pickled hot and sweet peppers

JanMac(z5 WI)August 23, 2007

This is my 3rd year canning/pickling peppers. I've pickled cubanelle with good results, but I would like some heat with them. Would adding a few slices of habanero be a good alternative? I have jalapeno and serano peppers, but I like to keep them to themselves. I have such a huge crop of cubanelles that I was envisioning all these jars of hot peppers just by adding some habs to the mix. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much, Jan

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It should work. You will need to figure out the amount of habanero to add.

Would you like to share your pickle recipe.

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JanMac(z5 WI)

My pickling recipe is basic.

50/50 on the water/vinegar ratio
1 nice head of dried dill seed, the whole head w/stem
stuff the peppers in the jar on top of dill
a good sized clove of garlic per pint, or several small cloves
1/2 tsp. canning salt per pint
1/2 tsp. pickle crisp per pint
cover peppers with hot water/vinegar mix, 1/2" headspace
boil bath for 10 minutes.

Sometimes I slice the peppers, and sometimes I just slit and leave whole.

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Vinegar is solvent for capsaicin; if you change pickling solution, picante will decrease.

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shelbyguy(z5 IL)

Go easy on the habs. Orange hab tends to clobber everything with its overpowering fruitiness (at least to my pallet). If you want it more savory, try a red savina or chocolate hab.

i dont use pickle crisp, but i do use distilled water. i also add onion. i love pickled onion. otherwise my pickling brine is nearly identical to janmac's. i use it for green beans, cucumbers, and wax peppers. previously it was hungarian yellow wax hot. this year it is santa fe grande.


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reyna1(Zone 8)

Janmac (Jan),
you didnt leave a way to contact you via email.
i would love to purchase some of your pickled peppers.
i know you werent advertising them, but just from your description, my mouth is watering..haha
let me know if you are even remotely interested in selling at least a jar..if so, name your price including shipping

also, if you have any cubanelle seeds youd like to trade for, im interested in that as well.
contact me by email if you are interested.

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JanMac(z5 WI)

LOL Danny,
Everyone wants 'em, nobody wants to pay for 'em, and geez, I never get my jars back. I made 4 pint jars of the cubanelle with a bit of hab. Haven't opened one yet, but the refrigerated left overs (not enough for a whole jar to process) are pretty good. At least I would try again. As for seeds, I've never had much luck with saving my own. If you share the secret of sucessfully saving seeds, I'll send you some cubanelle seeds. I think they have a scoville rating, but I think of cubanelle as sweet peppers.


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ardnek710(z6 stlouis)

I also use the same basic recipe as yours Jan. We add habanero to everything for heat, nothing else is hot enough. Generally speaking for pickles, dilly beans, garlic, etc, we use 1 whole habanero for each pint jar. 2 habs for each quart jar.
Now we also store alot of our habs packed in all vinegar for long term storage (we make alot of hot sauce out of this). When I pack the pickles, I add a whole hab from this jar of pickled peppers, and then sometimes I had a couple tablespoons of the capsaicin infused vinegar from this jar also. I only use fresh habs if I don't have the pickled peppers available to use.


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