jalapeno heat = cayenne

greengrass12(5)August 26, 2011

This is second yr from same jalapeno mother seed that has been growing for 5 yrs that are extra hot. They are at least as hot as my cayenne with more flavor and taste.

They don't look like they cross pollinated but they sure taste hotter than they did first and second growing season.

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There are tons of Jalapeno strains out there.
Some are stable Hybrids that are really hot as far as Jalapenos go.
I found some giant ones at the store that were almost as hot as a generic orange habanero.
I've also baught some that looked the same that had almost no heat too.
Hopefully you have a stable variety or strain of jalapeno that will put out heat for years to come.

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Thanks, makes sense. I didn't realize that there were jalepeno strains that got that hot. Looks like I've got a good one.

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Probably cross pollinated plants

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