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Rgschwerdt(z5aillinois)October 16, 2012


Before any more important information is deleted from the "Rose" magazine, ARS is reminded of one of magazines prime purposes. As ARS chairman of registration stated several times, the "International Registration of New Rose Varieties" column in "The Rose magazine" is established to provide information to ARS members on new registrations".

In 1981 ARS was appointed resistor for CIOPORA, as registrar assumed worldwide responsibilities. Typical to noting changes to registered and non-registered rose�s, along with assuring notification of these changes are published first in The American Rose magazine, CIOPORA Rose Register, than the Rose Annual and Modern Roses.

In the ARS Classification Committee�s charter,notes it�s there responsible for investigating and correcting errors in classifications, along with proper notification in The American Rose magazine. Also changes in a classification should-not be made without the ARS Classification Committee�s prior approval, based on the oldest literature contemporary with a cultivar�s introduction.

Before ARS slides deeper into the hole its digging, reestablishes some of its communication credibility with members. Has ARS Committee�s charters been revised, reflecting these changes?

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

For all of you who follow Ron's imput:
I'm sorry to say he passes away last fall and this is his last article for Garden Web.

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