Tomatoes 012

elkwc(6b)January 7, 2012

Here is a rough draft of my 012 list. It will change some. I will grow more hybrids this year than I have is many years. With no sign that the drought is ending many of the hybrids perform better and have better disease resistance. Now that I have a lean to greenhouse I will start several plants earlier. I plan on growing the dwarf's and several of the determinate's in containers. My plan is to plant 20-30 grafted plants in the ground and also to wintersow 5-8 plants. My wintersown plants have outperformed my others several times. I will end up with 50-60 plants in the ground and 20-25 in containers. Jay

Rough draft 1-1-012

All around varieties- 8


Amish Canner

Burrell's Special - D

Glick's 18 Mennonite

Heinz 1350 - D

Heinz 1439 - D


St Pierre

Cherries -7

Ambrosia Giant

Ambrosia Gold - Sungold cross

Green Envy

Indigo Rose

Sweet Beverley

Roller Coaster

Sungold hybrid

Sweet Beverley

Sweet Treats Hybrid

Texas Star Cherry X

Texas Wild Cherry

WOW hybrid

Plum,Pear and other small varieties - 6

Bedouin - Pear 3-6 ounces - Dark

Bosque Blue

Cody's Paste

J&L Select Blue

Juane Flammee' - Orange

Lil' Fudge smooth & ribbed

San Marzano 168 Hybrid

Reds med -large - 9

4th of July Hybrid

Big Daddy Hybrid

Germaid Red

Geronimo hybrid

Jetsonic hybrid

Jet Star hybrid

New Girl

Prime Beef Goliath

Top Gun - D - if I obtain seeds

Super Tasty Hybrid

Pinks/Darks -14

Barlow Jap

Big Cheef

Black from Tula - Usually does well in our heat and wind

Brandyboy hybrid - Was the best Brandywine type I had grown till Randy's Brandy

Cherokee Purple - A favorite

County Agent

Dana's Dusky Rose - Has been a good producer for me with good flavor. 6-8 ounce for me usually. Another favorite

Ed's Millenium

Grandma Suzy's - The heaviest setter I had last summer in the heat of the larger slicers

JD's Special Pink Heart - The best heart I've grown. Still trying to stabilize it.

Prudence Purple - Seed from George. New to me.

Randy's Brandy - 3-5 ounce. Very heavy producer last year. Flavor very good. 9 on a 1-10 scale

Royal Hillbilly

Vorlon - Growing it trying to find a great black I grew 3 years ago that I didn't label.

Bi- Colors - 3

Ana's Noire - Usually a heavy producing large 10-16 ounce slicer.

Texas Star - Still trying to find seed as good as the first time I grew it.

Vintage Wine Striped - Usually a very reliable heavy producting bi color

Orange/Yellow - 3

1884 Yellow Pink Heart

Belarus Orange 1 - A heavy producer of small to med orange fruits

KB - Another favorite must grow. Does better for me than KBX

GWR - 1

Emerald Evergreen - The best GWR I've grown

Container plants - 5

Dwarf's/Small Determinates/Ect

Dwarf Beryl Beauty

Muchacha - A container sized heavy producing cherry type

Pre'cocibec _ Det. Container

Rosella Purple

Tasmanian Chocolate

Grafting stock






D - Determinate

I - Indeterminate

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

That is an impressive list! I think the only two on there that I've grown before are Black from Tula, and Cherokee Purple.

I haven't even started working on my tomato list. Peppers come first for me, since they need an earlier start. I will probably use pretty much the same list as last year, since I never really got to try any of them. We had a late start to spring, and I wintersowed them all. They germinated so late that I ended up buying plants. This year, I'll sow some indoors, and still wintersow a few, just to have back ups.


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Impressive - yes, it is!

Right now, I just want to say that Jay is an inspiration!

Thank you for sharing so much information with us here.


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david52 Zone 6

I'm still thinkin' about it. As usual, this time of year I'm convinced I'll only plant like 3 or 4. Then when I actually get around to planting seeds, I end up planting 20 different kinds.

Jay, Vorlon is one of my perennial favorites, and I usually have at least a dozen plants. At the farmers market, I sell that tomato exclusively, and its developed a real fan club. The only difficulty is 'splainin' the name (character from SciFi) and then getting into pontificating about a stabilized cross between Cherokee Purple and Pruden's Purple. Its a good tomato that seems to have *some* resistance to the annual crud/curly top virus.

I'm sending you an email, re potential seed swap.

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David if you sent an email I haven't received it. I looked in my trash ect and didn't find anything. Jay

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david52 Zone 6

I used the email link on your "My Page" - this morning around 10:00 am -

Would you mind trying to send me on via the link on my GW page, and I can respond to that?

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David I sent you an email. Let me know if it went through. Maybe my IP provider spam filter is stopping it for some reason. Jay

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david52 Zone 6

Got it, Jay, and replied.

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Ha, now I'm curious to try Randy's Brandy and JD's Special Pink Heart. I'm searching around for a place that sells these seeds but haven't found anything yet. Any ideas as to where to order them?

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I don't think you will find either for sale anywhere. I was going to send you a message but it doesn't give that option on your profile. I have plenty of seeds for Randy's Brandy. I'm the only source of seeds for JD's Special Pink Heart. I haven't shared seeds of it with but one person as I'm still not sure if it is stable or not. Once stable I will share seeds. But if you desire seeds of Randy's Brandy just drop me a message. I'm attaching a link for Tomato Man's Daughter where you will see a description of it and some of the other varieties I'm growing that came from the Tulsa area. Grandma Suzy's was impressive here last summer also. Jay

Here is a link that might be useful: Tomato Man's Daughter

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Okay, I finally wintersowed tomatoes today.

Here is my 2012 grow list:

Amish Paste
Black Cherry
Box Car Willie
Caspian Pink
Chocolate Stripes
Dana's Dusky Rose
Earl's Faux
Earl of Edgecomb
Gold Medal
Marvel Stripe
Matt's Wild Cherry
Neves Azorean Red
Rainy's Maltese
Romeo Paste
Striped German
Stump of the World
Tasmanian Chocolate

I may still sow a few back-ups indoors in another week or so, just to be safe. Last year, the spring was so cold, and wet, that germination was almost a month late. The sprouts were so tiny that I ended up purchasing plants. I don't really expect that this year, since it is much warmer and drier, but I'd rather not take any chances.


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Azura(z5 CO)

Much smaller list than normal this year but I got them planted today:

Aunt Gerties Gold
Black Cherry Tomato
Aunt Rubys German Green
Black Krim
Abe Lincoln
Cherokee Purple

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david52 Zone 6

Last week, I was pawing through the chest freezer in the garage and found a frozen quart of half-dried Aunt Gerties Gold tomatoes - there was some recipe I was going to try with them, probably tomato jam, but never got around to it. Anyway, I thawed them out and put them in the food processor, grated a clove of garlic, added just a bit of dried oregano and some dried ancho pepper and turned it into a spread - my thats good.

I planted my seeds yesterday.

JD's Special Pink Heart
Ludmilla's Pink Heart
Bloody Butcher
Barlow Jap
Dana's Dusky Rose
Off The Vine

and a new pear/cherry tomato that I can't recall right now but got from Sandhill.

I'll set out about 80 plants, about 30 Vorlon, 20 Thessaloniki, and the rest as trials.

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david52 Zone 6

I'm also growing Pritchards Scarlet Topper, which is a cross between Marglobe and something, but the blurb says it grows pretty big then stops, so like a rambunctious determinant.

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My tomato seedlings are visiting the greenhouse this afternoon. It is still 72F in there right now but I'll have to rescue the little darlings here in a few minutes because . . .

I am NOT turning the furnace on in there just yet!

It is nice to see Azura's posts, again.


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