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blsmithNovember 1, 2006

2006 CCRS Annual Auction

Don't miss out on one of the highlights of the rose year - the CCRS Annual Rose Auction. We will offer both a silent and live auction all evening. Door opens at 5:30, Silent auction starts at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. LIVE auction begins at 7:10 pm to 9:00 pm on November 14th at Heritage Hall in Carlsbad.

CCRS is honored to have the dynamic duo, Bryan Main and John Bagnasco of Garden Compass Radio as this years auctioneers. MANY THANKS to Dr. Joel Ross and John Bagnasco for the many hours of work to accomplish this BIG EVENT!

Coastal Rose Society Auction NOV. 2006

Name Type Color Year Hybridizer Root

No. 04R510 Dr. Huey

AARS - 2008 Floribunda 2008 Dr. Huey

AARS - 2008 Grandiflora 2008 Dr. Huey

Alisha Miniature pb 1995 Spooner own

Arthur Bell Floribunda my 1965 McGredy own

* Bamboo Rose Species lp wild own

Black Tea Hybrid Tea r 1973 Okamoto own

Blushing Knockout Shrub lp 2004 Radler own

* Brown Velvet Floribunda r 1983 McGredy own

CafFloribunda r 1956 Kordes own

Cardinal Richelieu Hybrid China m 1847 Parmentier own

Careless Love Hybrid Tea pb 1955 Conklin own

Charles de Mills Gallica m * Comtesse de Lacépède Hybrid China lp 1840 Duval own

Cracklin' Fire Miniature ob 1999 Walden own

Deep Secret Hybrid Tea dr 1977 Tantau own

* Devoniensis Tea w 1838 Foster own

Dominique Loiseau Shrub w 2003 Delbard own

Duchess of Sutherland Hy. Perpetual lp 1839 Laffay own

* Elegance Hybrid Tea pb 1996 Meilland Odorata

English Miss Floribunda lp 1977 Cants own

* Estelle Hybrid Tea rb 1997 Olij own

Eternal Flame Hybrid Tea ly 2007 Meilland Dr. Huey

* Federico Casas Hybrid Tea op 1931 Dot own

Florence Mayer Hybrid Tea pb 1998 Singer Multiflora

Fragrant Wave Floribunda w 2005 Zary Dr. Huey

Glad Tidings Floribunda dr 1998 Tantau own

Grace Seward Miniature w 1991 Bennett own

* Grandmother's Hat Hy. Perpetual m 1845 Lacharme own

* Green Planet Hybrid Tea w 2002 Spek own

Green Rose China w * Grey Pearl Hybrid Tea m 1945 McGredy grafted

* Guy Savoy Shrub rb 2002 Delbard own

Harry Wheatcroft Hybrid Tea yb 1972 Wheatcroft own

Hinky Dinky Polyantha 2008 Carruth Dr. Huey

* Imperatrice Farah Hybrid Tea w 1992 Delbard own

In the Mood Hybrid Tea mr 2007 Carruth Dr. Huey

Innocence Miniature w 1997 Saville own

Irene Marie "Miniature, cl." yb 2006 Moore own

Irish Crème Hybrid Tea w 1999 Perry Dr. Huey

Irresistable Miniature w 1989 Bennett own

* Jacques Amyot Noisette lp 1844 Varagnot own

Janice Kellogg Hybrid Tea dr 2005 Meilland Dr. Huey

* Jocelyn Floribunda r 1970 LeGrice own

Joyfulness Hybrid Tea ab 1984 Tantau Dr. Huey

Jude the Obscure Shrub my 1995 Austin own

Julia's Rose Hybrid Tea r 1976 Wisbech own

* Ladybug Floribunda rb 2001 Meilland own

Liv Tyler Hybrid Tea pb 2000 Meilland Dr. Huey

Maid of Kent Climber lp 2000 Rumwood own

* Marie d' Orleans Tea mp 1883 Nabonnand own

Marriotta Miniature dp 1989 McGredy own

Miss Behavin' Floribunda dp 2000 Zary Dr. Huey

Mother of Pearl Grandiflora lp 2007 Meilland Dr. Huey

News Floribunda m 1968 LeGrice own

Nicole Carole Miller Grandiflora m 2004 Meilland Dr. Huey

* Nigrette Hybrid Tea dr 1934 Krause own

O'Rilla Hybrid Tea r 1996 Sheldon own

Papageno Hybrid Tea rb 1990 McGredy own

Peach Drift Shrub ab 2007 Meilland Dr. Huey

Penny Lane Climber ab 1998 Harkness own

Perle Noire Hybrid Tea dr 1976 Delbard own

Persian Light Hy. Hulthemia yb 2006 Moore own

Persian Sunset Hy. Hulthemia yb 2006 Moore own

Phil's Hot Pink Bourbon dp c. 1835 Found own

Pink Drift Shrub mp 2007 Meilland Dr. Huey

Pink Knockout Shrub mp 2007 Radler own

* Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea w 2006 Zary Dr. Huey

Primrose Queen Hybrid Tea my 2002 Zary own

Purple Floor Show Shrub m 2002 Harkness own

* Quicksilver Hybrid Tea m 1985 Christensen Dr. Huey

Rainbow Knockout Shrub m 2007 Radler own

* Raspberry Swirls Hybrid Tea pb 2000 Edwards own

Red Drift Shrub mr 2007 Meilland Dr. Huey

* Red Intuition Hybrid Tea rb 2004 Delbard grafted

* Roger Lambelin Hy. Perpetual rb 1890 Schwartz own

Rose de Rescht Portland dp c.1840 Unknown own

Rotes Meer Hy. Rugosa mr 1983 Baum own

Silk Hat Hybrid Tea m 1985 Christensen own

Sixteen Candles Floribunda lp 2006 Zary Dr. Huey

Solstice Hybrid Tea ly 2005 Zary Dr. Huey

Spiced Coffee Hybrid Tea r 1990 McGredy own

Spring Break Hybrid Tea dp 1996 Strickland own

Stranger Hybrid Tea Olij Rozen own

* Suni Floribunda pb 1993 Barni own

Sweet Promise Hybrid Tea pb 1974 Meilland Dr. Huey

Terracotta Hybrid Tea r 1999 Meilland own

* The Doctor Hybrid Tea mp 1936 Howard own

* The Imposter Shrub pb 2007 Meilland Dr. Huey

* Verschuren Hybrid Tea lp 1904 Verschuren own

* Vesper Floribunda ob 1966 LeGrice own

* Victoriana Floribunda ob 1977 LeGrice own

Water Colorz Floribunda 2008 Carruth Dr. Huey

* White Pearl in Red... China rb ancient Unknown own

* William R. Smith Tea pb 1908 Bagg own

Note: Full names for these roses are:

"""Phil's Hot Pink Perpetual Damask"""

White Pearl in Red Dragon's Mouth ( Chi Long Han Zhu )

* Designates roses that will be offered in live auction. All others in silent auction.

The silent auction will also include prints and these publications:

American Rose Manual -- 1918

American Rose Manual -- 1954

American Rose Manuals -- 1981 thru 1985 (Offered as group)

American Rose Manuals -- 1986 thru 1990 (Offered as group)

Old Garden Roses -- 1936 Edward Bunyard

In Praise of Roses -- 1970 Harry Wheatcroft (autographed)

The Rose in America -- 1923 J. Horace Mfarland

Also Suitable for framing: a number of pages from:


by Jessie-Chizu Baer (in original softboard portfolio)


Fine art donated to this event from:

Jerry Downs Photography - Beautiful signed rose matted photograph

Bren Landers-Smith Studio - Signed limited edition giclee gallery wrap print.

(Go to our web site for photos)

Go to www.californiacoastalrose.com for more details and directions.

Here is a link that might be useful: California Coastal Rose Society

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Thanks to everyone who participated in this very successful annual event.

Here is a link that might be useful: California Coastal Rose Society

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