Firefighter aka Hacienda aka ORAdal

deborah2003October 11, 2004

I received my ARS 2005 Handbook for Selecting Roses in it under Firefighter it lists the Williams Firefighter and then under lists another Firefighter with see Hacienda.

So does this mean the Edmunds Firefighter should be shown as Hacienda?

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Here's the rub Deborah -- If you go to the ARS registrations website, you will find the rose ORAdal with a Trademarked name of 'Firefighter'. Under synonyms, there is nothing listed.

Because the Williams 'Firefighter' has been listed in the Combined Rose List, the ARS registration committee decided to give the AEN to the Williams 'Firefighter' and gave the AEN of 'Hacienda' to ORAdal.

In the 2005 Handbook, the listing says 'See Hacienda'. So, I would recommend that you exhibit it under 'Hacienda' -- just to be safe.

My complaint is that ARS is giving precedence to an obscure rose that has not - and probably never will be - officially registered with the ARS. Their reasoning is that the major rose growers really don't care what their roses are shown under so it makes no difference. ARS tells us that rose exhibitors make up a very tiny portion of their business. But consider this -- since rose shows are held in public, thousands of average gardeners visit these shows with pen and pencils in hand and make copious lists. These lists are then taken to their nearest garden centers where (using the Firefighter example) will be asking the question --- 'Do you have or know where I can get a rose called 'Hacienda'? The average nurseryperson would be hard pressed to devine this information for their customers. Been there --- done that!

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ron_gregory(z10 So.Ca. Inld)

Chris, I think I would go by the ARS registration site myself, as I would think it would take precedence over the others. I've been winning with the ORAdal Firefighter as Firefighter and no DQ's.

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The answer to your question as far as I can tell, is no.

âÂÂHaciendaâ (ORAdal) and âÂÂFirefighter âÂÂ(ORAdal) is one and the same rose. The code name is the name that should be attached to the rose no matter what other name it is sold under worldwide.

âÂÂHaciendaâ (ORAdal) was introduced 2000 and probley registered by Orard with the Rome Registration Center, but not with the International Registration Center for Roses (RIAR).

Orard Pierre registered on 1-8-2004 âÂÂHaciendaâ (ORAdal) with IRAR under the Approved Exhibition Name (AEN) of âÂÂFirefighterâÂÂ. This is the name that must be used to exhibit the rose.

In the 2004 Handbook âÂÂHaciendaâ is nor listed. It is listed in the 2005 publication even thought it is not in commerce in North America. What is in commerce and sold in North America is âÂÂFirefighterâ (ORAdal).

Edmunds catalogue may have been printed prior to âÂÂFirefighterâ IRAR registration. I hope this will help you.

Ron S.

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