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t-bob(west wa)August 19, 2008

hi all, last year a local farmer handed me a ripe pepper and said---try this one bob---she knew me well enough to know it was just what i like-----sweet at first bite, and then a heat up that for me was perfect. the pod only had a few immature looking seeds. this year she gave me a few plants and i just picked and ate my first of the year....once again---a FEW immature seeds in pod. of course i will let the next one mature more, but i just HAD TO HAVE as many of you will understand....and not as good as the one i remember from last year. ANYWAY, my question is if any of you have grown---beaver dam--and if so, did your pods grow seeds?.....and how many?.........a reply from beaver dam growers would be appreciated------pod up---bob

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beaver dam peppers are great...I have not noticed that problem at all. I saved seeds from last year and planted them this year. I would say i had at least 50 seeds. It is similar to a bell pepper for seeds. I dont know what the problem is with yours.

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naturegirl_2007(5B SW Michigan)

I took over care of a garden last year with 20 or more Beaverdam peppers. My first serious attempts at seed saving involved this variety and a few other varieties in that plot. The Beaverdam Peppers had fine seeds in them once they were mature. They ripen to red but it takes time. Some had alot more seeds than others. Some had very few. I have in front of me a packet of seeds I saved from one Beaverdam pepper pod. For some reason I counted the seeds last year and labeled the envelope....114 seeds from 1 pod. A germination test during the winter resulted in 5 out of 5 germinating in 5 days. I couldn't stand to throw them out and kept them alive inside all winter. They are now doing well in my garden....but I don't have 20 plants this year. I'm more of a mild pepper person!

I have saved seeds from some immature peppers and some that ripened off the vine. Germination is iffy....the riper they are when picked the better. If that is not possible, then let them ripen as long as possible off the vine. That doesn't guarantee good seed but seems to help. I've found that those that do germinate tend to take longer than the seeds saved from vine ripened pods.

LOL, just found another packet that shows 224 seeds from one Beaverdam pod. I must have been bored last October! I think I am past counting large numbers of seeds now.

For what it's worth: I tend to capitalize Beaverdam because for years I knew it only as a very small town (village?) near our larger city. I think they grew alot of celery and onions there. I was very surprised to find out last year that there was a Beaverdam pepper.

Unripe Beaverdam peppers

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t-bob(west wa)

i'll let at least one pepper stay on until its 100% ripe and then some. i want seeds for next spring...i will be trying to overwinter the 2 i have this year, but it seems my overwinter efforts are usually just end up as "aphid gang rape" regardless of what i do ....excluding ladybugs which i don't think my wife would want in the living room. thanks for your replys and NATUREGIRL, if i don't produce any seeds, i may try to cajole you out of a few....good day all, i'm out to the hoophouse for some pepper love----bob

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to the PEPPER GROWER (t-bob) ....did you used to live on S. Spring St in Beaver Dam, WI?

I'm in MN, but I'll be road-tripping to BD in a couple of weeks to buy my plants, and see my kids

please respond!

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2010-05-05 23:45

Here is a link that might be useful: Beaver Dam Peppers ROCK!

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t-bob(west wa)

nope pepperboy, that is not me, i live in washington state

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BEAVER DAM PEPPERS - as a great nephew of one Joe Hussli of Beaver Dam, WI I find it fascinating that this humble form of sustenance that Joe brought to the US when he and his family immigrated here from Austria/Hungary has found so many new homes and personal gardens across America, and perhaps, beyond! I would be interested in knowing how YOU came to grow & enjoy the Beaver Dam Pepper in your garden, State, Country, etc,.
As I prepare to make my annual trek to Beaver Dam, WI from Rochester, MN I look forward to sharing your stories with my uncle Bob (WI & AZ) who is an avid grower, and thee torch-bearer of this pepper variety in more ways than most people know, along with my brothers Jim & Jerry who also participate in the joy of growing this variety.
Again, I hope to enjoy reading your stories of this delicious
pepper from Hungary.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rock N Roll Peppers - The Beaver Dam connection

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I just found this page; my grandmother and other relatives lived on Mill St. in Beaver Dam, by the railroad tracks. They were all avid gardeners, and lived in an Austrian/Hungarian/German community there, speaking a dialect not quite German and not quite Hungarian. My grandmother used to grow peppers for her special paprika, and always called them "Hungarian peppers," but they weren't the Hungarian Wax Peppers that we know now. They all emigrated here just as WWI broke out, and formed a small community in Beaver Dam. The last name was Hasenstab and I also had relatives named Csiacsek. Anyone recognize the names? There were multiple families located in the Mill/Spring St. area with those names.

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genoprizebull(6 Akron NY)

I just found out I have Austrian blood running through my veins today,and this is my first year growing BD .I received them from someone on this forum but for some reason didn't try them last year.This year is different and I have two plants growing strong and am looking forward to trying them.

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