2008 Official Rose List Supplement, October 2008

Rgschwerdt(z5aillinois)October 31, 2008



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By Ronald Schwerdt 10-31-2008

**********MODERN ROSES**********


Betts Christine HT, mp, 7-8-2008

Dayna Sawyer HT, pb, 7-8-2008

Eleanor Antoinette HT, w, 8-26-2008

Emina HT, 7-2-06>>>>S, 10/2006

Expressions HT, pb, 2006

Folk Magic HT, yb, 9-11-2008

George Treadgold HT, dy, 8-26-2008

Glorious Hass HT, dp, 3-19-08, 5/2008

Grandma Allison HT, op, 7-8-2008

Great Rosarians of the World HT, ab, 7/8/2008

HelenÂs Trust HT, mr, 9-11-2008

Help For Children HT, mr, 5/2008

Irma Jean HT, w, 9-10-2008

Isabel Rose Min, my, 10-13-2008

Lady Bird HT, or, 5-11-2008

Lucy Caroline HT, my, 3-19-08, 5/2008

Michelle Rosa HT, w, 3-19-08, 5/2008

Mimi Farina HT, yb, 7/8/2008

Mrs Talat Rizvi HT, ob, 12-17-007, 3/2008

Over the Moon HT, ab, 9-10-2008

Passionate Gardner HT, pb, 8-26-2008

SamanthaÂs Sargent HT, w, 8-26-2008

Sedona HT, or, 9-10-2008

Sharron with Two RÂs HT, pb, 7-8-200

Spirit of Ocean City HT, (Synonym of Canadian Sunset)

Tblbeta HT, pb, 3-5-07, 4/2007

Theresa Gareffa HT, mp, 9-22-2008

Tomliz HT, pb, 8-26-2008


Ch-Ching! Gr, dy, 9-22-2008

Sheer Joy Gr, op, 9-11-2008

Sweetness Gr, m, 5-11-2008

Tombob Gr, pb, 8-26-2008

VicÂs Refrain Gr, w, >>>>>>>>>S


Alec and Paul F, dr, 7-2-2008

Amanda Ivy F, dr, 5-11-2008

Anne Graber F, dp, 7-8-2008

Ask Maureen F, mp, 7-2-2008

Bossa Nova F, mp, 1992>>>>>>>>Pol

Carol Burnett F, ab, 7-2-2008

Carol McLure F, w, 7-2-2008

Cheryl Kay F, mp, 8-13-2008

Colorific F, dr, 10-1-2008

Cracker Jack F, ob, 10-13-2008

Danielle Turner F, ab, 7-2-2008

Dear Kath F, mp, 5-11-2008

DordieÂs Rose F, ab, 5-11-2008

Easy Does It F, op, 9-10-2008

Emily Nicole F, rb, 9-11-2008

Enchanted Evening F, m, 5-11-2008

Eppi Santos Calderon F, pb, 9-10-2008

Fay Euphemia Evelyn Benson Gibson Cullen 7/2008

Florence Ethel Read F, mp, 7-22-2008

Frankish F, dy, 5-11-2008

Gladys Quine F, ob, >>>>>>>>>>>Min Fl, ob, 3/2006

Help For Children F, 11-19-07>>>>>>HT, mr, 5/2008

Jim Chown F, mp, 10-1-2008

KyraÂs Kisses F, rb, 9-10-2008

Kimberlina F, lp, 5-11-2008

Laura Elizabeth F, ly, 10-13-2008

Light My Fire F, or, 5-1`2-2008

Lily C F, yb, 10-1-2008

Love Everlasting F, dr, 10-13-2008

Margaret Turnbull F, op, 7-2-2008

Midsummersnow F, w, 9-10-2008

Molly de Balkany F, lp, 5-11-2008

Monkey Business F, ly, 9-10-2008

Peter Hood F, ob, 5-11-2008

Pumpkin Patch F, r, 9-10-2008

Samantha-Jane F, m, 7-8-2008

Samantha Jose Home F, ab, 7-2-2008

SharonÂs Smile F, dp, 10-13-2008

Smiling Claire F, op, 10-1-2008

Sweet Intoxication F, m, 9-10-2008

Taboo F, ob, 9-10-2008

Tomblu F, dr, 8-26-2008

Yvette F, pb, 5-11-2008


Aydan Renee Min, m, 10-13-2008

Brenda Lee Min, yb, 10-1-2008

Cinnamon Girl Min, ob, 5-11-2008

DaddyÂs Little Girl Min, pb, 10-1-2008

Dignity 2008 Min, yb, 5-11`-2008

Holiday Inn Min, ly, 7-8-2008

Hot Pink Min, mp, 9-10-2008

Joyce Abounding Min, op, 5-11-2008

Karaoke Min, pb, 7-8-2008

Kiss An Angel Goodmorning Min, 10-13-2008

Kristin, Cl Min, rb, 3-19-08, 5/2008


Little Alice mp, 5-11-2008

Maisy Wakefield Min, dp, 5-11-2008

Okie Dokie Min, ly, 10-13-2008

Olympic Gold Min, ly, 1983>>>>>>>>>>>>>Min Fl

Party Pooper Min, pb, 10-13-2008

Peter Alonso HT, ly, 9-22-2008

Ruby Rambler Cl Min, mr, MR 12

Softee, Softee Min, pb, 5-11-2008

Sunswept Min, yb, 7-2-2008

The Phantom of the Opera Rose Min, dr, 5-11-2008

Tom Delahanty Min, pb, 5-11-2008

Touch of Gold Min, my, 10-10-2008


Ambiance Min Fl, ab, 5-11-2008 #

Alison Pitt Min Fl, w, 5-11-2008

All American Girl Min Fl, mp, 9-10-2008

Baldo Villegas Min Fl, m, 10-1-2008

Blue Swade Shoos Min Fl, m, 10-1-2008

Bran New Girlfriend Min Fl, m, 9-10-2008

Coat Of Menny Colors Min Fl, ?, 9-22-2008

Cole Miners Daughter Min Fl, pb, 9-22-2008

Cooper Min Fl, mr, 9-22-2008

Deja Blu Min Fl, m, 5-11-2008 #

Double Take Min Fl, rb, 5-11-2008

Flawless Min Fl, mp, 5-11-2008

Focal Point Min Fl, pb, 7-8-2008

Gem o the Rockies Min Fl, pb, 7-2-2008

Gerta Roberts Min Fl, m, 9-10-2008

Gladys Quine Min Fl, ob, 3/2006

Good Ole Mountain Dew Min Fl, m, 9-22-2008

Jim Loves Peggy w, 3-12-08, 5-2008

Joy Kathleen Min Fl, pb, 10-13-2008

Jupiter Min Fl, m, 7-8-2008

Lee Greenwood American Patriot Min Fl, m, 10-13-2008

Olympic Gold Min Fl, ly, 3/2008

Our Jeannie Min Fl, mp, 10-13-2008

Me & Mrs Jones Min Fl, lp, 9-22-2008

Moonbeam Min Fl, pb, 7-8-2008

Regina LeeÂs Sister Min Fl, temporary AEN?

Shirley Raye Min Fl, yb, 9-11-2008


Jim Delahanty Pol, lp, 7-8-2008

Bossa Nova Pol, mp, 9/2004


Moon with Tidal Waves LCl, m, 9-10-2008

NormaÂs Love LCl, mp, 10-1-2008



DE TOUS MOIS ** HMsk, w, RIVERSÂ MUSK CLUSTER ** HMsk, mp, SPANISH MUSK ROSE ** HMsk, w, Super Jane HMsk, mp, 5-11-2008


Michel Trudeau Rose HRg, dp, 3-19-08


ANNE DE BOLEYN ** S, lp, 1829

Beach Blanket S, dp, 9-10-2008

Bubblicious S, lp, 9-10-2008

Candy Oh! Vivid red S, dr, 8-26-2008

Dorothy Ives S, dp, 9-10-2008

Dorrance Hill Hamilton S, yb, 8-13-2008

Deana S, yb, 5-11-2008

Emina S, rb, 10/2006

Evaly Jane S, dp, 9-11-2008

FUN JWAN LO ** S, w,

GROSSE MOHNKOPFS ROSE ** S, dp, Indian Love Call S, mp, 5-11-2008

JAUNE BICOLOR ** S, yb, 1633

PINNATIFIDE ** S, mp, PREMIER ** S, w, 1866

RichardÂs Rose S, mp, 7-8-2008

Roisin Ruddle S, ob, 2004>>>>Ron Ruddle

Splendid! S, pb, 5-11-2008

STRIATA ** S, rb, The Window of the South S, dp, 5-11-2008

Tomblak S, dr, 9-10-2008

Tomlav S, m, 8-26-2008

Tomopel S, pb, 9-10-2008

Tomton S, pb, 8-26-2008

TURNEPS ** S, dp, VicÂs Refrain S, w, 1-27-08, 5/2008


Sir George Watt HG, ly, 5-11-2008

Sir Henry Collett HG, w, 5-11-2008

Tangkul Treasure HG, w, 5-12-2008

*************Old Garden Roses***********


Kit Delahanty ** B, dp, 5-11-2008

China & Climbing China: (Ch & Cl Ch)

BermudaÂs Emmie Gray Ch, rb, (Found Rose)


Jon Singer M, m, 9-11-2008

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