a few flowers in sept.

tdogdad(Zone 9)September 6, 2011

Here are a few to view:

Angus #3:

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Gloria Schmidt:

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Kaneone Sunburst:

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Lava Flow:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Mango Blush:

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Mary Helen Eggenberger:

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WOW Bill!!! Just one gorgeous bloom after another. Ok I'm green now. Did you cross your Angus #3 with a poodle? I've never seen anything so curly like that. What a beauty. I can only imagine what your yard is like. Thanks for feeding the addiction. Peg

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

Very nice! I had my Mango Blush trying to bloom,but the intense heat destroyed the blossoms before they could open (new cutting from this year). My UH Orange is opening right now!

Beautiful. Sure was a hot day today! I was at Disneyland today, at it was 90 there today, 100 at my house. Yuck!
Aain, beautiful! Jennifer

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Fabulous late summer colors, Bill! There's even some lava flowing there.

I always get Gloria Schmidt and Gladys O'Neal mixed up--do you have both? Which is the better bloomer, flower, scent, growth habit?

Agree with Peg: Angus #3 is one crazy-looking flower. Mary Helen, on the other hand, I like more every time I see her. Very elegant.

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Bill, every single one of those pictures is stunning. You have the artist's eye as well as a green thumb. Wow.


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Gorgeous blooms, Bill! I wish my Lava Flow would bloom like that (no inflos yet so far). Your Gloria Schmidt looks almost like a Puu Kahea.
All of them just beautiful!

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plumatherapy(so cal 10a)

Bill those are spectacular as usual esp Angus #3 what a personality what a fiesty girl did she get ahold of Sherry's curling iron? I agree that the word elegant describes MHE

Sun: let me know when and how you want to get your cutting. I can cut it now so it can start drying if you want.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Thanks for all the comments. Just a fraction of what is blooming now with more to come soon. Hao- My Puu Kahea is much more yellow but does fold back like that. All the Glorias do not fold- some open flat. Jandey- I do not have Gladys Oneil so I cannot comment. Here is my Puu Kahea:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Bill,

Gorgeous blooms as always....I especially like the MHE..

"Elegant is the right way to describe this classic"

India and Lava Flow are stunning...but of course, they all are!! LOL

I love the curly ANgus #3 Just has her own personality and wants the curls to stand out aside from all of the others....in which she does!!

What a show stopper!!!

Thanks Bill for the beautiful pics...

Yes, I was thinking of all of the beach parties that i missed this weekend!! But, there is always another weeekend to enjoy the beach!

Hope all is well with you all..

Tell Sh that i have more things for the kids... : )

Take care,

Laura in VB

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What?! There's a plumeria you don't have, Bill? :P

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Jandey- Actually there are hundreds I do not have yet I want. Since my plants are hitting a decade and are quite large and are taking up all the available sun, I am having to give up plants that have no room. This is really hard since some of the ones I like best are smaller and some large ones are not as desired. I am constantly trying to figure out how to keep most of them around. Running out of options. If I had an acre or two I would be still buying and planting. I am now down to about 150 varieties. Bill

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Thanks for the Puu Kahea picture, Bill! It's a very nice flower!

Pluma: thanks for sending me a cell phone pix of Puu Kahea as well! Your phone takes such great quality pictures! I think you can take the cutting now so it will be dry by the time I see you (probably sometimes next week). Thanks a bunch!!

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dpolson37(7a VA)

Great blooms Bill. I'm loving the Kaneone Sunburst.
Here in the cooler part of Virginia aka Northern Virginia, I am hoping to see blooms on my recently forming inflos.
I'll post photos if they make it. It's been in the 60's and tropical rainy the last 3 days.

Big Wave Dave

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Thanks for posting Bill! Great to see at least SOME of the varieties you are growing. Tell me more about the 'Mary Helen Eggenberger'. Is it more compact? Good bloomer? What about flower size? Does it fade over time?

Thanks again!

Here's a photo of the 'Psycho White' I took during the now incessant rains. I welcome the rains though. We were very dry.

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Just beautiful Bill, you've got an exquisite collection!! Love every single one of them..Bill, where did you get your Angus #3? Really liking the twisty curvy petals :)


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Dave- MHE is a very good bloomer. The flower is slightly larger than average and it holds up well. The scent is not anything special. It is a very nice flower.
Nikki- Say girl, where you been. Good to hear from you. I got Angus from One stop in a J.L. sale along with MHE and many more. Can you see the sun because you are one of the worst plumiaholics around. Where are some pictures. Your thai collection is really great to see. You should come by and see my jungle, as I am in a panic. Everything has grown so much, trying to spread out where there is no room. Keep in touch. Bill

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Hi Bill, you've got that right my friend..should come and check out my place, I have absolutely no walking space here!! and yet I'm still getting more, I'm thinking I need to buy more of the Hawaii varieties..See? I really do need help..LOL
Bill, is your Puu Kahea a compact grower? mine keeps splitting without blooming, so its a really compact plant. I'm not complaining but I have yet to see blooms on that one. Yours is so pretty..
I've seen the MHE blooming and yes its a huge flower, very pretty.
Again thanks friend for the info on the Angus, I'll keep an eye out for it..


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That psycho white plumeria is a beauty! Thanks for sharing!

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wuvbear(So. Calif)

Bill your Angus #3 is spectacular!!!!!

    Bookmark   September 11, 2011 at 11:08AM
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