Classes at Denver Botanical Gardens

sister_k(Zone 5 Lafayette, CO)February 19, 2009

Hello -- I just went online and found all the classes offered at Denver Botanical Gardens. I am pretty new to gardening (containers only as I have no yard) and really love growing herbs for cooking, started some bulbs this fall, and considering growing some tomatoes and other veg this summer possibly.

They seem to have a LOT of different classes on all sorts of topics, so I was wondering who here has taken any classes there, which ones you took, and if there are any specific classes you took that you'd recommend?

Mostly I'm referring to the gardening classes, but they have a lot of art/painting/drawing classes too, which might be fun if I decided to get back into my watercolors. Let me know & thanks for commenting!

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Hi sister-k. It's not a direct answer to your question, but I would go to the bookstore or on line and get a book on container gardening. It's what we do in the winter ;-)

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I'm currently boycotting the DBG classes. They charge a $2 fee for registration processing. They cancelled one of my classes, meaning they decided not to have it because they didn't get enough people, and they kept the $2. They told me it is a fee to support keeping up the database they use for registration.

Sure, it was only $2, but I was appalled on principle: they cancel a class and keep some of my money. I got charged for missing out on a educational opportunity through no fault of my own.

Also, their classes are overpriced, even without the extorted money. I took several classes from Christina Bloom, who is excellent, for over $50 each at DBG. She offered the same classes (instructor, content, supplies, etc.) at Cheyenne Botanic Gardens and Tagawa for about half that price.

All that said, I have never taken a bad class at DGB. Some have certainly been better than others, but no duds. H

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Sis,

IÂve never taken a class at DBG, but you might also want to check out some of the other local classes!

Timberline has classes that they hold in their Little Red Schoolhouse! HereÂs a link to the list of classes for this yearÂwhich they just posted today, so I think itÂs possible they might still add more. TheyÂre all just $10, unless you create something in class that you get to take home with you. And if you take one of KellyÂs classes, you canÂt go wrong! HeÂs one of the most knowledgeable hort people I know. And MaryÂs teaching some of the classes again this yearÂshe used to propagate and grow ALL of the herbs over at PaulinoÂs, along with many of the annuals, veggies and perennials. She knows what sheÂs talking about too. I donÂt know the other people Kelly has teaching this year. Sometimes he does get Lauren Springer to teach a class or two, but I donÂt see her there yet this year. And, IÂd be surprised if his classes donÂt fill up, butÂif one doesnÂt, IÂm absolutely certain heÂd refund your money! (DBG keeps some of the money?????) IÂm sure youÂd be happy with any of the classes at TimberlineÂif you can find something youÂre interested in!

And PaulinoÂs has a bunch of FREE classes, again, unless you create something you get to take home! HereÂs a link to that list. I noticed that Gwen Kelaidis (wife of Panayoti from DBG) is having a class about hardy succulents and a book signing for her book of the same name! If youÂre at all into succulents, IÂm positive that would be a good class. Otherwise I donÂt know the others that are teaching, and they didnÂt have classes yet when I was there, so IÂm not sure where they do it or what theyÂre like. But, hey, the price is right!

I looked over the DBG list, and I thought they were kinda pricey tooÂand I thought some of them were WAY over the top! I wonder how they decide how much theyÂre gonna charge?

And thenÂthereÂs always us here too! At RMG you definitely get a good value for your money!


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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

Yikes! I looked at the price of some of those classes. I went to a waterwise seminar in 2006 with David Salaman and I think the price made me gulp then, but I enjoyed it, so it was worth it in the long run to me.

Those are great suggestions for alternatives, skybird.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I should have been in bed a couple hours ago, Âcause I have to get up in just a few hours, so I shouldnÂt even be posting here  BUT  JALI! If you can drive in to Denver to go to a class at DBG (and Bonnie can drive in from the Western Slope), you can drive in to Denver for the Swap!!!

WeÂll all be expecting to meet you at the Swap in May, with bells on, and a few chirps in your pocket!


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sister_k(Zone 5 Lafayette, CO)

Yes, I kind of thought so, since most of the classes are not even very long and run $30-50 or even a lot more for some. This is not the time to be spending that kind of money when I have probably already learned more here, you're right! Thanks for links to some other places, I will definitely check them out. That's a great idea and I might even have some money for more plants and containers...

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Dan Staley

Don't quote me on this, and I've been impressed with the turnaround in the DBG (says the cranky old landscaper and hort guy), but IMHO the classes are for rich people who can't/won't figure it out for themselves. I'd be happy to be proven wrong.. I refuse to either go or teach the classes, and I don't buy the stuff at the potpourri-reeking gift shop, either. But the grounds...the grounds are really shaping up. No need for classes there. Too many other options. And I should say that Tagawa offers classes like Paulino's does, too. Use your imagination to prevail!


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