HELP!! Gigantic Makanani tree with broken branches.

Plumienut64September 8, 2012

Someone I know in San Diego has a huge tree that just broken in half! It became too heavy on one side and the whole thing split. It is very mature tree that we think was planted in 1964! It was heartbreaking to see all the plumie branches cut off the tree.

He has many, many, cuttings and branches he is trying to sell before growing season is over.

His email is

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More pics of the broken tree.

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Trouble posting more than 1 pic at a time!

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See how big this really is....

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Minderella(9 Lake County FL)

It is beautiful but I live in Florida. San Diego is a long way from me.


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Andrew Scott

I had heard about this on Face Book plumeria addicts page. Just a word of caution to anyone buying these cuttings. There not cheap...$5 per tip, and the tree was covered in rust, which if you buy the cuttings, you can strip off the leaves and you should be fine(not sure if you have to spray the cutting with fungicide or not).


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nice looking blooms.

is it $5 per cutting or $5 per tip on each cutting? is that with or w/o shipping cost?

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I purchased a good size 4' branch with around 12 tips. I offered him $30 and he accepted it. I think at this point he probably rather get rid of the cuttings then to let them sit there.
The tree had rust, probably due to the fact that its near the coast. I didnt think it was terrible.
I am sure the shipping could be done in a flat rate box.

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I saw the pics on the Facebook Plumeria Addicts page. The size of that trunk is something else. Supposedly there are some more big ones in the back yard that need attention also.

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Rust is common here, according to Jim Little it is not a problem and is beneficial to bees and other insects who eat it, he even has a pic of a bee eating rust in his book. I ignore it and have never had a plant affected except for unsightly leaves. It also affects crinums. Some plants seem to get it every year but the same plant right next to it doesn`t.
Tally HO!

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OK Plumienut64. Because of you, I'm lighter in the wallet but a pretty happy camper. I feel so sorry for those plumeria and for Greg the owner. I picked up a nice 7 tip and a couple from his trees in the back yard. He has some beautiful plumeria. I hope I can get them rooted before it gets too cold.

I suggested he call the Plumeria Society to see if they have any suggestions as to what to do with the hundreds of cuttings he has all over his yard from this tree.

It was a magnificent tree. It just got too top heavy. Lord help me if mine ever get that big. I won't have a place to put them.

thanks again for the heads up on the cuttings. Mary

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angela_socal(Zone 10a)

Ha ha Mary, I think I was there after you! He was talking about a lady that just came..

We walked away with two nice cuttings, one 4 feet tall.

He also gave me a cutting from that beautiful bright pink tree that was on the right! So pretty! I couldn't believe how many there were in the back yard!

I want more... but I wish it were April or May!!


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Hi Angela.
Yes it probably was me. I was in plumie heaven. did you see all the plumeria trees on the street he lives on? Makes my ones on my deck look pretty pathetic!

I've never seen so many cuttings in my life. He said it was the largest plumeria in California and judging from the amount of cuttings, I'd have to agree. Sadly, I don't think he willbe able to save many of them.

I bought a cutting of that gorgeous red in the backyard, one from the pinwheel rainbow next to it and also one of the fallen tree.

They are trimmed, root toned and resting. I am hopeful we will stay warm for a few more weeks. (I can't believe I said that...humidity, ugh)

Hope yours root. Mary

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I'm glad some of you were able to pick up some nice cuttings! I've heard the older wood cuttings are easier to root....and I also wished the growing season wasn't coming to an end. Not sure what he'll do with all those cuttings.

Dang it! I Didn't see his other trees. Did you get pics of the other blooms?

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Plumienut, Angela -SoCal took a picture of the red. she heard it is Cerise. Looks to be from what I remember. It is stunning. The rainbow pinwheel right next to it was pretty unique too. No pictures, sorry. Thanks for the information about it the tree. Mary

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its probably just as well that I didn't go into the back yard or I would've wound up with more cuttings. Did anyone see the White plumeria in the front yard. Huge blooms and very fragrant.

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I wonder of he planted the remaining trunk,a virtual huge tree sized cutting? I would have..or planted in some large container. I hate to think it was tossed out.

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