East County Rose Show Results and Photos

blsmithOctober 16, 2006

Photos: http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/554876494qYUMNt


East County Rose Society Rose Show Results October 14, 2006

Section/Class Name of Rose Name of Winner

B-9 Queen Hot Princess Roger English

King Cajun Moon Ron Gregory

Princess Sunstruck Roger English

Court Gemini Roger English

Court Stainless Steel Carl Mahany

Court Timeless Jack and Bonnie Shoultz

Court Let Freedom Ring Roger English

B-10 3 HT Blooms Kardinal Kathy Reed

B-11 6 HT Blooms None

B-12 Floating Bowl Natasha Monet Carl Mahany

B-13 English Box Kardinal Carl Mahany

B-14 Picture Frame Hot Princess Roger English

B-15 HT Spray None

C-16 1-Fl Bloom Julia Child Jack and Bonnie Shoultz

C-17 1-Fl Spray Playgirl Bob and Christine Bell

C-18 3-Fl Sprays None

D-19 Queen Irresistible Carl Mahany

King Giggles Jack and Bonnie Shoultz

Princess Conundrum Roger English

Court Dr. John Dickman Roger English

Court Charismatic Roger English

Court X-Rated Carl Mahany

Court Fairhope Roger English

D-20 3 Mini Blooms Dancing Flame Carl Mahany

D-21 1 Mini Spray Gourmet Popcorn Jerry Lettieri

D-22 1 Single Mini No Winner

D-23 Fully Open Mini This is the Day Karen Mannino

D-24 Mini English Box Top Gun Jack and Bonnie Shoultz

D-25 Mini Picture Frame Alisha Ruth Tiffany

D-26 Mini Artist Palette Yantai, Bees Knees, Top Gun Jack and Bonnie Shoultz

Minnie Pearl, Jean Kenneally

E-27 Genesis None

E-28 Dowager Sombreuil Sandy Campillo

E-29 Victorian None

F-30 Modern Shrub William Shakespeare 2000 Jerry Lettieri

F-31 Modern Shrub Queen Margrethe Linda Gluckman


F-32 Classic Shrub Rose Cornelia Jack and Bonnie Shoultz

F-33 Climber Night Owl Jerry Lettieri

F-34 Most Fragrant Yolanda d Aragon Jack and Bonnie Shoultz

F-35 Fully Open Rainbow Sorbet Karen Mannino - H-36 Judges HT None

H-37 Judges Fl or General Cavaignac Cliff Orent


H-38 Judges Mini Luscious Lucy Joseph and Brenda Smith

I-40 Novice HT Kardinal Kathy Reed

East County Challenge Classes

A-1 G. Johnson None

A-2 Desamero Incognito Ruth Tiffany

A-3 East C. Trophy None

A-4 Betty Dow None

A-5 Gerry Dow None

A-6 M. Epler Leonidas Jean Swanson

A-7 Coe Applegate None

A-8 Jean Kenneally

Memorial Look-Alike Cajun Sunrise & Dancing Flame Carl Mahany


A-1 Hockwalt Brandy Miriam Yoder

ARS Royalty Award Sunsprite, Fame, Pink Duet Karen Fleck

Disneyland, Betty Boop

ARS Artist Award Let Freedom Ring Brenda Landers Smith

ARS Oriental Award Fourth of July Maggi Jensen

ARS Duchess of Arr. Let Freedom Ring Brenda Landers Smith

ARS Duke of Arr. Conundrum Brenda Landers Smith

Novice Award Yves Piaget Sandy Campillo

Mini Royalty Award Little Chief Brenda Landers Smith

Mini Oriental Award Butter Cream Dixie Dahl

Keepsake Award None

Mini Keepsake Award None

Court Of Etiquette Paradise & Barbra Streisand Miriam Yoder

Gold Medal Award Miriam Yoder

Silver Medal Award Brenda Landers Smith

Bronze Medal Award Sandy Campillo

Mini Gold Medal Brenda Landers Smith

Mini Silver Medal Miriam Yoder

Mini Bronze Medal Brenda Landers Smith

L-26 Best Judges Golden Celebration Karen Mannino


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Maybe I'm just not seeing it, but did you say where the East County Rose Society was located? What state are you in and what city? Thanks.

    Bookmark   October 21, 2006 at 11:30PM
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Hi Phil,

We are in Southern California. East County Rose Society is East San Diego County.

    Bookmark   October 23, 2006 at 2:53AM
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