Whats the best preventative for spider mites?

andrew78(6)September 1, 2011

I have been using rubbing alcohol to treat spider mites and also to help stop them from infesting my plumerias.

I am hoping that there is a better product available and was wondering if anyone can help me? I hav heard of people spraying with fish emulsion as a preventative.

Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everybody!


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I use Garden Safe Brand neem oil. You can buy the concentrate at HD, Lowes or Walmart. The kind I have now comes in an aqua colored bottle. I'm sure other brands work too I just use this one because its sold where I can walk in and get it. Works great on roses too.

Apply once a week or sooner if it rains. Which for me means once a week because it doesn't rain here anymore.

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thank you very much! I have been considering neem. I am going to this big greenhouse/nursery next week. I need to gt some orchid bark so I can mix up some gritty mix. I will check there and see if they have any.


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Hey Andrew:

You mention you are going to make some gritty mix--and we had on this forum that long thread about potting media earlier this summer that I believe you started...

I don't know which recipe you're planning to use, but just in case this info would be of use to you or anyone else reading this on the East Coast:

I found on eBay a seller in Arizona who sells horticultural pumice in 3 different sizes (easy to find through a search for the same). I had read on this forum many times that pumice was not available out East, so I thought it would be useful to let everyone know that we Easterners can get it! I just got a package of it--wasn't super-cheap, but not terribly expensive either.

I also found sequoia bark fines at my local orchid supply store, which is pretty close to what Turf-n-Tee is...and I know Kellogg Big R would be impossible to find in Florida, but I think Jungle Growth Tree and Shrub from Lowe's is a fairly close, high-quality substitute...

So, after many months of wishing beyond hope that I could make Jack Morgan's/Bill's mix, my dream is a reality! Oh the drainage! LOL

Take it for what it's worth, Andrew. Just thought maybe you and others would like to know...


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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

I have a bottle of neem but the label is gone, how much do you mix to a gal of water, I plan on using it on my orchids too as I have in the past to keep mealy bugs away or at least slow them down

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I mentioned in a previous post, that I use a jet of water from the garden hose to get rid of spider mites. With neem oil, you mix a capful to a quart of water. Add Dawn dishwashing liquid, one teaspoon, and shake.

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

Thanks for the reply it really helpful to know how much to use


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Not that I'm a big fan of chemical pesticides, but has anyone tried Avid for spider mites? It was recommended at the PSA sale last month by some of the growers to treat over winter.

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