Buffalo Grass

firefly30February 20, 2014

What do you all think of buffalo grass? Good, bad, neutral? Considering it for a bit over an acre of area we don't want to irrigate daily.

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Its a pretty good idea - it takes far less water to look good. The draw back is that it may take a year or two to get well-established.

For a good discussion, use the search function on this forum and look for "BP Green Lawn"

BP Green hasn't been posting recently, but a few years back he took out a blue grass lawn and planted Buffalo and wheat grass - with good success.

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ZachS. z5 Littleton, CO

I had researched doing a buffalo/blue grama mix a couple years ago. Then I saw the price for seed and quickly abandoned the idea lol.

However, from what I found it would work great. The drawback's being price, establishment and the fact that it generally goes dormant earlier in the fall, and breaks dormancy later in the spring then other grasses.

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There's a seed company up the road from me that sells all kinds of grass seed, including buffalo grass. They don't have web-purchasing, but I'm pretty sure you can call them up and they'll sell it to you. At the link below.

High Country Gardens sells full trays of developed plugs. I think one could do this themselves for less money - buy the seed, the trays, and some potting soil, then do your own.


Here is a link that might be useful: southwest seed

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i have buffalo grass in my front yard.
yard is southfacing and sloped so it gets baked all summer.
it is nice and green in mid-summer heat when most bluegrass lawns look tired.
the only thing i dislike is it doesn't green up until early June.
so for two months (Apr & May) when everyone's bluegrass lawns are bright green, i have everyone telling me i need to water my lawn, or telling me my lawn is dead.

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