want to play possum?

rox146September 16, 2013

look what was in the live capture this morning right next to where all the cuttings are rooting with eggs.....glad we don't have armadillos I guess. We take them to the other side of the river. Lucky I guess they have never in 3 years of doing eggs in the rooting process had anything disrupt the pot. Nasty little creatures and the 2 whippets don't like them 1 bit. roxanne

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They are nasty......VERY NASTY!!!! I cannot stand them. I normally am against killing any animals but these are the exception. Glad you caught the menace!


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they carry disease for the cats and dogs as do raccoons

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Awwwww. :-/


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maark23 TX/8a

That thing looks scary! :s glad we don't have those around here!


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I have to admit, I have a soft spot for possums (and not in soup). They are not the best looking (and that's being kind), but I grew to like them when I went to school near where several lived. And how many animals can hang by their tails and play dead like a possum? I'm glad he's getting a new home on the other side of the river!

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We should put numbers on them to see if they return. Who would not want to live at the beach... :-) We are now up to 29 critters live caught this season alone. roxanne

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