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Djole(6)August 29, 2012

Thought i'd share some photos from the garden and ask a question while at it. I bought a mix pack of seeds from T&M dubbed "Tropical mix", containing red and orange Habanero seeds as well as red and yellow Scotch Bonnets. I presumed that ones on the picture below are habs (beeing orange) until i realized that i might have just picked them too early since one of them seems to be going red. So the question would be is this the hab or the bonney?

What actually got me confused is this pepper in the next picture - i figured that would be the scotch bonnet.

The third differently looking pepper from the same pack is this 1 (for which i think is deffinitely a habanero):

The real issue for me is that pepper in the 1st pic since i've found pictures around the web of the same looking pepper being claimed to be both habanero and bonnet. I thought it's orange and therefore the hab, but now as it might be going red, i'm having doubts, and would be very grateful if anyone can clear it out for me :)

And a few more pics of my babies:


Thai dragon:


Cilliegia Piccante

Sorry if the pics are too big, tried to keep them around 100k each.



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My bonnets are more round than the first picture, the firts look like habs the second I can't tell you what those are. they look like the super-hots some people have posted, the wrinkling to me make them look that way. I am no expert though

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If I were to guess, I'd say red hab, scotch bonnet, orange hab for the first 3 pics.

The names of both habanero and scotch bonnet have been used so generically, that you will find a huge variety of pod sizes, shapes, colors, etc.. going by those names.

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anna13(z6 ON)

Djole, I too ordered my seeds from T&M. Got Thai Drago, Jalapenos & Habs like you. Below is the picture I took of my hab which is in a large pot.

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