Poor year in SW Ohio, others?

billyberueAugust 27, 2012

I have not had this poor of a year growing peppers in over 20 years. I grow many different veggies, and all have had their problems, on and off, but never my hot peppers. Serranos, jalapenos and bananna are fine but the real hot ones like rat turds, datil, pequin, ghost, chiltepins are barelt to not producing. Anything different this year? I irrigate so the drought hasn't bothered me and I thought they could take high heat.

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Still hotter than normal here after extremely hot June/July. Several days over 100 and severe drought. Lucky to get just one of those 100+ days all summer around here. We had a little reprieve about a week or so ago but now back into the 90's for highs. All in all, seems my peppers are liking it. Aside from about one week back in June, they have taken the heat pretty well in my opinion. But this is only my second real year of growing peppers. I am basically a container grower if that matters.

I have picked a couple harvests off several of my plants already. My super hots are the only ones I would consider slow this year.

You and I both probably have another month or so of growing season. I hope your plants kick in soon.

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I live in Southeast Michigan and this is the worst year I have had for super hots in 30 years. My bhuts and habaneros are just now forming pods. Doubtful that I will harvest many before frost. Everything else is doing just fine... weird year.

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