garden (have had the stones for two years and no time to lay them.)

So many things are already looking like late May!

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Thanks for the warm welcome! Unfortunately, I can't make it to the plant swap. I think I'm going to start by researching some of the plants suggested and trying to get the soil ready. Thanks for the advice!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Glad to see you checking in again, Finn. Ive had earwigs absolutely devastating some of my plants for 3 years now at this house, and I discovered that if I sprinkled granular soil insecticide (the kind you use on your lawn) around the base of the plants that are being eaten, it really helps. I repeat it whenever I start seeing damage again, and I think Im finally getting the numbers knocked way down. It also helps to put some along any wood fences or edging or railroad ties, and under/around any rocks you have with the plants. And according to the package its safe around veggies, so I use it by the spinach and lettuce too. I seem to have fewer and fewer of them around each year, and Im hoping Ill be able to use it less again this year than I did last year. But I cant help much with the clayand cant help at all with the heat!!! ;-)

Welcome Arachne12. I hope youll decide to come join us in some of our discussions around here. Herbs and xeric plants are pretty regular topics, and were always looking for a lot of different ideas.

Thanks for checking in, Wishccr. I have you on this years list. If youre gonna start a compost pile, you might want to check out the Reflections on Compost thread if you havent already done so.

Im going to post this years List before the swap, and thats May 17th, so if you want to be on it, NOW is the time to let us know youre here!


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Hi everyone,

Thank you, Skybird, for introducing me to this group! I've been hungry for a gardening community and people to swap info and plants with for years.

I've been in Boulder for approx 8 years, originally from Quebec and most recently New Hampshire. I grew up with a gardening father, so after years of renting finally own a house where I've been able to do my own gardening. What a delight.

I'm into flowering xeriscape and, after inheriting a giant and ancient almost tree-trunk-sized jackmani with the house, have become a clematis lover. I am keeping a small area of well-established (no watering needed) lawn in front for contrast with all the color of spring flowers and bulbs, but I keep wondering what I could replace it with that would eliminate mowing too! My area is all clay, so I'm working with clay loving plants where possible.

I've been giving TLC to old overgrown flower beds, creating new ones, have converted a back area shaded with littering trees into a peaceful courtyard with an arbor, and am trying my hand at my first climbing roses.

I hope to meet the bunch of you at the swap!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Welcome, Yoda! Glad to see you made it over here. After you sign up on the Spring Swap Saturday, May 17th thread, you might want to go to the Spring Swap Wishlist thread and post the things youre looking for. And keep an eye on both threads for people posting what theyre bringing and what theyre looking for. And be sure to come post here on RMG anytime you have questions.

Looking forward to meeting you at the swap,

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Howdy everyone. Just bought a house last fall in Highlands Ranch and i'm getting things ready for a productive growing season. I've built a nice 4ft x 8 ft raised bed and look to get my veggies in pretty soon. I've also got some serious landscaping to do this spring, so i'll be picking people's brains with respect to that.

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Hi all. I live in Falcon, CO (just outside Colorado Springs). We moved here in December, so this will be my first gardening season in the area. I just got some used redwood boards and will be building my garden beds this week. I haven't had a garden the past couple years, so I am looking forward to it!

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ginnytrcka(z5 CO)

I just rushed over from the building forums! I'm still here, but have been swamped with all the building details. This is my first Spring in Colorado Springs having planted some of my own stuff. OOOH it is amazing to see everything come back! Everything is doing great from the last swap--so excited! I also got bunches of perennials on closeout at Lowe's mid-Nov. 10 cents a piece for one and five-gallon containers. Just about everything made it thanks to some mild fall weather. I was even thinking that I killed my expensive Peony 'cause it is just shocking for this CA girl to see plants keel over straight to the ground, but I just saw that it is peeking out of the ground. Coming from so. CA where everything grows year round, it is truly thrilling to see the little green sprigs :) Now if we can just get this house built and moved into, I can really dig into the dirt. Estimated move in in July/August--horrible time to transplant. I may try getting a bed prepped and move some stuff over before the heat really kicks in. Not sure if I'll be able to make the swap this time around, though. It was so fun meeting some local gardeners last time and what a treat with all the daylilies and nicely prepared plants and yummy food. I didn't have time to read through the posts, but if you're new here I would highly recommend going to the swaps as you won't find a friendlier group with tons of combined experience, wisdom, and fun. Looking forward to being more active after we get settled.

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Here in Lyons, CO. where I have around 2/3 acre planted in veggies, fruit trees, and annuals/perennials.


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Okay, I guess I better check in. Highland, UT still working on those fruit trees (cherry, peach, apple - wondering about a pear next year) and berries (raspberries, strawberries, could I throw in a concord grape?, trying to improve upon last year's vegetable garden success, and trying to make sense of our backyard layout, while experimenting more with flowers.

Of course, these efforts compete with coaching my daughter's soccer team and getting ready for the next 100 mile cycling event...

    Bookmark   May 2, 2008 at 1:14PM
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I'm here! I live in Littleton, CO. I've learned a lot from the people on this forum, even though I just drop in occasionally. Thanks!

    Bookmark   May 4, 2008 at 4:57PM
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Im here in Parker with itty bitty garden space but big, big dreams!
I grew my first tomato plant last year and loved it. Space is very limitted so this year I'm planting in containers and in my small garden. I hope to get about 3 tomato plants in the ground and another 5 or so in containers. I will be experimenting with black garbage bags to grow some of the tomatoes. Will be growing some heirloom squash, eggplant and whatever else I can fit! I'll take pics and update on progress. Also planted some Lilly of the Valley and a Peony, can't wait to see what happens. Thanks.

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timothynelson53(z5 CO)

It's been a couple years or so since I checked this forum, but have renewed my interest. Former Minnesotan, living in Broomfield, north of Denver. Have raised bed gardens, with typical heavy clay soil much amended with composted manure, regular compost, lasagna method, etc. Have gotten started also with trying to espalier dwarf fruit trees along a fence. Look forward to following posts here.

    Bookmark   May 5, 2008 at 12:07AM
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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi, and thanks for registering to sign in here, Kwik1, Greenbean, and Melanie. Glad youve decided to join us, and we look forward to your questions and comments around here.

Kwik1, it sounds like youre off to a good start at your new house. Just let us know if youre looking for suggestions on things to put in that work around here.

Greenbean, where did you move here from? Are you new to high, dry gardening? Be sure to post if you have any questions.

Ginny, since youre from SoCalisnt it fun to watch everything come back in spring? It kinda makes winter "worth it!" Its a little sad in fall when everything is going dormant, but then you can sit there all winter planning, and dreaming of springand then the magic youve been dreaming of actually happens! If youre able to prepare a small bed to move your things into now, theyd have a nice place to live over the hottest part of the summer, and then fall is a good time to move and transplant perennials (as you found out after the Fall Swap last year), so you could spend the couple summer months getting things ready and then start moving things when it cools in late August and September. I hope youll be able to come to more of the swaps.

Melanie, how are your seedlings doing? I love growing things from seed. Its like a little miracle to get something so wonderful from such a tiny seed. Let us all know if you have any questions we can help with.

Doug, Cycler, ColoradoBird, and Nancy, thanks for checking in. Youre on this years list!

LiveNow, welcome! I was just about to post this when you showed up. Sorry you dont have more space, but there are a couple other people around here who garden in containers, so if you come up with any questions, somebody here can probably help youand youll probably be surprised by how much you can squeeze into a small space!

Yikes! I cant seem to keep up with the thread right now!

Welcome, Timothy! Were glad you decided to come back to RMG to join us here. We have lots of fun and interesting discussions around herenot always exactly on topicbut close enough for our friendly little community. Hope youll join in.

EVERYBODY REMEMBER! Im planning to post The List toward the end of the week, so if you havent signed in here yet, please do in the next couple days.

Glad youre all here,

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Here from Aurora. For a long time I wasn't able to log in to GardenWeb. I finally tried it again, successfully this time, and here I am.

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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

Hi Lilacs, glad you made it back!

Ginny where in SoCal are you from, I was born and raised all over there, moved here 12 years ago. I love it here, just really miss the beach and palm trees!

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I posted on the "Last Call" but wasn't sure if I should do it here, too. That being said...

I'm in the Denver Tech Center. This is my first year starting plants from seed and I LOVE it! I'm doing mostly vegetables with some flowers as well. I am very interested in learning more and hearing about everyone's experiences. Thanks to everyone!


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shadygarden_CO(z5 Denver)

I'm baaack. I have been silent all winter, but got so much help from you all last spring and summer. This is really the third year for my garden. I have black raspberry bushes (I wanted red, but got black). Other than those and some herbs which I will plant, I have mostly flowers -- 18 rose bushes, about 9 of them miniatures. I have a small back yard -- about 45 by 35, and live in Aurora (Miss. and Chambers vicinity.) I meant to plant some spinach or lettuce in my whisky barrel because I don't have room anywhere else, but didn't get around to it. I also have some perennials and a weigala and a viburnum bush. I really enjoy this forum.

    Bookmark   May 7, 2008 at 10:46PM
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In my limited free time, I usually don't get over here to read/post. I'm in Henderson (just east of Thornton).

I also have been learning about gardening at 8000 ft. where we eventually hope for a cabin. Have had a few successes.

    Bookmark   May 8, 2008 at 1:07AM
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I moved here from Alaska, but I didn't have a garden there, since we weren't there very long (although we had TONS of raspberries, which I do hope to grow some here)
I've had a garden in Montana (Great Falls) and West Texas before with some success. I'm trying raised beds with lots of organic material this time, and reading in this forum to be a little more educated. I can't garden the same way my mom in Vermont does...that's for sure.

    Bookmark   May 8, 2008 at 3:36AM
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I'm here. I don't check in all that often....
I live in Manitou Springs.

    Bookmark   May 8, 2008 at 11:53AM
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I live in very SW KS and have been stopping by around a year. I enjoy this forum a lot. And since I'm closer to you than any other forum I share more of the same problems. I mainly lurk and only post if I feel I have something to add. Happy Gardening in 08 to all. JD

    Bookmark   May 10, 2008 at 11:25PM
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Melanie, Mary, Greenbean, Nicole and Elkwc welcome. Have some fun and join in the banter. All ideas and questions are welcome. Hope you find some interesting ideas.
Shady, hey your back. Thought you were just hiding in the shade, sipping tea and watching the world go by.


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mary_id(Z 5-6 ID)

Hello all,
I'm happy to find this group. Digit, I see you are not too far from me. I am north of Potlatch, Idaho. I love growing tomatoes and peppers, some other veggies, some flowers and have varying success with every year being different. I have lots to learn. I do battle the weather and sometimes the critters. Well, I shouldn't say battle so much as contend with. I now grow most of my tomatoes in a poly greenhouse about 10'X20', so they are protected from lots of things. Anyway, thanks for being here!


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RMG Newbie here checking in for 2008!!!

    Bookmark   July 1, 2008 at 5:59PM
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jnfr(z5b CO)

I am back again this summer. I live in Westminster, west of Wadsworth, east of Standley Lake, on a sun-baked wind-swept suburban lot that isn't as well-gardened as I'd like, even now.

    Bookmark   July 4, 2008 at 8:28PM
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I am very new to the forum and am very excited to have found you all. I live in Golden but very close to Lakewood. I love to garden but being from Australia am finding it extremely challenging. So please bare with me as I will have to ask a lot of questions and definitely need help. Thanks in advance for any advice....

    Bookmark   July 8, 2008 at 4:39PM
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This is davies in Canon City. I think I used to post on here as 'shudavies', but GardenWeb says "never heard of ya!", so I re-joined as davies-cc. I took a while off to get divorced in 2007 :-(
but now I'm back and willing to serve as the Rocky Mountain Curmudgeon, if that's OK with everyone else.

I am particularly glad to see david52 is still prowling around on this blog, and Skybird I also remember your irrationally sunny disposition. So you're a flight attendant? Man, the airline industry has taken its share of hits in this milennium, no?

Canon City is zone 6; our average winter temps are the warmest in Colorado I think, but we have greater extremes than Grand Junction or the lower Four Corners area. The climate is called high elevation desert, with an average of 12" or so of precip. a year.

Zone 6 Tree of the Decade is most definitely the famous Chocolate Mimosa (Albezia julibrisson darkafolia). Got mine for $79.99 locally and it's growing great, very attractive albeit only through one winter thus far. I also finally found a cool bamboo that withstands all the sun and aridity, Phylostachys 'Decora'. It stayed green all winter and put up 7 new shoots this year. Didn't spread though, but I've seen a couple two foot runners along the surface this year so next year I think it's going to spread out some.

So as you might have guessed, I'm a little bit of a zone stretcher, trying to grow some subtropical stuff that will survive here. I've got a number of (arborescent) trunk forming yuccas, and many dead-and-disposed-of plants to show for my efforts thus far.

Lately I am starting a Japanese garden, although I must confess I'm not totally sure what one is yet. But I'm working on some foundation plants for enclosure, and my budget and my back are keeping me from acting too hastily altogether, so it might turn out to be presentable someday.

Stay cool Rocky Mountain gardeners.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Araluen, were glad you found your way here to us. Australia to Colorado! What a switch! The gardening you do here is going to be WAY different from the gardening you did therebut youll find lots of friendly people around RMG that are ready, willing, and able to help you. There are lots of things that grow well around here, and once you start figuring out what they are and which ones you like, youll be having lots of gardening fun again. Well be looking for your questions.

And, Vic, I had been intending to say hi to you on one of your other threads, but just never got it done! Sorry bout that! Were all glad to have you here too, and its been great to see you posting on other threads. Hope you decide to keep hanging out here with us.

And, Mary in Idaho, welcome to you tooand its nice to see youve been posting around here, and we hope to see more of you too.

Davies/Shudavies, you just posted while I was writing this! Welcome back! I hope the divorce is working out well for you. Mine, more than 25 years ago, was the best thing I ever did for myself. I dont know if my disposition is irrational or not, but it sure does make life a whole lot niceranduhdid I mention anything yet about my divorce being a really, really, really good thing for me!!!!! :-) Were you a part of that curmudgeon discussion we had a year or so ago? Well, curmudgeons, one and all, are still welcome around here!

Welcome to all who have checked in since I last posted on this thread. Since the posts cant be edited here on GW, I cant add you to this years List, but youre all on MY list! Im gonna link the 08 List below for anyone who might be looking for it.

Happy summer, all,

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WOW, just found this Website, From Northern Colorado here, and am going to try my luck with Blueberries. I am looking forward to any and all GARD-D-ING tips. I also have a wonderful Veggie garden going and and have Help my Church get a community Garden complete with Huge Grape Arbor. I have TONS of Questions so excuse me if I just...........ASK away. hehehehehe drlucas

    Bookmark   July 29, 2008 at 8:34PM
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