ARS 2012 Official Rose List Supplement, November 2012

Rgschwerdt(z5aillinois)November 20, 2012

ARS 2012 Official Rose List Supplement, NOVEMBER 2012


By: Ronald Schwerdt 11-20-2012


Ann Williams HT, op, 9-11-2012

Anne Vanderlove HT, op, 6-19-2012

Baby Allegra HT, mp, 9-2-2012

Belinda�s Song HT, op, 9-11-2012

Blue Dress HT, m, 6-30-2012

Budapest HT, yb, 2012

Candle Light HT, or, 6-30-2012

Canopus HT, w, 10-22-2012

Carolyn Kuhnlein HT, my, 9-11-2012

Daniel HT, w, 5-6-2012

David�s Love HT, w, 9-2-2012

Donna�s Grace HT, w, 9-2-2012

Dr. Swain HT, dy, 5-6-2012

Eddie Edwards HT, pb, 9-2-2012

Elizabeth Ann (X) HT, op, 10-22-2012

Eunice School HT, w, 2-20-2012

Fabulous Rita HT, w, 8-15-2012

Fire Lady HT, op, 9-2-2012

Fires of Alamo HT, rb, 5-6-2012

Flowering Object HT, ob, 9-11-2012

Fragrant Peace HT, yb, 2-20-2012

Framboise Chocolat HT, rb, 7-10-1012

Francis Meilland HT, lp, 6-20-2012

Garuda HT, ob, 7-11-2012

Gentle Robert HT, ly, 5-6-2012

Good as Gold (X) HT, yb, 10-22-2012

Greffe de Vie HT, dp, 8-23-2012

Gustav Mahler Rose HT, dr, 5-2-2012

Happy Ruby Wedding HT, mr, 7-25-12

Impression HT, rb, 5-3-2012

Intense HT, my, 4-15-2012

J. C. �S HT, m, 9-11-2012

Jack �N� Jill Rose HT, w, 5-6-2012

Jam and Jerusalem HT, ob, 5-4-2012

Karen Constant HT, pb, 6-24-2012

Katherine Parnell HT, yb, 9-11-2012

Koiemaki HT, pb, 5-5-2012

Koishi Hama HT, Mr, 10-13-2010

Lisa Marie Berry HT, op, 9-11-2012

Lorraine Byrne HT, op, 9-11-2012

Magnificence HT w, 29-2-201

Mademoiselle Maiko HT, ob, 5-6-2012

Magnifica HT, dp, 6-29-2011

Marie-Christine Barrault w, 8-2-12

Mary Margaret Greaney HT, ab, 9-11-2012

Maurice Schillinger HT, w, 2011 CRL

Mei Ren Xiang HT, ob, 9-11-2012

Michael Desjoyaux HT, ob, 2012 CRL

Michael House HT, mr, 2011 CRL

Mohana HT, yb, 11-22-2007

Mom & Pop Wright HT, pb, 9-2-2012

Mrs Terrany HT, pb, 9-2-2012

Ms. Jan HT, pb, 9-2-2012

Our Joy and Happiness pb, 6-24-2012

Phillip�s Grand Slam mr, 9-2-2012

Queen of Jindai dr, 9-11-2012

Rahle�s Rose HT, op, 4-10-2012

Red 4 HT, pb, 5-6-2012

Rose Dragee HT, r, 2012 CRL

Scently Divine HT, w, 2-9-2011

Seattle�s Raine HT, ob, 9-11-2012

Soledad HT, ob, 9-9-2012

Sonta HT, mp, 9-11-2012

Sweet Marlon HT, m, 9-2-2012

Sybil Ann HT, pb, 5-6-2012

Tenshi no Kaori HT, mp, 2012 CRL

The Lewis Family Rose HT, w, 6-24-2012

Thuls HT pb, 2011 CRL

Velasquez HT, dp, 2012 CRL

Wedding Bells HT, dp, 5-28-2012

Wild Child HT, mp, 5-6-2012

Xiang Fei HT, dp, 9-11-2012

Zach Nobles HT, or, 6-24-2012

Zui Hong Yan HT, mp, 9-11-2012


Bon-Bon Gr, ab, 9-11-2012

Happy Go Lucky (X) Gr, my, 10-22-2012

Twilight Zone Gr, m, 2-3-2012

Vic�s Refrain Gr, w, >>>>>>>>>(S)


Barossa Chateau ob, 6-24-2912

Big Red Climber Cl F, rb, 5-6-2012

Bright and Breezy F, 2-2-2012

Carmel Naughton F, ab, 6-24-2012

Caribbean Breeze F, op, 7-3-2012

Coeur de Nacre F, pb, 7-5-2012

Coeurs de Vendee F, mr, 4-24-2012

Diablo Hawk F, dr, 6-24-2012

Divine Dee F, mp, 5-6-2012

Dong Fang Hong F, dr, 9-11-201

Douglas F, or, 4-26-2012

Elizabeth McCaleb Allen F, w, 9-11-12

Forever Sharon (X) F, m, 10-22-2012

French Lace Cl Cl F, w, 2012 CRL

Gerald Murnane (X) F,rb, 10-22-2012

Grazyna Grubczak F, ab, 9-11-2012

Hans Gonewein Rose F, m, 1-12-2012

Happy Pearl Wedding F, w, 2011 CRL

Heart�s Delight F, dr, 5-6-2012

Hot Samba F, dr, 5-3-2012

Jean Gregory F, my, 9-11-2012

June Honey F, yb, 5-6-2012

Kizuna F, lp, 5-6-2012

Lacy Parasol F, lp, 5-6-2012

Let�s Celebrate F, m, 8-15-2012

Little Miss Sunshine F, yb, 5-7-2012

Love Song F, m, 7-31-2012

Madeline Collins F, dy, 6-24-2012

Madison Grace F, lp, 5-6-2012

Maureen Goggin F, dy, 9-11-2012

Me & Mrs. Jones F, 1-28-2012

Milano F, mr, 8-14-2012

Moment in Time F, mr, 2-6-2012

Natasha Richardson F, lp, 8-27-2012

Origami F, lp, 8-29-2012

Pat�s Pink F, dp, 12-4-2011

Pearl Essence F, w, 5-6-2012

Pink Ayoba F, dp, 4-13-2012

Purple Glow F, m, 4-13-2012

Quinceanera F, lp, 2011 ARS

Raspberry Ice F, rb, July 2010

Rod Beechey F, mp, 2011 CRL

Schone Koblenzerin F, rb, 2012 CRL

Slim Dusty F, dy, 2010 CRL

Sparkle & Shine F, dy, 2-3-2012

Sunny Days F, my 2012 CRL

Sunny Samba F, dy, 5-26-2012

Sunrise Rose F, w, 2012 CRL

Sweet Parole HT, mp, 2-20-2012

Tamango F, m, 2012 CRL

The Oddfellows Rose F, m, 2012 CRL

Vaguelette F, dr, 2012 CRL

Westpoint F, or, 2012 CRL

Westpolo F, m, 2012 CRL

York Minister F, ab, 2012 CRL

You�re Beautiful F, 2013 CRL

Yua F, rb, 2012 CRL


Caroline Rose Min, pb, 6-24-2012

Carolyn Supinger Min, m, 5-6-2012

Chisaki ClMin, lp, 2011 CRL

Coral Sweet Dream Min, op, 7-7-12

Crimson Sweet Dream Min, dr, 2012 CRL

Dr. Tommy Cairns Min, pb, 6-24-2012

Hannah Gwilliams Min, w, 5-6-2012

Joyce Abounding Min, op,>>>>MF, 8-2012

Klassy Sunrise Min, yb, 9-11-2012

Marigold Sweet Dream Min, op, 2011

Moca Min, r, 5-6-2012

Petit Pink Min, mp, 2010

Powder Snow Min, w, 9-11-2012

Rikki E. Rosen 9-11 Memorial Rose Min

Sanibel Min, my, 6-24-2012

Shizuka Min, w, 2012 CRL

Tea Lady Min, yb, 5-6-2012

Wanderlust (X) Min, rb, 10-22-2012

You�re the One Min, pb, 6-24-2012

Yellow Clementine Min, dy, 1-24-2012


Angel View M/F, w, 5-6-2012

Contrary Mary M/F, dp, 5-6-2012

Crystal Palace M/F, w, 9-2-2012

Hello Sunshine M/F, ly, 5-6-2012

Joyce Abounding op,>>>M/F, 8-2012

Lenny M/F, ly, 6-24-2012

Little Red Britches (X) M/F, mr, 10-22-2012

Little Striped Britches (X) M/F, rb, 10-22-2012

Me & Mrs. Jones M/F,>>>(F) 1-28-2012

Princess Katelyn M/F, yb, 2011 CRL

Raspberry Ice M/F>>>(F) July 2010 Rose

Sandusky (X) M/F, ob, 10-22-2012

Sandy�s Pick M/F, rb,


White BonBon (X) Pol, w, 10-22-2012


Frank Kingdon Ward LCl, pb, 5-6-2012

Grenadier Cottage , dy, 6-24-2012

Happiness LCl, my, 7-25-2012

Mellow Yellow LCl, my, 8-24-2012

Raspberry Cream Twirl) pb, 2-3-2012

Rebecca�s Choice LCl, lp, 5-6-2012

Silence is Golden LCl, ob, 2011

The Lakeland Rose LCl, mp, 2012, CRL

Theo LCl, pb, 2012 CRL

Zephirine Teutoberg ly, 6-24-2012


Billy Boi S, lp, 9-11-2012

Breathless Charm S, ly, 5-6-2012

Cecil de Volanges S, mp, 7-3-2012

Chantal Baudron S, dp, 4-20-2012

Chantal Thomass S, ab, 4-20-2012

Christina Kienzle S, ab, 7-4-2012

Circus Panarosa S, yb, 4-14-2012

Clarens Centenary S, pb, 4-13-2012

Country Spice S, ab, 10-22-2012

Corail Gelee S, op, 2012 CRL

Dakota Redwing S, m, 6-24-2012

Dawn Star S, LP, 4-26-2012

Diane Grace S, yb, 5-6-2012

Etienne S, w, 7-9-2012

Fighting Temeraire S, ab, 7-10-2012

First Light S, pb, 7-10-2012

Flamingo Kolorscope S, lp, 7-10-2012

Fuefuki S, mp, 6-24-2012

Gentry Weeps S, w, 5-6-2012

Goldspatz S, ly, 7-12-2012

Green �n� Gold (X) S, yb, 10-22-2012

High Roller S, my, 5-6-2012

Jacqueline Farvacques S, yb, 8-4-2012

Jean Teresa S, op, 5-6-2012

Jeanne de Cgedigny S, lp, 2011 CRL

Kannikin (X) S, dp, 10-22-2012

Kardinal Kolorscope S, m, 2012 CRL

Lady Dove S, ab, 9-11-2012

Lady Pamela Carol S, yb, 5-6-2012

Lady Sailisbury S, mp, 8-14-2012

Les Impatients (X) S, dp, 10-22-2012

Lynn�s Legacy S, pb, 5-6-2012

Maisha S, pb, 5-10-2012

Milano Kolorscape S, mr, 8-24-2012

Mandarian Ice S, pb, 2012 CRL

Merlin�s Magic S, rb, 5-6-2012

Minnie Belle S, pb, 5-6-2012

Moraya Rouge S, mr, 5-11-2012

Nancy Gay S, lp, 5-6-2012

Orchid Romance S, m, 8-30-2012

Party Dress S, mp, 8-20-2012

Purple Lodge S, m, 4-14-2012

Rathvilly Anniversary S, dr, 5-6-2012

Remi Chang S, mp, 5-21-2012

Ron�s Vision S, dy, 5-6-2012

Rosafrica S, ab, 4-13-2012

Roxy Sun Sprite S, my, 2012 CRL

Royal Jubilee S, dp, 2013 CRL

Salma es Said S, dp, 2011 CRL

Salmon Wings S, op, 5-23-2012

Showmee Music S, rb, 2011 CRL

Sweet Frances S, pb, 5-6-2012

Sweet Verlin S, pb, 5-6-2012

The Lady�s Blush S, lp, 2011 CRL

The Lark Ascending S, ab, 2013 CRL

Theo Zwgart S, m, 2011 CRL

Tisane S, ab, 2012 CRL

Topolina S, pb, 2011 CRL

Tranquility S, w, 2013 CRL

Under the Rose S, dr, 5-28-2012

Ventilo S, dp, 5-28-2012

William and Mary S, w, 2007

Wollerton Old Hall S, ly, 2012 CRL

Xavier de Fraissinette my, 5-28-2012

Yellow Wall S, my, 2012 CRL

Yves Duteil S, lp, 2012 CRL


Duo Jiao (X) HKor, dp, 9-11-2012

Duo Qiao (X) HKor, dr, 9-11-2012


Rulison (X) HRg, dr, 10-22-2012


Hera�s Song (X) HMsk, pb, 9-11-2012

Independence Musk (X) HMsk, w,>>>(SP)



Spot On HCh, pb, 6-24-2012


Donimic Sunset HBc, ob, 6-24-2012

Castle Bravo HBc, mr, 9-11-2012


Whetstine Garden pb, 6-24-2012,


Sugar Jangle M, pb, 6-24-2012


Adie N, pb, 6-24-2012


Independence Musk hy R. moschata, yb, 9-11-2012

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

I am sorry to have to report this,but, Ron Schwerdt passed away March 25th 2013. I couldn't reach him as He is one of my Master Rosarians. I knew something was wrong when he didn't post a supplement
His reports will be missed as well as Ron!

    Bookmark   March 26, 2013 at 10:42PM
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