When will show be held in Shreveport ???

lori_from_ny_5December 10, 2004

What is the actual date of the National Rose Show in Shreveport...... that runs from April 24 - 29, 2005?

I notice that the convention starts on a Sunday, April 24th. and ends on a Friday, April 29th. Will the show be held on Sunday, Monday or ????

We need the info to better plan our flight tickets.

Thanks for your help.

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PMVG57(z9 AZ)

The National show in Shreveport is on Tuesday, April 26.

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The show will be held on Tues, April 26th. This information was passed out in Tulsa on an information card which was in our registration packet.
See you there!

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Megsroses(Upstate NY Zone)

...and the ARS National Quilt Show will be held on April 25th...hope you are all planning to enter your quilt for the show.
Need more information?
As chairman of the quilt show, I can furnish you additional information.

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Thanks for the rose show info. Sounds like a great place for a show. The tours... and all of the other activities that are planned..... sound very interesting!

Mary Ann Miller, the Convention Chairperson of the show, reports that the Schedule of Events for the Convention will be highlighted in the January issue of American Rose magazine.

See you in Shreveport. The 'Sibs' from Rochester, New York

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I don't have my magazine in front of me but this is what I remember thinking about. Details are NOT posted on the web yet either. So I may have some days wrong. So sorry if I do.
I'm having trouble with deciding on what to do. I can't remember what was for SUnday.
Monday I believe the only thing scheduled is tour the SHreveport Garden. Can't see that is an all day activity.
I would be interested in Dress as a Rose Banquet that is Tuesday night. The other two tours don't really interest me, Art museum and Airforce base(?) That one confused me a little. The other tour to the Tyler rose garden would be great for others but I certaily don't won't to get on a bus and drive right back to Tyler to see the Tyler Rose Garden and drive back to Shreveport. So I won't be doing that. I can check it out on my own either coming or going to LA.
I thought the Rose SHow was Tues. which I want to see and I would love to see Felder Rushing but I don't think he will be there till Thursday. I guess they think gambling will keep most of the rose people happy and entertained but I don't gamble.
So I don't know about taking time off from work for this.

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Will there be a registration form on line for the National Convention? I lent out my January ARS Magazine and probably won't get it back for at least another month. (I forgot to tear out the registration form that was inside the magazine.)

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